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  • The Executioner of Rawule

    by Sterling Emmal

    It was a time when the humans wanted to colonize Rawule or as they said “their moon.” Because of this, Toren S’rell, the totalitarian leader of Rawule, was faced with an interplanetary war between his people and the human race, or as he liked to say “the ones who put politics before the preservation of their world.”
    As the conflict raged on, Ellaconna River would rather die as a sociopathic killer than a victim and Seccoro Acea, the federal executioner put i... more

  • Modify Destiny

    by Bill Higgins

    A sci-fi conspiracy thriller written by a CIA veteran.

    Dave Reed is working the Saturday midnight shift in the CIA's Message Watch Office when a misdirected top-secret message arrives from NORAD. The enigmatic message rekindles Dave's interest in UFOs. On a lark, he and a coworker set out to a small town where a hillbilly playboy named Tater and several other residents have seen mysterious lights in the sky, and people have disappeared under unusual circumstances. Falsely accuse... more

  • Soulbound

    by Bethany Adams
    Though the sight of Kai makes Arlyn’s heart pound, she isn’t sure she can forgive him for starting their bond without her permission. But her love life is the least of her problems. Her father is an elf lord, and his sudden acknowledgment of a half-human heir reignites the same conspiracy that took him away from her mother in the first place. Now Arlyn and her family must face iron wielding assassins, bigotry, and her newly awakened magical abilities if they hope to come through in one piece.
  • Coffee monsters

    by Ophelia Darkly
    Your childhood monsters have something to say to you. Violetta Swan, the most famous and most purple toymaker in the world, brushed off the dust and washed off the grime and repaired the ones that you left behind. She took care of them while you were away, growing up in grown-up land. And now, they are ready to speak, from within their wishblown worlds, even if it is without words. The Patchwork Patchworm will tell you all about the dream world he saw while you were dreaming (dreams within d... more
  • The Heretic's Child

    by Nyasia A. Maire
    Throughout human history, a race known as Rememberers has existed. Created to collect the memories of dying humans, they preserve them and use them to counsel humans in order to help avoid their past mistakes. However, for the last 2,000 years the Rememberer leaders have been mysteriously dying. Emma is next in line. She must learn who wants her dead—or else become the next fatality.
  • Introspection: From The Melvin Time Chronicles

    by Mark Wayne Allen

    Melvin "John" Travis is disgusted with the world. He doesn't care for humanity and prefers to be answerable only to himself. He has his existence all figured out until fate drops Tom Soren, who disappeared 20 years ago, back into his lap.

    Tom tells Melvin of a secret project to develop reverse time technology whereby anyone's life could be wiped away from ever existing, resulting in the undoing of every action that they've ever done.  Ordinarily, the consequen... more

  • Force Of Life: From The Melvin Time Chronicles

    by Mark Wayne Allen
    Teenager Melvin Travis is about to graduate high school. He's filled with questions about the future and has no plan for achieving anything. Unwilling to confront the obvious, his life is soon to be forever shaped by forces he cannot control. (PREQUEL to Introspection)
  • Lost Nowhere

    by Phoebe Garnsworthy
    Lily doesn't like change, although it seems to follow her everywhere she goes: change of house, change of school, change of friends. She does a pretty good job at rejecting it every chance she gets, but when she stumbles upon an enchanted world full of crystal stone beaches, mermaids, and witches, everything moves faster than she can even perceive possible. And no one seems to be bothered by it! She has two choices—stay in misery on her own, or learn how to surrender. Lost Nowhere is a poetic... more
  • Star Siege

    by Mark Wayne Allen
    Imagine waking up in the midst of a catastrophe. You don't know who you are or why someone tried to kill you. That is the exact situation that Ted finds himself in. He doesn't know what to trust or even why he is rescued by a space cruiser. The cruiser just happens to be on its way towards the biggest calamity in recent star history. Is he a good guy or a bad guy and is he in any involved in the terrorist act on a planetary scale. All the answers to his life and the people around him lie in futu... more
  • The Last Portal (The Mytar)

    by Robert Cole

    Severe weather patterns - storms, floods and strong winds - are sweeping across planet Earth. Against this backdrop, three high school students, known and tormented for their strange abilities, fight their own battles against school bullies. The discovery of a strange key by their leader Chris Reynolds plunges all three through a portal into a sister world, Cathora, in another dimension. In this world, their behaviours, that labelled them as misfits on Earth, turn out to be the seeds of extra... more

  • The Shift

    by Genevieve Scholl
    Nothing about me is normal… …but what exactly is ‘normal’? Just because I have two dads and no mom, my name is Elliot Marcus Smith even though I’m a girl, and I was born from a test tube… Does that mean I’m ‘abnormal’? I say no. But the sudden abilities that have been appearing since I turned eighteen sure do. Wounds are healing quickly, my vision has changed, as has my strength, and my sensitivities to other people’s emotions have become severely heightened. Add all that to the fact t... more
  • The Carnival Keepers

    by Amber Gulley
    It's 1879, and James, a time-wasting escapist, is trying to win a bet. His challenges include purchasing a lighthouse, hosting a séance, and spending the night with his father's prize-winning stallion in a notoriously haunted attic. But the Carnival is in town for the All Hallows' Eve celebrations, and the London Fog has other ideas for James. Something vicious is waiting to pounce and lead him unwittingly towards a destiny he could never have imagined.
  • The Dance of the Jester

    by Koos Verkaik

    Suddenly, at the end of the twenty-first century, the world changes. The tycoons rule and name themselves kings. The times are rife with extravagance and decadence, extreme power and richness. The world is one big party. And there is chaos!

    No one seems to wonder how this all came to be. No one seems to wonder what is actually happening. No one seems to care about anything anymore. Except for some odd outsiders. One of them is Oscar Man, the illegitimate son of tycoon Otto Man. Once he ... more

  • Abhuman

    by Hugh B. Long
    In the Covenant, an insidious theocracy, genetic mutation carries a death sentence. Conform or die. It seems to be a perfect, harmonious society—but is it? When sixteen-year-old Cheska Bellamy’s mutation is exposed, she’s forced to flee her starship to the partly-terraformed planet below. As she makes her way across a devastated landscape, she discovers that there had been a race of sentient creatures with a flourishing civilization. All that remain are battered ruins and a handful of Indigen... more
  • Free review from Publishers Weekly

    by Dorothy Piper
    Young Lex Simms is half-alien. Like the rest of his family, he has inherited the remarkable Martian abilities of changing shape and traveling in spirit form through time and space. After Lex risks his life to rescue his relatives from their doomed planet, a violent storm nearly kills them. The older Martians plead with Lex to take them back to Mars where they expected to die of thirst anyway. However, the younger ones want to stay on Earth and become human. Meanwhile, arch-enemy Fi detects their... more
  • Even The Dead Will Bleed

    by Steven Ramirez

    Dave takes on a final mission–kill Walt Freeman and save the Russian girl.

    Looking for revenge, Dave Pulaski heads to Los Angeles. He’s hell-bent on killing the man responsible for the zombie experiment that turned Tres Marias into a charnel house.

    But the mission goes sideways when a Russian girl named Sasha escapes a secret medical facility run by Walt. Despite his thirst for vengeance, Dave decides to help her.

    Now a ruthless, ex-military soci... more