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  • The Passage, a Dance, & a Little White Dress (Enlighten Series Book 2)

    by Kristin D. Van Risseghem
    It's been a week since 17-year-old Zoe Jabril found out her best friend is a Guardian Angel, her boyfriend is a Nephilim, and a fellow classmate is a Fairy. What makes Zoe so special? She’s destined to unify Enlightens to battle evil—that is, if Demons don’t kill her first. ​ With "Project: Enlightens Unite" underway, Zoe learns the history of the area wolf pack and realizes she's in a race against time to get her newly discovered talents under control. Despite struggling to fight a mysterio... more
  • Silver Rain

    by Patrick Harris
    The clouds gather on the horizon. The air fills with moisture. Be warned: THE STORM IS COMING. Deep underground, a madman plots. His science is diabolical, his terms are genocide. With the touch of a button, he launches toxins into a storm cloud, toxins that will turn the rain silver. There is no escaping it. There is no hiding from it. Worst of all? IT’S COMING FOR US. Elsewhere, two friends prepare to leave for a destination wedding. A family awaits the return of their father. A mother wo... more
  • The Waterman Chronicles 3: Red in the Waters

    by Patrick Harris
    He saved the city and the world. Now, he must save himself. Waterman, also known as Eric Atl, gave everything he had to stop the Listeners and their evil reign. The good guy won, but at a steep cost. Eric's friends and fellow Elementals - Jack, Joseph, and Melissa - are left to clean up the city and pick up the pieces. But the story is far from over. Something is stirring from the depths of the Elko City Pool. Someone is waiting for Melissa at Devine Falls. Somebody is planning to take... more
  • The Waterman Chronicles 2: Return of the Water

    by Patrick Harris
    Have no fear! Help is . . . nowhere near. Terror reigns here, casting a gloom upon the once bright metropolitan of Elko, Nevada. Hundreds are missing, the city's superheroes are MIA, and it's all thanks to the Listeners, a millennia-old faction bent on world reconstruction. They are everywhere, they are many, and they are nigh unstoppable. But there just may be someone who can stop them against all odds--if he dares to fight. To the citizens of Elko, Waterman is the water-wielding superhero... more
  • The Waterman Chronicles: Rise of the Elementals

    by Patrick Harris
    Faster than a bottlenose dolphin. More powerful than a raging typhoon. A blue blur arcing through the skyits ""Waterman""! Harnessing the power of water and the strength of his allies, Waterman is the scourge of criminals and supervillains alike. But hes about to be put to the ultimate test: his hometown has become the battleground. A teenager turned superhero, Eric must fight the evil that has infiltrated Elko, Nevadan evil that seeps into schools, homes, and even the government. Their malevole... more
  • Guardian of the Paradise

    by Patrick Harris
    Clark Tisik is ignored here on Earth. But that will soon change. After a trip to Johnny Appleseed Park, he is whisked away to another dimension, where dragons and leprechauns live in harmony. This world is the Paradise, and it may well be Clark's new home. If he can survive... He soon discovers that not all dragons are friendly. A black dragon has his sights set on an ancient Orb that could tear the Paradise apart. It's up to Clark and his new friend, Shawn-wan-ray, to find the Orb first and sav... more
  • Damnation's Door

    by Amy Braun
    Demons are free. Angels are fallen. Hope is dying... Constance Ramirez and her adopted sister, Andromeda, have stopped Lucifer’s plan– They have closed the Heaven Gate and kept the demons out. But their choice came with brutal consequences, and now every angel on earth is trapped in their mortal body. All that remains is closing the Hell Gate and establishing a balance once and for all. That means returning to the city of Constance’s nightmares, which has become a haven for murderers and m... more
  • The Sexual Compass

    by Michael Reed
    Gay to straight or straight to gay? Would you change your sexual orientation if you could? How does sexuality and sexual orientation actually work?
  • Auckland Allies 2: Ghost Bridge

    by Mike Reeves-McMillan
    The Auckland Allies discover a mysterious threat in the city's oldest cemetery, and their first attempt to intervene leaves one of them in hospital - the same hospital the necromancer calling himself "Mr. Smith" is about to attack with four thousand angry Victorian ghosts. Hundreds of the city's most vulnerable people are in danger. Will a magical manuscript by Sir Isaac Newton provide the knowledge they need to take Smith down? Or can Steampunk Sally use her deep connection with Auckland to ... more
  • Girl on a Dolphin

    by Vic Warren
    “After this, what kind of songs do you think they’ll be singing about her over their beers, mate? She’s legend.” In a way, that sums up my newest book, “Girl on a Dolphin.” It’s Book Two of The Neptune Chronicles, and it takes you deeper into their underwater world. “Daddy, daddy! People on dolphins! There are people on dolphins out there!” Jamie and Mercy have been living on a tiny island in Fiji for five years, and their daughter, Saffron, just ran in to tell them that she saw Neptunes ri... more
  • War for Orion: Ghosts from the Past

    by Conner Walworth
    Orion has been at peace for centuries. Queen Adira has ensured all live harmony since taking the Throne. Not all races share the same vision of peace. There are some who would rather see death and destruction, it’s something they crave deep down inside. It’s a part of who they are, and one man is now ready to implement a plan that will bring about chaos and destruction - starting with the elimination of the Valens family. Anlon Valens survives his family's execution, but is left torn with emo... more
  • Darrienia (The Forgotten Legacies Series Book 1)

    by K.J. Simmill
    Darrienia follows the story of five friends who were forced together by the hand of fate to prevent an occurrence of catastrophic proportions, unaware their actions are being carefully manipulated to see they each fulfil the role required of them. What started as a seemingly innocent quest, for the truth behind a past forgotten, soon turns into a game orchestrated by a former God. His sole desire is to reclaim his sealed power and release a force upon the world so devastating that its appear... more
  • Moonburner

    by Claire Luana
    When 17-year old Kai is exposed as a female sorceress—a moonburner, she knows the punishment is death. Despite the odds against her, Kai escapes her fate and undertakes a harrowing journey to a land where moonburners are revered and trained as warriors. But the moonburner citadel is not the place of refuge and learning that Kai imagined. The ongoing war against the male sorcerers, or sunburners, has led the citadel leadership down a dark path that could spell the end of all magic. Armed with ... more
  • Heart of Desire: 11.11.11 Redux

    by Kate Robinson
    You heard nothing happened on December 21, 2012, right? Not exactly. Here’s where the cosmic shift began: As election year 2008 unfolds, Tess Vaughn’s deepest desire is to give up romance and live a quiet life in rural Arizona. But when the former investigative journalist jogs into the arms of married presidential candidate Senator Harris Cantrell Henry, she finds trouble galore. Not only does Henry tell her things she doesn’t want to hear about abuses of the National Investigative Homeland ... more
  • Butterfly: Ice Born - Book Two

    by PM Pevato
    Second book in The Secrets of Snow Valley.
  • "The First Coven" in Short & Happy (or not), an International Anthology

    by PM Pevato
    SHORT & HAPPY (or Not) brings together authors from English speaking countries around the globe and a sprinkling of ex-pats who enjoy life in non-English speaking countries as well. Their stories cover just as wide a spectrum of subjects. Humor (or humour), light romance, science fiction, fantasy, memoir, satire, reflection, exotic locales … it's all here in bite-sized pieces. PM Pevato's contribution, "The First Coven", is written as an old fashioned folk tale. The story centres around three s... more