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  • Picture This

    by Lena North

    Life just keeps slapping Mary in the face.

    She had it rough growing up, and when it finally looks like she’s getting her life firmly back on track, breaking up with her boyfriend starts a string of events that threatens to bring Mary to her knees.

    Fortunately, there are good people in her life who will do everything in their powers to help her when she needs it. Mary’s girlfriends, Jinx and Wilder are there for her, and after she’s rescued from being kidnapped, C... more

  • Wasp On The Wind: Book II of the Wasp Chronicles

    by C. R. Norris
    Chris, now a Trax, was what the West Sand Command called “a greeny.” Her “Before Time,” that time before she had been rifted, had been from a distant past, and perhaps even a different timeline. Who could say…? But after some three years of training, and a return to the very group who had rescued her from the desert, her “Now Time” circle was complete… with one adjustment, she was now also “Det Arjú.” She carried with her a mysterious pendant that she had been ordered to present to Lon, the ... more
  • The Mind of Stefan Dürr: The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy (Volume 1)

    by Alan Joshua
    A mind research experiment studying human consciousness goes horrifyingly wrong. Thousands are killed when a Russian suburb is mysteriously destroyed, leaving a mile-deep crater in its place. At the same time, a U.S. space shuttle vaporizes in orbit, and a Canadian mountaintop is ripped away. One thing lies behind it all: The mind of Stefan Dürr. Existence is dreary hell for Dr. Beau Walker. An embittered loner, he sleepwalks through life until the government virtually kidnaps him, hurling him... more
  • Max and the Mara

    by Jesse Arnold
    Every night a secret war is waged between teddy bears and dream stealing monsters known as mara. The teddy bear Max had never fought a mara because for some reason they never tried to steal the dreams of his boy Jeremy until one night the unthinkable happened. A mara appeared not to steal the boy's dreams, but to take the boy himself. Now Max along with his friends Nigel, Harper, and Flint must journey to the nightmare realm to rescue Jeremy before it's too late.
  • To Nurture & Kill

    by E.M. Markoff

    A promise imprisoned him. Betrayal will set him free.

    Eutau Vidal owed nothing to anyone and lived his life as he wanted. But then his sister died, leaving her newborn son Kira in his care, and everything changed. The Purging sweeps on, spreading misery across the Land of Moenda as the Ascendancy wages its war of extermination against the Deadbringers. Now, torn between a promise to his dying sister and the desire to regain his freedom, Eutau struggles to care for his y... more

  • The Diamond Bearers' Destiny

    by Lorena Angell
    The Diamond Bearers' Destiny, book four of The Unaltered. Calli learns about Chris's motives and tries to understand his dilemmas. Given no choice, the two of them travel with a mysterious companion back to General Harding's facility in an effort to dismantle the programs that are exterminating people with powers and wiping Diamond Bearers from the face of the earth. General Harding figures out what lies at the heart of Agent Alpha's research project. Harding is determined to complete the stu... more
  • Emmanuel

    by Lilian White
    This powerful story during World War II begins in the Dutch East Indies, where Ruth and Kareen Van-derwal are sex slaves of the Japanese. The twins must escape! So starts this far-reaching drama of love, murder, greed, power, hate, sex, and scientists experimenting with genetics in this apocalyptic science fiction novel that ends in the present day.
  • The Diamond of Freedom

    by Lorena Angell

    The Diamond of Freedom, book three in The Unaltered, melds together history, geology, metaphysics, science, and fantasy in this non-stop nail biter. Calli and Chris race against the clock to identify the power-neutralizing stone that prevents Calli from healing her life-threatening injuries. She must also learn how to counter its effects before she can fight against the rogue Diamond Bearer named Freedom to save the boy she loves and the world of her friends.

    In the epic battle between ... more

  • The Eldritch Heart

    by Matthew S. Cox
    Princess Oona Talomir enjoys the little things that come with her station: a handmaiden, her lavish bedchamber, and scores of fancy dresses―the duty to win a decades’ long war, not so much. Oh, did I mention assassins? Seers foretold the conflict would end by her hand. From the moment she drew her first breath, the neighboring kingdom has been trying to kill her so she could not grow powerful enough to destroy them. The king, fearing for his daughter’s life, has kept her confined to the ca... more
  • Starswept

    by Mary Fan
    In 2157, the Adryil an advanced race of telepathic humanoids contacted Earth. A century later, 15-year-old violist Iris Lei considers herself lucky to attend Papilio, a prestigious performing arts school powered by their technology. Born penniless, Iris s one shot at a better life is to attract an Adryil patron. But only the best get hired, and competition is fierce. A sudden encounter with an Adryil boy upends her world. Iris longs to learn about him and his faraway realm, but after the aut... more
  • L.O.S.T. and F.O.U.N.D.

    by Morgan M. Steele
    Amelia Elizabeth Crane, a teenage agent of the Facility Of Undercover National Defense, also known as F.O.U.N.D., has followed the agency's rules all her life. She's never defied orders, never taken an unnecessary risk, but one sweet nerdy civilian boy has caused her to throw everything she's ever known out the window. Now, with a corrupt organization called L.O.S.T. on the rise to power, keeping Mia's secret is more important than ever. Protecting Dave has always been a risk, but Mia never knew... more
  • The Phantastic Zoo

    by Christopher Kaufman
    Join Mary and Tim as their adventure begins with a field trip to the Zoo! They see Elephants, Exotic Birds and Lions.  Follow as the children meet the Wizard Zitthoona who performs exotic music on his magic flute and ushers them into The Phantastic Zoo.  In The Phantastic Zoo, Mary and Tim hear the stories of fabulous beasts The Phoenix, The Mermaid and The Dragon. From them they learn secrets to living life and ways of dealing with the grief they experienced not long ago at the loss of their p... more
  • Martinka: "Thru Eyes of Rem..." First Narrative

    by Martina Potucek-Palladino
    It all started with a dream… she dreamt of him, and he, of her. Martinka has known him, in her mind, always, and yet has no idea if this man she calls ‘Tommy’ even exists. Tommy, an old and powerful vampire, and heir to the throne of the Vampire Kingdom, has longed and searched for her for nearly a thousand years. He has foreseen her in his dreams, his visions, and believed his ‘Queen’ would one day exist. The wait is over… their story begins in a clearing where they see each other for the first... more
  • Time Jump Coins

    by Susan Olson
    Imagine if you could time travel to the past just by rubbing the date on a penny! Ten year olds Joey (Johanna) and Eli can time travel to any year between 1859 and 1909, simply by rubbing a coin from a set of Indian Head pennies! Old Philadelphia can be a lot of fun. They see the first phone and climb up the arm of the Statue of Liberty at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition. They get to go on a sleigh ride through a Wissahickon winter wonderland. In between trips, Hal, proprietor of Hal’s Coins an... more
  • Dreams of Heaven

    by Elizabeth M. Herrera

    Savannah Watkins is haunted by a dream of losing her family in a tragic car accident, which causes her to vacillate between two lives—before and after the car accident. As she struggles between realities, Jesus Christ suddenly appears to offer her unorthodox guidance. He accompanies her to the grocery store and for walks on the beach while answering some of life’s toughest questions. “Dreams of Heaven” takes you on a fantastical journey with Jesus, who leads the way th... more