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  • Crown of Delusion

    by Tanor Costa
    THE BATTLE FOR ELDERROCK BEGINS! When power-hungry Amar aligns with the Phantom Islands and assassinates King Hamen, he takes absolute control of Elderrock and its dominions. But an elderly mage and the king’s two young nephews escape. Can they rally an unlikely group of allies – Vikings, pirates, Samurai, bandits, and others living on the fringe – to join their cause and retake the kingdom? Can a teenager who’s no older than a boy gain the skills of a warrior and a great leader in time to le... more
  • A Sky With No Stars

    by Juliet Dillon
    Kari is ripped from our world and thrown into a terrible future where safety is hard to come by and the very concept of freedom is hanging by a thread. Only a few years after massive destruction, Earth is a wasteland. The powers-that-be have an abundance of futuristic technology at their fingertips to keep the survivors in line, and the life they live is bleak. Though she knows her mysterious companion used some kind of magic power to time travel, he refuses to explain much more about her situat... more
  • Puppeteer of the Dead

    by Troy McCombs
    The end began at 30,000 feet over the Atlantic, in a military aircraft filled with air trays containing the bodies of deceased American soldiers—that's the first reported instance of the dead returning to life. Soon, it spreads to neighboring regions like a wildfire. Nobody has a name for it, no answer, and no solution on how to properly dispose of the undead. The fate of mankind rests in a handful of people from the East Coast. Maynard Dunn, a family man and ex-marine, leads them, not only to s... more
  • Crosswalker

    by Greg Wilkey

    Book Two: Two secret wars are being waged; one that threatens the living, the other threatens the dead. And Edgar Flax is caught in the middle. Angry and resentful, he’s lived in the constant shadow of his parents’ disappearance, struggling to find meaning in a world where he had no control. Now he knows that he must risk his own soul and use his newly found gifts to travel to the other side if he wants to end this paranormal conflict and bring his parents back. But there are some... more

  • Death Runs in the Family

    by Greg Wilkey

    Book One: Life is hard. Death is even harder. It’s learning to survive in the middle that’s nearly impossible. Edgar Flax is a young man cursed with a powerful gift that allows him to travel between life and death. He is forced to face supernatural challenges as he searches for the truth behind the sudden and bizarre disappearance of his parents. The dearly departed are never far from Edgar, and he soon learns that he is a pawn in a war that has been waging for centuries. Edgar di... more

  • The Sky Rained Death

    by Greg Wilkey

    Book Five: The world has known peace and harmony for over a year. Mortimer Drake has risen to fame as the face of equal rights for all beings, both mortal and immortal alike. But a recent wave of supernatural terrorism now threatens this delicate state of coexistence. Chaos ensues as racial conflicts rise to terrifying heights. The supernatural world begins to implode as it lashes out at humankind. Fear becomes the new norm. Friendships are questioned. Compassion erodes. Trust is scarce. Mort... more

  • Star Blood

    by Greg Wilkey

    Book Four: The Collapse of the HOPE movement brought a renewed sense of unity to the world. For the first time in recorded history, humans lived side by side with creatures of myths and legends to build a new life fueled by optimism. Vampires are joined by their preternatural kin - merfolk, fairies, and werewolves - to pave a new path for life on Earth. But this feeling of faith and hope is short-lived. Mortimer and his friends must now a face a new enemy from somewhere beyond the stars that ... more

  • Hope Against Hope

    by Greg Wilkey

    Book Three: The world has changed for the living and the undead alike. Mortimer Drake and his family have been forced underground in the wake of the Dark Revelation. Humankind has learned of the existence of vampires and society has crumbled into chaos. The centuries old conflict between True-born vampires and Cross-blood vampires has taken a backseat to a new war that has spread across the globe. HOPE, an organization determined to wipe out the vampire race, has risen to power under the abso... more

  • Out of the Underworld

    by Greg Wilkey

    Book Two: Mortimer Drake and his family continue to work towards a new understanding of how to survive as a supernatural family living in the mortal world. Unexpected events have altered their close-knit family even more as Mortimer’s mother gives birth to a baby girl. Is she human, vampire or something entirely different? A new battle in the war among the Undead begins as the Mother and Queen of the vampire race is discovered.

  • Growing Up Dead

    by Greg Wilkey

    Book One: Mortimer Drake discovers that he is the product of a supernatural mixed-marriage. His mother is human and his father is a 925 year old vampire. His life is completely turned upside down as he struggles with this knowledge and his emerging vampiric nature. The truth behind the myths and legends of the vampire are revealed as Mortimer enters into a centuries old war of the Undead.

  • The Short of It

    by Kit Campbell

    Five bite-sized stories of science fiction, fantasy, and horror that can each be read in a single sitting.

    Time Management (science fiction): The Bureau of Time Management is here to help.

    Doomsday (science fiction): Aliens! Are they in your basement?

    The Knight in the Lobby (fantasy): George is confronted by a knight on a horse as he leaves work.

    The Door in the Attic (horror): The door had not been there when she moved in.

    To the Waters and the Wild (magical re... more

  • City of Hope and Ruin

    by Kit Campbell

    Every night the monsters hunt.

    A city that is the whole world: Theosophy and her companions in the City militia do their best to protect the civilians from the monsters, but they keep crawling from the Rift and there’s nowhere to run. Theosophy knows she’ll die fighting. It’s the best kind of death she’s seen, and at least she can save lives in the meantime.

    They say the Scarred carve you up while you’re still alive.

    A village... more

  • Shards

    by Kit Campbell

    Every night, Eva Martinez dreams about the same man. During the day she tries to convince her mother she knows what she’s doing with her life—but it would help if Eva actually believed it.

    It’s been centuries since Michael has had a real reason to live. After the loss of his love, nothing keeps his interest for very long—not even his friends, dabbling at being human.

    When Eva and Michael meet, it awakens something in both of them. Eva’s dream-man-turn... more

  • A Writer's Path

    by Jeremiah Cress
    This collection of poems and short stories was penned by writer Christopher R. Barrett between the ages of 10 and 19. Before his passing in 1993 Christopher worked hard at his craft and was the recipient of the 1992 Keystone Award for writing. Within this book a writer's path unfolds, presenting the reader with more than the content within. The struggles, joys, passions and pains of a budding author are exposed, allowing a very personal exchange between the author and reader many years later. ... more
  • Hidden Worlds

    by Kit Campbell
    Margery was lucky enough to stumble across the Spork Room, a magical writing community. The Spork Room has many useful writing tools, but the crowning one is the Door, through which all stories come to life. Margery is writing a story about a pirate queen trying to bring her dead lover back to life. When she gets stuck, she decides to go through the Door. However, in the process, she breaks the number one rule: don’t go in without telling someone. She and her main character release an unspeak... more
  • Seeking Redemption (Curses & Secrets Book 3)

    by Elisabeth Zguta
    Robert, caught between good and evil, assists the FBI special task force to take out the Black Wolf Society. He tries to redeem himself, to save his family, and his soul. A Suspense Thriller Supernatural Novel