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  • Frontier Crisis

    by Steven Spitzer
    The Earth’s ice caps have long since melted. Humanity’s population has boomed, overcrowding the planet and draining its resources. Hope has finally emerged in the form of interstellar ships, capable of reaching the nearest star systems in a matter of weeks. But humanity is not alone in the galaxy… Three ships, their captains, and their crews endeavor to explore the universe, gain allies, and defend humanity against threats unknown. Only by pulling together and moving past their differe... more
  • A Pair of Docks

    by Jennifer Ellis
    Fourteen-year-old Abbey Sinclair likes to spend her afternoons in the physics lab learning about momentum and gravitational pull. But her practical scientific mind is put to the test when her older brother, Simon, discovers a mysterious path of stones that allows them, along with Abbey’s twin, Caleb, to travel back and forth between their world and what appears to be...the future. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones who know about the stones, and they soon realize their lives are in dang... more
  • Elf Mastery

    by Bryant Reil
    Like most elves, Kyla's first year away from home presents certain challenges: meeting new people, finding a suitable field of study, and learning to yo-yo. Unlike most elves, Kyla runs afoul of Erebus, the god of darkness, who plans to bathe the world in eternal night. Kyla must leave her carefree adolescence behind and master her fears if she hopes to save the Earth and the people she loves within it. This is the first book in a trilogy that explores the hidden world that manages our own, ... more
  • Dark Moon: Something Out of Legend

    by C.W. Holcomb

    Dark Moon is a Sci-fi suspense thriller about a time in the near future when creatures from ancient legends emerge from hiding to help the surviving humans fight sinister alien invaders who have begun a ground invasion of New York City and cut down all in their path with lethal energy weapons. The story centers heavily on Raziel, the last remaining Werewolf as he is forced to begin turning the human soldiers that fall in battle in order to save their lives and rekindles his kind after centuri... more

  • White River Monster

    by Keith Rommel
    Claws, serrated teeth, gills, and a thirst for flesh. This new breed of monster is super intelligent and is as vicious as they come! Cthulhu fans, fans of the deep ... beware the White River Monster! Take all stereotypes and expect a fresh perspective on the monster genre.
  • The Devil Tree II: The Calling

    by Keith Rommel
    What drives someone to kill? Is it something within them, or an outside force that influences them? One of Florida's most overlooked serial killers (Gerard John Schaefer) wrought havoc along the Treasure Coast and Hutchinson Island in the 1970s. His reign of terror consisted of unspeakable acts of torture, rape, and murder by an ancient oak tree. He hanged people there, buried their bodies, and came back often to pillage what remained. It is believed that Schaefer's evil seeped into the tree... more
  • The Devil Tree

    by Keith Rommel
    Based on the Port St. Lucie, Florida Legend ... Back in the 1970s, a series of bizarre incidents occurred at what has since been known as "The Devil Tree." Beneath this ancient denizen, evil was wrought by a sick serial killer, calling upon forces most evil and dark. People were hung there ... and bodies buried there ... exhumed by the police. Overcome by superstition, some tried to cut down the tree, to no avail. Since then, it has stood in a remote section of a local park --- left to its ow... more
  • The Ugly Teapot: Book One: Hannah

    by Fred Holmes
    A magic lamp. A fourteen-year-old girl with three wishes. What could go wrong? A lot. Especially when she uses her first wish to bring her dead father back to life, and her second to bring him home. Now she has only one wish left, and evil men are threatening to kill her father, the rest of her family, and her friends. Who will she choose to save? THE UGLY TEAPOT is a cautionary tale, a warning to be careful what you wish for, that even the best of intentions can go horribly wrong. But it is ... more
  • H.A.L.F.: The Makers

    by Natalie Wright
    At the far reaches of the galaxy, the M’Uktah evolved from a wolf-like creature into an advanced society that has achieved interstellar travel. They’re sophisticated. Elegant. Technologically savvy. And hungry. Erika Holt dodged death and departed Earth in an alien ship. It wasn’t how she’d planned to spend her senior year. Is Erika on her way to paradise? Or to a hell worse than the underground lab she escaped? The greys rescued Tex from A.H.D.N.A. and promised him a life he could ne... more
  • Globes Disease

    by Lance Oliver Keeble
    A novel about werewolves told from the werewolves perspective... Jodi and her friends all suffer from the same affliction. Each of them must deal with their struggles in their own personal way. These unfortunate residents of the small quiet town of La Mort Douce must band together as their peace is threatened by a mysterious Vampire, Hunters who treat them like wild game and a Government Agency with promises of a cure. With many more threats looming, this eclectic group must come together... more
  • Smartbrain

    by G. F. Smith


    An eerily predictive, 2-part Novel…


    Part 1: Mind

    Sarah Whiting, young, attractive, tech-savvy homebody, accepts a potentially lucrative offer to join a product/market analysis team that is performing the final evaluation of the believed technological breakthrough of the century before its release to the public.

    As the incredible opportunity unfolds, Sarah finds herself smitten with the technology, as well as wit... more

  • Abe Lincoln on Acid

    by Brian Anthony & Bill Walker

    There are whispers even now that Abraham Lincoln never really died, that a voodoo spell cursed him with a terrible eternal life. It has even been claimed that he robbed banks in the 1930s with John Dillinger, only to mysteriously disappear once again into the pages of history. But the truth is even stranger than the rumors...

    Watched over by a vengeful J. Edgar Hoover and held in a secret location near his old Springfield home, Lincoln re-awakens in the 1960s, and finds himself thrust i... more

  • Fragment

    by Alvin Atwater

    Fragment is about a village boy, Jonas Ariel’s impossible quest to dominate the Gods using the Holy Sword and win Zeus’ powers. He’d use the power to prevent a realm-destroying calamity. The competition however proves to be a lot more complex than Jonas thought. The gods and he will be split into four different teams in which will suffer individual elimination. This will lead to the most backstabbing competition yet! Not to mention, Jonas somehow got himself too close to Ath... more

  • Blood Lake

    by R.L. Herron

    Award-winning author R.L. Herron has created a modern horror/thriller based on an assassinated Cherokee prophet who defied a forced migration in 1838 known as "The Trail of Tears," whose dying curse has followed one American family for eight generations, with relentless, supernatural horror.

  • Genie and Other Weird Tales

    by Alan Killip
    ‘Genie’ is a tale about the first and only Genie, a being born in a freak cosmic accident who tries to make friends with humans by granting them wishes but ends up wreaking havoc. In ‘Eleanor Unleashed’ a woman wakes in the night possessed by her dark side, and her husband discovers some unpleasant truths. ‘Lachlan’ is a psychopathic six foot lizard who torments a mild mannered man called Henry and is the by product of his repressed anger. ‘Sarah’s Dad’ is a touching tale of growing up, of the c... more
  • The Way of the Dhin

    by John L. Clemmer
    Extraterrestrial beings, the Dhin, have visited Earth. Communication with the enigmatic aliens proves problematic. The Dhin suddenly depart, without explanation, leaving a few samples of their technology. Wide knowledge of these events would cause chaos. The powerful Coalition Security agency strives to maintain secrecy. As Coalition researchers explore the alien technology, their discoveries turn our understanding of physics inside out. Humanity faces numerous challenges. After multiple eco... more