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  • The Sound of the Stones

    by Beth Hammond
    The ancient book about the past holds the future. Frankie is the key. She doesn't remember stopping at the used bookstore, but there she stands as if drawn by an unseen force. Anticipation wraps around her like a cocoon. When she opens the door, the wind nudges her through, and expectancy turns to purpose. The man inside, and the book he offers, changes everything. Unusual things happen when she begins to read: In a time long forgotten, people are held captive by half human creatures. Ashr... more
  • Ghost Of A Chance (Ghost Protector Trilogy Book 1)

    by EJ Divitt
    No one told Jenny Chang she is descended from a long line of supernatural protectors. When her father is murdered, the mantle of Protector passes to her. Suddenly thrust into the world of the dead and beholden to Zhong Kui, the King of Ghosts, Jenny struggles with new powers and new responsibilities. As she tries to find her way, Jenny must face an old evil that is loose in the world and uncover a secret buried in her family’s past.
  • The Rise of Ares: Mortal Sins

    by Serge Alexandr
    Born into a world where long life and any dream can be a command, Ares doesn’t have any of it. The solar system has become stagnant and corrupt in the post-technological revolution. As he tries to even the odds against the Rachten-those wealthy enough to afford genetic manipulation-Ares becomes mired in debt. But there is nowhere to hide in a universe where everything, and everyone, is an eye. Still, he tries to escape the Bank; which always gets its dues. His flight takes him on a journe... more
  • Amballore House

    by Jose Thekkumthala
    a blend of genres, Horror, Science Fiction, Family Saga and Crime. A blend of natural and supernatural worlds. Generations of thousands of years back in time are brought to a standstill in a time-slowed universe to live in a world of todays.
  • Sanacion III: Remnants of the Dome

    by Mary Louise Davie

    Admiral Steve Jensenn and his crew are back on their deep space vessel, Sanación, laying communications satellites that will keep them connected to their friends on the planet Sana. With thirty-four thousand civilians aboard, they also are seeking a new home, a planet that will give them refuge. They’ve even brought along one of the natives of Sana, a Cicada named Rufus.

    Life is good onboard Sanación for Steve and his little family: his wife, Lenora, and their adopte... more

  • Dr Tenace

    by Yves Bernas
    In an abandoned part of the Falkennest's clinic, Dr Tenace passionately conducts semi-legal experiments to bring his patients back from coma. Not only does he struggle with science and medicine to discover the secret of consciousness and the essence of the soul but he also struggles with a much bigger enemy: himself! Deep inside he feels he should not be so ambitious and dare climb the tree of knowledge. So does Miss Mortimer, secretly in love with him and so does the establishment, alarmed b... more
  • B01A51RAOW

    by D.M. Wozniak
    peri•he•lion : the point in the path of a celestial body that is nearest to the sun - Merriam-Webster Dictionary It is Thursday, January 3, 2069: the eve of the perihelion. Night is upon Bluecore 1C (what used to be known as the city of Chicago before the riots). Snow is falling, plans are being made, and within hours everyone in 1C will be changed forever. Narrated from the vantage point of six residents of 1C, The Perihelion is a novel set against the dystopian backdrop of near-futur... more
  • B0083L04WC

    by D.M. Wozniak
    Since the mysterious closed timelike curve appeared above the world of Cassidian, nothing has come in or out of it. So when an innership emerges from the celestial cloud and crashes on the beaches of the Still, a Hunion courier named Anon Selfe is sent to investigate. When he lands, he finds the blood and footprints of the only survivor leading away from the wreckage. But inside there is someone else awaiting him in the darkness: his own dead body. What follows is Anon’s desperate chase up t... more
  • Antioch

    by Gregory Ness
    The Future Collides with Ancient Rome --- Science and historical fiction with elements of alchemy, mysticism, reincarnation and ancient history. --- A team of researchers from Silicon Valley are in Prague searching for dark energy. --- The leader of the team, a controversial biologist, dreams of a past life in 48BC Alexandria. In his lucid dreams he falls in love with a priestess who serves Cleopatra and teaches him long lost secrets about science and theology, ancient civilizations and... more
  • Snowfall on Mars

    by Branden Frankel
    Twenty years ago, life on Earth was annihilated. Now, the few remaining colonists on Mars scratch out their living in the worn husk of New Houston, a once vibrant settlement. Outside its walls, a perpetual storm rages — acidic snow and rain – the result of a failed attempt to terraform the planet decades earlier. The human race, once numbering in the billions, has dwindled to five hundred or so souls. David Adler has survived in these circumstances by keeping a low profile and minding his own bu... more
  • Don't Play with the Aliens: Book I

    by Oz Carter
    A trader of non-terrestrial artifacts, believes he's found the mother lode when he discovers the remnants of an extinct civilization on a devastated planet. But the civilization is not quite extinct.
  • Eidolon Avenue: The First Feast

    by Jonathan Winn
    Eidolon Avenue: where the secretly guilty go to die. One building. Five floors. Five doors per floor. Twenty-five nightmares feeding the hunger lurking between the bricks and waiting beneath the boards. The First Feast. A retired Chinese assassin in apartment 1A fleeing from a lifetime of bloodshed. A tattooed man in 1B haunted by his most dangerous regret. A frat boy serial killer in 1C facing his past and an elderly married couple stumbling and wounded from fifty years of failed murder... more
  • Me²

    by A. D. Clarke
    History student John Harris finds himself in a unique position when he volunteers as a subject in his university's mysterious phasing project. Meanwhile, temporal agent Anne Shields must overcome her own past mistakes to save the man she loves from almost certain death. 'Me²' is a time travel thriller about the choices we make and how we face up to them; a story about self-confrontation and exploration.
  • Dead Man

    by Domino Finn
    I'm Cisco Suarez: necromancer, shadow charmer, black magic outlaw. Sounds kinda cool, doesn't it? It was, right until I woke up half dead in a dumpster. Did I say half dead? Because I meant 100% dead. Full on. I don't do things halfway. So here I am, alive for some reason, just another sunny day in Miami. It's a perfect paradise, except I'm into something bad. Wanted by police, drenched in the stink of dark magic, nether creatures coming out of the woodwork, and don't get me started on the... more
  • Zeal Master: Warrior's Dream

    by Rahmel Garner
  • Shiver Cove, Part 4: Sal

    by TJ Shortt
    At first glance Sal Crake appears to have it all. He has a beautiful girlfriend, makes decent grades and is spoiled by his Mom. But, beneath the surface, supernatural abilities are tearing him apart. Something is on the loose and killing teens in Shiver Cove. The police dismiss the murders as animal attacks, but Sal and his friends know better and plan to end things. The more he resists, the more the supernatural haunts his life. Sal longs for all the paranormal to go away. Will he ... more