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  • Lilith

    by C.E. Robinson

    THE MICHAEL ARCHIVES are the epic stories of the war in Heaven between the Angels and the Overlords, The Givers and The Takers. Based on C.E. Robinson's Weltanschauung or philosophy, it’s the story of how this war started between El Elyon, the ultimate Giver, and Prince Satan, the ultimate Taker. It is this ancient war that has polluted and destroyed Earth’s sister planet, Eden and now threatens our very own planet Earth (or Urantia as it is known in the Celestial Realm).

    <... more
  • The Glooming (Wrath of the Old Gods Book 1)

    by John Triptych
    The end of the world is finally here. And it will be nothing like what you’d expect. All over the earth, strange and horrific events begin to unfold. A US combat team in Iraq comes under attack from mystical forces, an anthropology professor has an eerie encounter at Stonehenge, a runaway teen finds a very strange pet in Arizona, a young orphan in Siberia meets a terrifying old woman, and a pair of NYPD detectives discovers the ghastly doings of a supernatural cult. A large and diverse gro... more
  • Siege Of Station 19

    by Raegan Butcher
    It’s the Fourth of July, 1987 in El Paso, Texas, and rock solid cop Devalerie Love just wants to do his job and then go home to his wife and two young daughters. Sent to an unfamiliar precinct and reduced to babysitting a soon-to-be-closing police station, he resigns himself to an uneventful evening. But the routine “supervisory job” becomes a test of heroism when a horde of vicious monsters attacks and the police officer is forced to team up with a notorious criminal, Rattlesnake Torres, co... more
  • Gaia's Majesty: Discovery

    by Roger Burt
    Our earth mother, Gaia, was intrigued by clever creatures developing on her Earth. She believed they held promise but also danger for themselves and her planet. Wisely Gaia reserved a gifted population of women dedicated to safeguarding the future of humankind and Earth. Those who lived in the sea were called Progenitors and could transform to live on the land if they chose. Their families on land were called Primals. Among them were a defense force of women called the Andromeda. Collectively... more
  • Gray Panthers Dixie

    by David Guenther
    The army of senior warriors had repeatedly beaten back numerous attempted invasions of Earth. Planet Dixie has fallen to the Libra Alliance using Flem mercenaries. Scotty Scholl, Earth's Ambassador is on the run. The population has been infected by a pandemic rendering the victims helpless against their invaders and deadly against their allies. The Gray Panthers along with U.S. Army Special Forces are repulsed with heavy casualties attacking the dug in invaders. Only the raider Beater, with its ... more
  • 978-1519136558

    by David Guenther
    The defenders of Earth, the Gray Panther Army saved the Earth from an invasion from the Libra Alliance. The jubilation was short lived as Earth's defenders found out there was a second deadlier fleet that would arrive at Earth in about two years. The Gray Panther Army consisting of ancient veterans, who have been enhanced through nanite technology to once again be young men and women, are forced to expand their ranks to include even the young. The Gray Panthers enlist the services of Matt Andrew... more
  • Gray Panthers: Battle for Earth

    by David Guenther
    The year is 2126 it has been 30 years since Iran nuked Washington DC. America has traded security for liberty following the attack with the suspension of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Constitution is not even taught in school any more. In this environment, Dan “D2” Daniels, a retired Army NCO of the old breed sworn to protect the constitution finds a crashed space ship and learns at the same time Earth will soon be invaded. Using the technology from the space ship, Dan forms an ar... more
  • Do You Believe In Magic?

    by Lisa Sniderman/Aoede

    An original award-winning fantasy musical/rock opera for tweens and kids at heart; Percy Jackson and Harry Potter meet Into The Woods!

    Do You Believe in Magic? takes you on a spellbinding journey to the cursed Kingdom of Wonderhaven where a Muse has a secret, and enchanted books and witches break into song! In DYBIM, the magical Kingdom of Wonderhaven is under a malicious memory curse and rapidly losing magic. Aoede, the Muse of Song, believes she has no use or magic; yet she is pl... more

  • Project Apex

    by Michael Bray
    What if man's thirst for knowledge resulted in it's own destruction? Richard Draven is a scientist interested in the healing properties of primates and transferring them to humans. When he discovers a new species of monkey with amazing regenerative powers, he has no idea that his report will set off a chain of events with dire consequences. Six years later, and Draven’s research has been put into practice. The government has engineered a virus which has begun human trials. It’s job – to make... more
  • The Nutcracker King: Coming From Darkness #1

    by Eustacia Tan
    What if there was no ‘Happily Ever After’? It has been eight years since the defeat of the Mouse King. Marie has never told the Nutcracker she loves him, and he has never broken the curse. Instead, Marie dances her nights away at Marzipan castle every night, while the Nutcracker tries to break the curse. Desperate, he uncovers a dark secret about his kingdom, and decides to use the knowledge to reverse the curse. In the end, who will get their happily ever after - Marie or the Nutcracker?
  • RedZone Incursion

    by David Norman

    "In a future city, plagued by civil strife, televised counter-terrorist incursions are like a national sport. Commander Blake Sanders teams up with the stunning and deadly Marian to infiltrate the RedZone, eliminate a dangerous terrorist cell and liberate brother-in-arms Ensign Richard Jenkins."


    Almost a century since the Final General Election, the great divide between the BlueZone – the Federation of Austoria – and the RedZone – the Progressive... more

  • The Tinker & the Fold: Book 1: Problem with Solaris 3

    by Scott Gordon & Evan Gordon
    They have been watching… Because of him, they are coming… Jett Joseph Javelin Junior is enjoying the eighth grade until his scientific tinkering goes dangerously wrong and attracts the attention of The Fold, an extraterrestrial force, tasked with keeping peace in the galaxy. When The Fold comes to collect him, Jett's life is thrown into disarray. From alien abduction, to life in Tower 100, to becoming a castaway on Lanedaar 3 and savior to the Boonans, to flooding the White House with living ali... more
  • Birth of Legends 1497336007

    by Shaun K. Thornhill
    Since the fall of Utatam, magic and mind have become inextricably linked in Nathmaria, for better and for worse. Discover what The Chronicler has foreseen as dark forces plan to send the world into catastrophe, again. Birth of Legends: The Nathmaria Chronicles Book One is the debut novel by Shaun K. Thornhill that charts the blood-pumping adventure of four unlikely heroes who must work together to vanquish those who may just be their undoing. A fantasy with a steampunk flair, it follows four ... more
  • Something of an Ordinary Life

    by John Bryant
    Goblins and centaurs and dwarves. Oh, my! Harreth Windborn had it all: good looks, money, fame, and next in line for a big promotion at Panacea Mutual Insurance. Hell, he even knew a little magic. How is anyone supposed to compete with that? Especially when all you are is plain old human. Elves get all the breaks, but things started turning around for Wally Wilson when he met Aellethia Silverwing, an internationally famous supermodel. Sure, she was an elf, and to Wally’s dismay, she was interest... more
  • Epoch Templar (The Templar Future Book 1)

    by Chris Lowry
    In the far distant future only the wealthy are protected by Troops, soldiers in enhanced mechanical suits who protect them from the wild animalistic rovers known as the Mob. Citizens huddle in skyscrapers afraid to to go out after dark and controlled by an omniscient computer. A disillusioned scientist idolizes Templars, a start up military that rose from the post apocalyptic ruins to protect survivors. He builds a time portal to retrieve a Templar to save his world. But if everything he lea... more
  • Burned by Magic - A New Adult Fantasy

    by Jasmine Walt

    In the city of Solantha, mages rule absolute, with shifters considered second-class citizens and humans something in between. No one outside the mage families are allowed to have magic, and anyone born with it must agree to have it stripped from them to avoid execution.

    Sunaya Baine, a shifter-mage hybrid, has managed to keep her unruly magic under wraps for the last twenty-four years. But while chasing down a shifter-hunting serial killer, she accidentally loses control of her magic in... more