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  • Night of the Fae (Ana Martin Series Vol. 1)

    by Lyneal Jenkins

    *** FREE *** Intl. Multiple Award Winning, Bestselling Novel. 

    “I love you,” he murmured as the wisps of light returned to his body.

    What he didn’t say was that his love came with a heavy price and life was never going to be the same again.

    Twenty-six-year-old Ana Martin has a past she is trying to forget. When she meets Gabriel, she believes that she can finally leave her troubles behind her. But Gabriel has a secret…

    He may look human an... more

  • Gypsy (High Priestess Series Book One)

    by Matti Snook
    The world of magic is turned upside down when the High Priestess is murdered and her only daughter and heir, Ivy Tessara, is forced to give up the magic in order to save her own life. Saved by the Gypsies, Ivy begins to search for who killed her mother and where the magic has gone. Soren Fairchild has always been average, until one day he accidentally throws a coffee cup across the room with his mind. When he finds a mysterious book in the library, he starts to search for answers when he is draw... more
  • A Witch Among Wolves and Other Pagan Tales

    by Rebecca Buchanan
    The world’s oldest literature is pagan. For thousands of years before the monotheistic traditions rose to dominance in the West, pagans told stories about the loves and miseries and adventures of Gods and Goddesses, heroes and witches and warriors. The Pagans of the contemporary world, in addition to rediscovering the Gods and heroes of old, are also writing for those Gods and heroes. “Alexander’s Heart” is a science fiction tale set in a distant future ruled by the descendants of Cleopatra and ... more
  • A Draemorian Chronicle: The Western World (Fated) (Volume 1)

    by Sebastien Leonard

    'A Draemorian Chronicle: The Western World' is the first of a five-book anthology. The novel is written in an abstract format; a series of historical narratives that are preceded and woven together by journal entries written by the primary narrator, then ended in a novella which continues the present day events. The first novel introduces its narrator, Sorrownote, who then travels the land and meets representatives of nations within the Western World. The Western World is comprised of... more

  • "Afognak"

    by James Rains
    Run. Fight. Die. Alaska’s Kodiak Island has been harboring a dark secret for centuries — and that secret is about to be unearthed. Dr. Joseph Karikoff and a group of survivors must race against time to flee the horrors unleashed on the island. For almost a millennium, the legend of horrific beasts roaming Kodiak Island and killing village children in the dark of night has remained one of Alaska’s greatest mysteries. Scholars at a remote dig site on Afognak Island discover a petroglyph in a c... more
  • The Winter Wolf (The Seraphimé Saga, Volume Two)

    by S.M. Carrière
    War has come. The desert has invaded. Under the guidance of Seraphimé, Marshal of the Tundra, and her devoted consort, Bran, the formerly peaceful nations of the tundra, join with their new southern allies to fight back the invading Ottalan army. But greater plays are in motion. The ancient spirits of the Sierran and Greyl nations are stirring, returning to the mortal realm to battle against the ruthless god of the desert. Gods and ancestors alike stride from the shadow realms to join the fight ... more
  • The Summer Bird (The Seraphimé Saga, Volume One)

    by S.M. Carrière

    After a devastating raid by the slavers of the eastern Ottalan Empire that cripples her clan, killing the chieftain and his wife, Seraphimé, princess of the Osprey Clan, is left for dead in the snows of her homeland, the Sierran Tundra. Rescued and then guided by an ancient god who seeks to wake the tundra and rally her nations against the looming Eagle of the Desert, Seraphimé is instructed to strike south for the homeland of the proud and war-like Greyl tribes to seek aid for ... more

  • Ethan Cadfael: The Battle Prince

    by S.M. Carrière
    When a young warrior-queen stumbles into the ho-hum capital city of Canada, all hell breaks loose. Ethan Evans, the Carleton University student who finds her, is launched into a quest to return her to her world, and help her save her people.
  • The Seventh Circle - Complete 2nd Edition

    by Todd Cheney
    This is the complete 2nd edition including books I-IV. I-The Seventh Circle II-The Rhythm of Nature III-Emperors of Darkness IV-The Soulstone The Seventh Circle is a tale of high adventure, fantasy and destiny. In a time before our time, seven circles of magic were the basis of existence. They were: time, the sky and stars, the earth, nature, knowledge, man and the races, and finally, the last... Called through strange marks that appear on their hands and wrists, six denizens of t... more
  • Assassins Wall

    by Amanda S. Dubin

    In a Paris train station, Lexi Peters makes a startling discovery that sends her on a life and death journey, bringing together a group of people who all have a secret. But is she ready for the fear, torture, and death that lie ahead? Can Lexi survive the Assassins Wall?

    As an avid reader of science fiction, it was important for Amanda Dubin to bring to life a realistic contemporary female protagonist who deals in the real world, yet is faced with an extraordinary challenge. As a female... more

  • Fiji: The Beginning-book one from the series-Taming of the World

    by harun shah
    Challenges the Devil had ahead of him was going to be effortless, as with him he had a vengeance seeking soul, keen on being respected in the human world, where she was shunned for being barren. \tMariam Smith’s soul was aware of the perfect night, the Dark Night of Amawus, a legend brought by the early settlers in the tiny community of Momi Bay, a tropical paradise on the shores of the sunny Fiji Islands. Friday, the night of Amawus was upon them, and a few renowned witch doctors, warned the... more
  • Odyssey Rising

    by Michael T. Best
    Two teenage brothers. Two friends. One alien microbe. One uninhabited planet. Ten days to live before the microbe consumes their bodies. To seek a cure to this deadly infection, this young crew journey to the source of the microbe, an uninhabited planet called New Acadia. It is a wasteland full of lethal danger, beautiful mysteries and the spark of life. Quickly, though, the young crew learns that the greatest threat to our survival is the fear we cannot see.
  • Marshmallows Galore isbn:978-0-615-46753-5

    by Donna Mae Pasiczniak

    This whimsicle story tells what a young boy does with his fluffy white treasure. He will amaze you with his compassion and delight you with his need to share with those around him

  • Triton's Deep

    by K.H. Rennie
    Triton’s Deep is a long way down, but it’s necessary to get there to find out why the gods are troubled and why the next Cataclysm could see a catastrophic merging of worlds in the multiverse. Enzo is a novice monk with odd powers that could get him into trouble. Will he find a way to meet the gods head on and solve the riddles of the past?
  • Heteras Book 1: The Lake

    by Rowena R. Conrad
  • B00TQYU7Z4

    by James Malone
    The descendants of Cain are trolls. The kind that turn to stone. They live among us, craving forgiveness, knowing that their hereditary stain can never be removed--at least, not until their own Redeemer comes. They think they've found him. His name is Harry Shikita, a Japanese-American immigrant to Minnesota in the 1920s. But Harry knows nothing about trolls. All he wants is the American Dream: a successful business, to become a member of the Rotary—an “old boy.” He spends decades building Rain... more