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  • RedZone Incursion

    by David Norman

    "In a future city, plagued by civil strife, televised counter-terrorist incursions are like a national sport. Commander Blake Sanders teams up with the stunning and deadly Marian to infiltrate the RedZone, eliminate a dangerous terrorist cell and liberate brother-in-arms Ensign Richard Jenkins."


    Almost a century since the Final General Election, the great divide between the BlueZone – the Federation of Austoria – and the RedZone – the Progressive... more

  • The Tinker & the Fold: Book 1: Problem with Solaris 3

    by Scott Gordon & Evan Gordon
    They have been watching… Because of him, they are coming… Jett Joseph Javelin Junior is enjoying the eighth grade until his scientific tinkering goes dangerously wrong and attracts the attention of The Fold, an extraterrestrial force, tasked with keeping peace in the galaxy. When The Fold comes to collect him, Jett's life is thrown into disarray. From alien abduction, to life in Tower 100, to becoming a castaway on Lanedaar 3 and savior to the Boonans, to flooding the White House with living ali... more
  • Birth of Legends 1497336007

    by Shaun K. Thornhill
    Since the fall of Utatam, magic and mind have become inextricably linked in Nathmaria, for better and for worse. Discover what The Chronicler has foreseen as dark forces plan to send the world into catastrophe, again. Birth of Legends: The Nathmaria Chronicles Book One is the debut novel by Shaun K. Thornhill that charts the blood-pumping adventure of four unlikely heroes who must work together to vanquish those who may just be their undoing. A fantasy with a steampunk flair, it follows four ... more
  • Something of an Ordinary Life

    by John Bryant
    Goblins and centaurs and dwarves. Oh, my! Harreth Windborn had it all: good looks, money, fame, and next in line for a big promotion at Panacea Mutual Insurance. Hell, he even knew a little magic. How is anyone supposed to compete with that? Especially when all you are is plain old human. Elves get all the breaks, but things started turning around for Wally Wilson when he met Aellethia Silverwing, an internationally famous supermodel. Sure, she was an elf, and to Wally’s dismay, she was interest... more
  • Epoch Templar (The Templar Future Book 1)

    by Chris Lowry
    In the far distant future only the wealthy are protected by Troops, soldiers in enhanced mechanical suits who protect them from the wild animalistic rovers known as the Mob. Citizens huddle in skyscrapers afraid to to go out after dark and controlled by an omniscient computer. A disillusioned scientist idolizes Templars, a start up military that rose from the post apocalyptic ruins to protect survivors. He builds a time portal to retrieve a Templar to save his world. But if everything he lea... more
  • Burned by Magic - A New Adult Fantasy

    by Jasmine Walt

    In the city of Solantha, mages rule absolute, with shifters considered second-class citizens and humans something in between. No one outside the mage families are allowed to have magic, and anyone born with it must agree to have it stripped from them to avoid execution.

    Sunaya Baine, a shifter-mage hybrid, has managed to keep her unruly magic under wraps for the last twenty-four years. But while chasing down a shifter-hunting serial killer, she accidentally loses control of her magic in... more

  • Ren: The Man Behind the Monster

    by Sarah Noffke
    Born with the power to control minds, hypnotize others, and read thoughts, Ren Lewis, is certain of one thing: God made a mistake. No one should be born with so much power. A monster awoke in him the same year he received his gifts. At ten years old. A prepubescent boy with the ability to control others might merely abuse his powers, but Ren allowed it to corrupt him. And since he can have and do anything he wants, Ren should be happy. However, his journey teaches him that harboring so much powe... more
  • Nothing Is Strange

    by mike russell
    20 mind-expanding short stories. Inspiring, liberating, otherworldly, magical, surreal, bizarre, funny, disturbing, unique… all of these words have been used to describe the stories of Mike Russell so put on your top hat, open your third eye and enjoy… Nothing Is Strange
  • The Ladder

    by David Hodges
    When Hazel Lewin sees the chance for an adventure after her older brother Cameron’s forbidden lover is abducted, she takes it, secretly following him onto a mysterious estate in Derbyshire where she learns that she and Cameron are Athraithe—the Changed, a secret race with the ability to harness the extraordinary traits of animals. Hazel and Cameron learn that the abduction was intended to lure them to the vast estate which shelters the Changed in an ancient hidden village, so that they could be ... more
  • The Ballad of Rollo Crane: A Halloween Story

    by Suzanne Magdalena Rolph-McFalls
    This book is GROSS. This book is CREEPY. This book has totally cool MONSTERS. Read it with ALL the lights ON! “The reason most people are bad is because they do not try to be good." L. Frank Baum, The Emerald City of Oz Rollo Crane absolutely, positively, does NOT try to be good. He's so mean, so rotten, that this Halloween night he tries to steal gold from a sleeping demon! "And so it was with Rollo Crane, a man who enjoyed causing others pain. Till one Halloween night, been a few years past, h... more
  • The Stone Circle

    by Anthony Tuck
    Maisie and Jasper are left in New Hampshire with the peculiar Professor Winslop when their parents go to England for work. Winslop's lessons on mythology are terrible, but when the children discover a huge circle of stones and encounter shamans of the Dark Ones lurking in the woods, those myths are the only thing standing between the twins and the nightmares the Shamans hope to unleash on the world. Maisie and Jasper must assemble the mythical Crown of Seasons before the Winter Solstice if they ... more
  • A Fairy Extraordinary Christmas Story

    by A.J. York
    Upstairs in the Anderson’s attic there is chatter coming from the Christmas, Easter and Halloween boxes. Someone new has arrived. Tallulah the Christmas Fairy wakes to find herself attached to the top of a tree. She soon makes friends and has a magical first Christmas. Once the festivities are over, Tallulah finds herself in the attic with the other decorations from Easter and Halloween. Each year they watch the seasons change as they wait excitedly for their turn to go downstairs. Until one day... more
  • White Dove

    by Ryan Gordon
    Struggling to cope with her near death experience, seventeen-year-old Zuri Bailey must continue providing for her family during their financial hardship, by any means. Legal or illegal, she has to make ends meet. Until the one day her life changed forever. She witnesses a violent murder first hand, one she isn’t supposed to see. Though it isn’t easy to forget, Zuri is determined to erase the disturbing memory that haunts her conscience. But as Zuri finds comfort, she suddenly becomes aware o... more
  • CODE DAY ZERO: USS Constitution's Escape from Armageddon

    by Alan Ables
    With nuclear war approaching, the President orders USS Constitution to escape. The Contingency of Government scenario is hopelessly romantic: hopes are that the icon of America's founding ideals may survive somewhere in the South Atlantic and return someday to inspire a post-apocalyptic world. On the eve of sailing, Old Ironsides' sailing master embarks on an unexpected and fantastic voyage of his own. He is transported back to the early nineteenth-century. There he finds himself caught in the i... more
  • Blood Moon (Spero Heights Book 1)

    by Angela Roquet
    Welcome to SPERO HEIGHTS... a little town where supernaturals who have lost their bump in the night go to recover. Tucked in the wooded Ozark Mountains, the humans are rarely cause for concern, but the citizens of Spero Heights have enough past to go around. Zelda, once a powerful witch doctor, lost everything in a tragic accident. She now lives a more humble life, patching up werewolves and putting them to work in her pub, the Crimson Moon, until a neighboring pack objects and begins a sabo... more
  • Death Wish (Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. Book 5)

    by Angela Roquet
    Lana Harvey’s been through hell and back. As a reaper, it’s all part of the job, but the afterlife has been more turbulent than usual. The Second War of Eternity is underway, and the streets of Limbo City are heavy with the scent of carnage and betrayal. With the recent death of a dear friend, a lover-turned-spy, and temperamental gods breathing down her neck, Lana’s days seem numbered. But Eternity isn’t done with her yet.