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  • Alive Souls: Inception

    by Elena Yulkina
    Hello. My name is Elena. When I was a teenager, I used to ask my mom to buy me books. Ever since I have been dreaming of writing a book that would be interesting to both children and grownups. A book that would unite people with different interests. A book that would be simple and kind, but also funny and interesting. In this book I am writing about things that I believe are the most important in life. These are parental love, understanding, and first romance. I invite you to live through th... more
  • Deadtown Abbey: An Undead Homage

    by Sean Hoade
    DOWNTON ABBEY MEETS LOVECRAFT MEETS NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD in DEADTOWN ABBEY. It is a world few of us have ever known. A world of masters and servants, where everyone knows one's place. A world of newfangled technology like telephones and motorcars. A world of vampires, werewolves, zombies, and monsters of the deep. At the center of his necropolis estate lives the Earl of Monroe, who must hold the family he loves and the servants he trusts together against the eldritch onslaught... more
  • Reviva Las Vegas!

    by Sean Hoade
    One poker player. One million zombies. Not the best of odds. Eight years after the Zombocalypse, former poker pro Chris Newman is just trying to make it through the day with his wits and his skills on the felt. But now somebody powerful wants a game with Chris, and the stakes couldn’t be higher: If he wins, he gets to stay within the gates of Dos Vegas, the last zombie-free city in America, maybe in the world. But if he loses …
  • American Badass

    by Jeff Chacon

    Ron Watson wakes up one day to find himself dead. Yes, after an unplanned and unfortunate meeting on a Colorado highway with a semi-trailer truck carrying disposable diapers for orphaned babies, Ron Watson is now an everyday, run-of-the-mill divorced American zombie, with exactly two thoughts in his head: “Brains!” and “Vegas!”

    Sin City, land of dreamers, where Ron Watson goes to dream of being human again and to fit in amongst the drunken tourists, down-on-their... more

  • Fat Zombie: Stories of Unlikely Survivors from the Apocalypse

    by Stephen Kozeniewski

    With the theme of unlikely survivors of the apocalypse, the stories in Fat Zombie will enthrall you and have you rooting for the little guy. Featuring tales of the elderly, the disabled, the developmentally challenged as well as losers, geeks, and social outcasts, all trying to survive in a world where the rules have changed. With an introduction by Bram Stoker Award winner and bestselling zombie author, Joe McKinney, Fat Zombie includes stories by award winning authors of the weird and the h... more

  • The Smiley-Face Witches

    by George Traikovich
    Years have passed since the Enzyme Seven mutagen was introduced into the school’s water supply, and while fifteen-year old Drew Wheeler survived Project Chimera, the memories haunt him still. When he goes missing without explanation, the remaining Zero Avenue Brats follow, plunging once more into the murky depths bubbling beneath the city’s streets to face an ancient enemy rising from across the reaches of time and space.
  • Night Rumbles

    by Nancy Janes
    On the planet Lydo, in the city of Iru,nineteen-year-old Brad a research student at the Science Academy enters Daganland, a Netherworld city, to research its little-known inhabitants. The caveat: he will lose his memory and take on the form of the natives. Waking up in the town of Nofer in Daganland, Brad enters into a world ruled by a Tyrant. It is a planet of darkness where the inhabitants live and work by night. Socialization and friendships are forbidden, except in the formal setting of... more
  • The Boy Who Walked a Way

    by Nancy Janes
    In the year 2162, a young boy named Jal Valhyn is caught in a maelstrom of violence and conflict. His country is at war and the world government based on humanistic principles that had fulfilled its promise of a halcyon peace for a century and a half has fallen. Alone and helpless he has an encounter with an invisible being that leads to a seven days journey. With his two appointed companions he sets out for a safe haven far from the world of danger and turmoil. Each day's trek brings the gift o... more
  • 978-0-692-43733-9

    by Michael Pang
    A near tragic incident at the hands of his psychotic mother left Declan Peters alone and with so many questions. Years later, Declan is determined to find a way to be closer to his mother and takes a job at the institution where she's being held. That fateful decision will be the impetus for a chain of events so terrifying that Declan will question his own grasp on reality. What he finds will be more horrifying than anything he's ever experienced and more dangerous than anything he's yet k... more
  • The Feeding Season

    by Stoyan Stoyanov
    The Fortress – the only haven for humanity is falling apart. The destructive storms that have been roaring across the surface of the planet for centuries have caused irreparable damage to the ancient structure. Now the population of the Fortress is living in misery and deprivation. With the ever-present danger of overpopulation and with the occurrence of an epidemic a few centuries ago, a special law was introduced for all the 17 year-old boys. Since then, every year at the beginning of the... more
  • Meadowcity

    by Liz Delton
    Sylvia Thorne is one of the few people brave enough to travel through the empty lands of what remains of once great civilizations. She is a Rider: delivering messages betwen the Four Cities and setting up trade are her business, one that thrives only because she knows how to defend herself in the empty spaces called the wilds. Everything changes when Sylvia returns home to Meadowcity, carrying a message from the Governor of Skycity. She quickly finds out that what she’s been carrying isn... more
  • Corr Syl the Terrible

    by Garry Rogers
    In this action-adventure science fiction novella the young Tsaeb (silent T, long a) warrior Corr Syl has discovered he hates killing and is brooding about his future when he learns that someone has kidnapped his true love, Rhya Bright. The kidnapper, a powerful enemy of the Tsaeb, uses Rhya as bait, unaware of the superior abilities of Tsaeb warriors. But when Corr captures the would-be assassins and Rhya overcomes a room full of guards and almost escapes, the kidnapper realizes his mistake and ... more
  • Prelude To Nevaeh (Tales Of Nevaeh - an Epic Sci-Fi Fantasy series -)

    by David Wind
    PRELUDE TO NEVAEH is a short story and prequel to Born To Magic, Tales Of Nevaeh, Volume I. Prelude is a short story giving the background as to how and why Nevaeh came to be, of how Roth found Nevaeh, and of how the people and animals of Nevaeh evolved. This is the story of Solomon Roth, and how he came to Nevaeh.
  • The Witches of Altenburg

    by Cindi Walton
    Strange and mysterious things are happening in, around and under the Crunklewood trees of Altenburg and it is all because of those witches, the ones that might not be witches at all. Follow the adventures of Isaac T. Cole as he writes down exactly what happened the day the witches appeared, and life in Altenburg was changed forevermore. Along the way Isaac encounters an odd assortment of characters and strange creatures. Is it all a tall tale or are things not as they appear to be? Come along an... more
  • A Knight of the Blood

    by Kenneth W. Barber
    An attack in the woods by a monstrous creature leads Griffon to an underground organization fighting a centuries-long battle with creatures that have slipped under the radar. Their existence masked by humanity's tendency to forget that which is most horrible, and by the Guardian's fervent efforts to shield us from them.
  • The Harrowing: A Zoe Flynn Novel

    by Kenneth W. Barber
    Strange things have always happened to private investigator Zoe Flynn, but lately things have begun to get really weird...and deadly. A nightmarish vision hurls Zoe into a world filled with mysterious strangers, totems, cults, demons, Angels, zombies and more. The visions never stop, and neither does Zoe on her hunt for a murderer no one believes exists, with help from sources no one would believe if she told them. Dark forces swirl around Zoe as she tries to unravel the horrors from her p... more