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  • The Great Oversight

    by Daniel Akinmade Emejulu
    Three cut-throat businesswomen flee their home countries—USA, UK and China—for urgent and life threatening reasons. Desperate for money in a global recession, the women separately embark on exploitative businesses in oil-rich Nigeria, each one partnering with a crooked local. But when a native spirit emerges from the dark underworld and engulfs them with terror, their lives are pulled together and they choose to fight back. The female spirit tests the desperate motivations behind each woman, usi... more
  • The Prospects

    by Daniel Halayko
    "We know who we are. We’re misfits and mistakes, the least-wanted of the wannabes, our own greatest weaknesses." From their headquarters in Griffin Tower, the New York Guardians do what they must to save the world - and in the basement of Griffin Tower are the Prospects, a team made from youngsters who have high hopes but practically useless powers. When one of the Guardians loses his armored exoskeleton, he finds himself responsible for training a cowardly speedster, a wind-blasting quitter... more
  • Gunther's Cavern

    by Edward Etzkorn
    Teenagers Gunther and his sister June find the entrance to a cave in the rear of their property in upstate New York. Soon after entering the cave, they become lost, and in order to get back out must find ways of dealing with cave creatures that have grown in size and intelligence over the past hundred thousand years. Not only must they save themselves, they must save a group of eleven kids from their high school who have wandered into the cave and been imprisoned by the giant tardigrades who hav... more
  • At The Sharp End of Lightning (Oceanlight Book 1)

    by NR Bates
    AT THE SHARP END OF LIGHTNING. The interwoven fantastical tale of family, of loss and sacrifice, of unexpected gifts and coping with disability and new abilities set against the backdrop of climate change occurring across parallel worlds. In Oceanlight, Yalara Narika, a winged Sea Sprite, searches for her lover over immense seas only to find catastrophe and realization that her world is in turmoil. Meanwhile in the safe suburban normality of North Wales, Einion Morgan Alban, a restless youth aff... more
  • The Legacy Human (Singularity #1)

    by Susan Kaye Quinn
    When transcending your humanity is the prize, winning the Game is all that matters. Seventeen-year-old Elijah Brighton wants to be become an ascender — a post-Singularity human/machine hybrid — after all, they’re smarter, more enlightened, more compassionate, and above all, achingly beautiful. But Eli is a legacy human, preserved and cherished for his unaltered genetic code, just like the rainforest he paints. When a fugue state possesses him and creates great art, Eli miraculously lands a s... more
  • The Loom of Kanarrah (Book 2 of the Eidolon Trilogy)

    by Neils Knudsen
    The Great Western Henge rings and the world awakens to find another Great War beginning. Sides must be chosen. The Ancient Rendor Empire is reborn and the Grand Peer must strike at its heart. A reluctant Empress gathers her allies, quell the fears of her people, redirect her son's anger, and convince a crusty old wizard to teach a bunch of children to defend themselves.
  • No-deal Depaulo and the Core Pirates

    by Dante DAnthony
    Young Winteroud Sole and Detective Hammerstein have traced No-deal Depaulo to a series of crimes against the Star System and the Royal Family at Caldris. Their search has led them to the Galactic Core, where Marauders, Piracy, and a grim underworld surrounds their suspect... They were waiting for us when we dropped out of hyperspace, I could sense them then, a dirty little swarm, and sickeningly the most frightening thing was they had once been human. Klaxons hammered my ears and my empathic... more
  • A Tiny Bit Mortal

    by Lindsay Bassett
    Thousands of years have separated the lives of men from the lives of gods. The gods are silent, their stories so old and unbelievable that they are only accepted as myth. Her name is Emily Williams, a twenty-nine year old living alone in a downtown apartment with her overweight cat, George. Her life was simple, and quiet. After a strange series of supernatural events, she questions her sanity. As she caves to her curiosity, she ends up with a one way ticket into a hidden world of immor... more
  • PANDORAN AGE CHRONICLES: The Princess of Caldris: Part one

    by Dante DAnthony

    3893. Pleiades Confederation, Caldris.

    Winteroud Sole is twelve years old when the Royal Detectives bring him on a case as a psychic. The young Princess Scholar-Archaeologist, brilliant, beautiful, and beloved of the world's people, is missing. The Royal Detectives, headed by a grisly old ex Royal Space Navy Special Forces Ranger, Officer Hammerstien, sets out to examine a thousand year old Fighter bomber the princess had discovered. 

    There are numerous and powerful force... more

  • Tiem Mechine

    by Alex Hansen
    Kenny has just bought a time machine at a yard sale. After conducting some initial tests to verify that he actually purchased the ability to travel through time for just two dollars, he sets out to fix his past and prevent himself from becoming a single, recently unemployed loser. But upon arriving on his eighteenth birthday, he meets another time-traveling version of himself. And another...and then another. Some of his clones seem to have less than admirable ambitions, but there are so ... more
  • Golden

    by Melinda Michaels
    High school senior Hanna Loch just suffered a blackout in front of her entire homeroom class. She hasn’t had one in over ten years, and she’s terrified—the last time she blacked out, she woke up with no memory of her life before. To make matters worse, no one can explain why it happens. For Hanna, bad things tend to come in threes. And that doesn’t even begin to cover it . . . When she learns she could be a descendant of someone who lived once upon a time, Hanna must put her trust in Willi... more
  • Corr Syl the Warrior

    by Garry Rogers
    Corr Syl the Warrior is the story of a young rabbit descendent on an Earth where Humans are only one of the intelligent species. Having just completed his combat training, Corr is ready to relax, but his local district council keeps asking him to accept duties and responsibilities. One of the council's requests leads Corr into the heart of a conflict that escalates into a global war. Together with another young warrior, the fiery Rhya Bright, Corr faces danger, true evil, and terrible duty. T... more
  • The Superyogi Scenario

    by James Connor

    Experience authentic wisdom that creates superheroes. The Superyogi Scenario is a fresh new take on the superhero story that packs a philosophical punch. Instead of getting supernatural powers from radiation or spider bites, powers are developed through yoga and meditation. Drawing from authentic verses in The Yoga Sutra, this thought-provoking thriller envisions yogic supernatural abilities rising among the world's growing population of yoga practitioners—and wild consequences when... more

  • I Love My Cell Phone.

    by Dionne Fields
    The storybook about a little boy, who loves playing on his mom cell phone. Most little boys and girls around his, age enjoy playing on the cell phone as well. Today rain has met, his new cell phone friend her name is Dionne.
  • The Singing Stones of Rendor (Eidolon Trilogy) (Volume 1)

    by Neils Knudsen
    Endowed with a magical ability not seen since the ancient Rendor Empire, life for K’Las just turned dangerous—and he’s not even born yet. His parents hide him in plain sight for several years until they learn of a plot to seize an heirloom and enslave the powerful magical voices that blend with the family treasure. The family manages to escape the clutches of cold-blooded zealots from the Grand Peer that chases them to one of Rendor’s mysterious great henges. A wild and shrewd wizard who... more
  • Genesis of the Dead: A Zombie Comedy of Biblical Proportions (Light of the Dead) (Volume 1)

    by C.T. Casberg
    It all started when everybody died. When Todd breaks The Rule and eats from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, death enters the world in the form of a very nasty zombie plague. Emptied of immortality and exiled from their land of birth, zombie-kind ventures into the hostile world beyond, where violence and decay threaten to overwhelm and destroy them at every turn. Never fear: the Director, maker of Heaven and Earth and everything in between, has a plan to defeat death forever, but it will... more