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  • Preta's Realm: The Haunting (Book 1 of The Hidden Evil Trilogy)

    by J. Thorn
    Drew works hard, pays his taxes, and loves his family. But when a visit from the spirit of his deceased grandfather coincides with the violent murder of two co-workers, Drew falls into a desperate spiral of delusion and betrayal until he finally faces the demons of the past, which threaten to drag him deeper into Preta's Realm.
  • Reversion: The Inevitable Horror (The Portal Arcane Series - Book I)

    by J. Thorn
    With a noose around his neck, Samuel arrives in a forest littered with caution tape and artifacts of the deceased. He struggles to regain his memory while fending off a pack of wolves and the mysterious visitors who seem to know more about this dying world than he does. Major, Kole and Mara, new companions also trapped in this strange place, realize they must outrun the ominous cloud eating away at their world before it collapses upon itself. Samuel must find a way to escape the reversion.
  • Ed Undead: The Chronicles of a Teenage Zombie

    by Edward Kent
    An unknown virus has turned most of the world into flesh eating zombies, and one teenager, Ed Kirk, has contracted it, but it is working through him slowly and he doesn’t know why. He finds his girlfriend, Lisa Jane, and together they fight to get out of their small town and seek help, meeting up with some strangers along the way. Will they be friends or foe? At the same time, they are being pursued by a dark force unknown to them. They must try to find help or a cure before Ed completely turns.
  • Vampire Syndrome: Vampire Syndrome Saga, Book 1 - Mass Market Edition

    by Daven Anderson
    Can Special Olympics champion Jack Wendell survive, now that he's been turned into a vampire? All Jack wants is to be accepted as a valued member of the vampire community. But he can't do this when Chief Venator (vampire law enforcer) Damien Tepesh has ordered Jack to be killed. Fortunately, Jack wins the respect of a powerful ally. Lilith Morrigan, President of the Vampires, hides Jack from the ruthless Venators and gives him a chance to prove his worth. But she cannot stop her husband Damien f... more
  • The Bleeding Worlds Book Three: Resonance

    by Justus R. Stone

    Trillions of existences wiped out in a single moment.

    The remaining worlds left battered and bleeding.

    At the centre of the disaster stands Gwynn Dormath. He has been called both a hero and a harbinger of the end of all things. A single boy thrust unwittingly into a game of old gods and ancient horrors.

    Now, injured both in body and mind, if he hopes to save the ones he loves, he must undertake his most perilous and strange journey.

    Between all things lies the Veil. Ho... more

  • Totem (Book 1: Scars)

    by C. Michael Lorion
    Abby and Josh, two teens who will find themselves on the frontline of an assault on Old Wachusett, have no idea what is about to attack their community. They better figure it out soon, because they are the keys to stopping an ancient, supernatural evil that will destroy anything and anyone that gets in its way of satisfying its thirst for revenge. All it has to do is unlock the magic of the Totem, thereby unleashing unspeakable horror upon the inhabitants of Old Wachusett. Kimi and Achak are... more
  • Aoleon The Martian Girl

    by Brent LeVasseur

    Crop circles magically appear in Farmer Johnson’s field. A mysterious light sweeps over the night sky and awakens Farmer Johnson and Gilbert, the boy next door.

    Curious, Gilbert ventures out to discover the source of the light and stumbles into a beautiful Martian girl sitting in a crop circle. Farmer Johnson also investigates the strange light, and thinking that Gilbert and Aoléon are vandals, he chases them. But they sprint to Aoléon’s saucer and es... more

  • Lost Testament: Soul Eater

    by Nic Wallace
    When Tyler made the mistake of summoning demons to protect his loved one, he never thought that all hell would break loose, leaving his life in total and vehement disarray. His existence now a living nightmare, he is left only with utter fear, paranoia, and multiple demons trailing his every move, causing him to lose everything, and ending the life he once knew. Pushed to the edge of desperation, he even contemplates ending the Hell and pain that has become his reality; that is until Tyler finds... more
  • Emerald Child

    by Karen Hughes
    A hidden island. A forgotten child. A kingdom ruled by fear. Far away on a hidden island, smoke rises from a mysterious old chest buried in the sand. A boy’s face appears in the smoke. He is one of the Kalika, an ancient people who make their home high in the trees of Gort. Indie, watching the boy’s face in the smoke, has no idea it will lead her into a world of adventure.
  • The Shaman's Secret

    by Karen Hughes
    An ancient magic. A broken land. A journey beyond this world. At Okowa, when the veil between the worlds is thin, Kai and Indie must leave the Kalika Forest to find their missing father and save their dying land. As the Emperor of Moto gathers his great army and the Dasa warriors prepare for battle, the children search for the shaman who will help them on the journey. But the magic of the mountains is different to the magic of the forest. The only way Kai and Indie can succeed is if they... more
  • The Labyrinth of Time

    by T.W. Fendley
    Can Jade restore the Firestone's powers before the First Men return to judge humanity?  Spending spring break in Peru with her grandmother isn't sixteen-year-old Jade's idea of fun. She'd much rather be with her friends at Lake of the Ozarks. Then she meets Felix, a museum director's son. Jade discovers only she and Felix can telepathically access messages left on engraved stones in the age of dinosaurs.  Following the ancient stones' guidance, they enter the Labyrinth of Time and--with a ... more
  • Want (Numbered Book 1)

    by Magus Tor

    Trust no one, no one trusts - that is the way of Lunar City. When Aurelia Cole gets hired by Lunar City Hospital, the last thing she expects is that her shuttle will be attacked on the way to her new posting. With her new found Clone friend Nicholas, Aurelia manages to rescue Jonathon Hansen, who might just be the next Earth Empire president. But when Aurelia is forced to choose between Nicholas and Jonathon, she has to decide whether her love for her job is more important than her desire to ... more

  • Skymerge

    by Deepak Menon

    Written by international Award Winner Deepak Menon, with a Readers Favorite 5 Star review, Skymerge, is a sweeping well researched novel of interstellar travel and adventure spanning 5 Planets including Earth, and a planet named Rukana where a major portion of the events comprising this amazing novel occur. There are many heroes in this book and many heroines, each unforgettable with a unique personality distinctly different... more

  • System Purge (Digital Evolution Book 1)

    by Ross Willard
    A 14-year-old prodigy with a mysterious past. A genetically-engineered soldier with a deadly present. A sentient machine fighting for his future. They come from different worlds, but they'll have to trust each other if they want to survive.
  • Eden: A Sci-Fi Novella

    by Martin Roy Hill
    “If this is Paradise, how bad could Hell be?” A sandstorm uncovers a long buried secret in the Iraqi desert, an ancient Sumerian temple dating back at least 6,000 years to the beginning of civilization. An American army patrol sent to investigate the ruins is trapped inside the temple’s eroded walls, first by an insurgent ambush then by another, even more powerful sandstorm. When an enemy mortar shell blasts an opening into a hidden burial chamber, Captain Adam Cadman and his soldiers take r... more
  • Ghosts of Winter: The Nameless Threat

    by Wendy Tardieu
    Many years after a nuclear war has ravaged the nation, small colonies have survived fall-out. But, a threat has come to the quiet hillsides. A government experiment gone wrong has begun to show its face in the form of senseless attacks and kidnappings. Kai is the daughter of the chief of Red Sky, a prominent trade colony. When rumors reach him that she may be a target, she is forced to set out on her own across the landscape. Finding the company of a thief and an exiled murderer, Kai must warn t... more