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  • Danny and the Trip to Outer Space: This book is written and illustrated by 8 year old author, David T. Lee. It contains 16 chap

    by David T. Lee
    Danny and the Trip to Outer Space is written and illustrated by 8 year old author, David T. Lee. This book contains 16 chapters, 6,500 words and 6 full color illustrations. It is the sequel of Danny and the Portal of the World (published by David in 2011 when he was 7 years old). The story starts when Danny accidentally spills soda on one of his birthday gifts, a RC plane, and it enlarges enough so it could fit Danny's whole family inside it. Unfortunately, Danny's house is destroyed when the ma... more
  • Danny and the Portal of the World: Danny falls into a portal, meets his relatives and returns home again. (The Adventures of Dan

    by David T. Lee
    Danny and the Portal of the World is a fun story of imagination and adventure authored and illustrated by a 7 year old, David T. Lee. He was born in Massachusetts. This book was released in August 2011. It contains 12 chapters, approximately 4,500 words and a lot of detail illustrations. In David’s own words: This is the story of Danny Tom Ed, a portal and a lot of relatives. They come together when Danny slips and falls into a portal and meets his relatives. This story also chronicles about a m... more
  • Danny and the Portal of the World: Danny falls into a portal, meets his relatives and returns home again. (The Adventures of Dan

    by David T. Lee
    This is the story of Danny Tom Ed, a portal and a lot of relatives. They come together when Danny slips and falls into a portal and meets his relatives. This story also chronicles about a mystery rock later to be found a short cut for Danny to return home. He also finds that this portal also interferes with time and soon find himself standing in a sun-lit bedroom only to find his mother saying, “Danny you almost late for school,” and suddenly he realizes that the time had moved along. And you mu... more
  • Peas Let Her Be a Princess

    by Diane E. Keyes
    Once upon a castle bed, lay a maiden's dainty head...So begins this new twist on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea. The prince is in love with a beautiful red haired maiden. But is she a genuine princess? Can she pass the princess test? Will she feel the pea through the mattresses piled high? With the help of a friendly mouse and a faithful knight, can the prince be sure his love will wake? Leaving nothing to chance, this prince is willing to go to new heights for lo... more
  • Trick or Zombie Treat

    by Tim Barry Jr.

    On Halloween night, 1998, five boys go trick or treating and eat magic candy that transforms them into real-life versions of their costumes…but so does a group of teenagers dressed as zombies.

    Tommy (12): a space bounty hunter—gets a real jetpack and laser gun.

    Aaron (13): a Shaquille O’Neal fan—grows seven feet tall.

    Rich (13): an army Marine—gets a real machine gun.

    Brandon (11): a ghost—turns into…a ghost.

    Donny (9):... more

  • The Last Necromancer

    by C.J. Archer
    Victorian London: For five years, Charlotte (Charlie) Holloway has lived as a boy in the slums. But when one theft too many gets her arrested, her only means of escape lies with a dead man. Charlie hasn't raised a spirit since she first discovered she could do so five years ago. That time, her father banished her. This time, she brings even more trouble upon herself. People are now hunting Charlie all over London, but only one man succeeds in capturing her. Lincoln Fitzroy is the mysteriou... more
  • Sea of Memories: A Novella Collection in the Never Forgotten Series

    by Kelly Risser

    Sea of Memories is a novella collection from the world of Never Forgotten.

    Sometimes, we reach the end of a story and realize there is more to be told. This is the case with Sea of Memories, a collection of novellas set in the world of Never Forgotten.

    Travel with Meara and Kieran to North America where they visit her grandparents and his family. Along the way, stop at Mirage, the dance club where the couple first met, and see the encounter from Kieran's point of view.

    S... more

  • USS Obama 2112

    by John Sibley
  • The Last Omen

    by LT Reece
    THE LAST OMEN, AMAZON REVIEW 5.0 of 5 stars 12/14/2014 Dii, TOP 500 REVIEWER With his signature style for detail and that shadowy, suspenseful atmosphere, LT Reece has dipped his pen into the world of the occult. With The Last Omen: Possessed, Mr. Reece also displays his ability to meld two seemingly separate plots into one, while neatly tying them together with a unique flourish as they create cross-hatches upon each other. After inheriting his uncle’s fortune, author C. Adams begins to ... more
  • Tiny Instruments

    by Mitchell Bogatz
    Tiny Instruments is the heart wrenching story of Timothy Cottard, a genetically enhanced being based on the DNA of a great scientist - a being that wants nothing more than to be human.
  • Divinity Circuit (Senyaza Series Book 5)

    by Chrysoula Tzavelas
    When Marley’s old flame Corbin left town on the trail of a murderer, they’d been friends. When he comes back again a year later, things are different. The hunt has changed Corbin: he’s lost weight, learned new magic, and he seems to hate everything he once cherished: the nephilim corporation Senyaza, his friends and family, Marley... As the world’s only Artificer, Branwyn has a waiting list a mile long. Life is great! Until she finds out one of her creations is in the hands of a murderous an... more
  • Angel Warriors

    by Gregg Abello
    Angel Warriors is an action/adventure fiction novel about the extraordinary missions tasked by the Archangels to the chosen human beings who are known as Innocents in the fight against the Demons who threaten to annihilate the human race and rule over the Angels in Heaven. Specifically chosen from the different parts of the world, the protagonists who are eventually called the Angel Warriors. They find themselves caught in many bizarre events during their earthly life that leads to their higher ... more
  • Something New Every Day

    by Kin Asdi

    The secret of the Garntuoas

    “It was too good to be true: having Estrella and Ellonary as lovers.”

    Struck by lightning while in the midst of an audacious jewellery heist, Xander is rescued by a beautiful young alien and taken back to her planet for life-saving treatment. Under the watchful eye of the Healing Master and the quiet but defiant Estrella, Xander realises that he is going to have to take part in a deadly regeneration ceremony. A ceremony that will se... more

  • Kai

    by Derek Vasconi
    The bastard child of Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 and Stephen King’s CARRIE, KAI explores how one innocent girl becomes the target of enormous rage living inside another girl-who is seemingly from another world. Satsuki Takamoto is an invisible otaku teenager in Hiroshima. The only thing she has going for her is the upcoming birth of her sister. No longer will she be alone. But when her mother has a gory miscarriage right in front of her, Satsuki loses her one chance at happiness. She spirals into ... more
  • Perigee

    by Patrick Chiles
    Stranded in orbit, with no way home before the air runs out… A veteran pilot flying a revolutionary spaceplane, A media mogul on an urgent mission halfway around the world, And an aerospace legend fighting to save his legacy, in the face of a government that would stand aside to let it be destroyed. At hypersonic speed, Arthur Hammond’s fleet of Clipper spaceplanes has become the premium choice for high-flying travel, placing every corner of the globe within a few hours’ reach. B... more
  • Farside

    by Patrick Chiles
    A missing spacecraft – A cryptic message – And a fearsome secret hiding in plain sight. Five years after he was marooned in Earth orbit, Ryan Hunter must go even farther to find the man who saved his life. With former astronaut Penny Stratton, he leads an unconventional rescue team into a threat beyond anything he could have imagined. What he can’t know is that the fate of millions rests on their shoulders. Because something big is coming...