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  • Blood Runs Deep: Operation Amazon

    by James Punt
    A specialist unit gets sent into the deepest part of the Amazon rain forest, to gather Intel on a dangerous terrorist cell. The cell was planning on setting a killer virus free on the world. From the moment the team enter the village, members of the team disappear without a trace; the village turns red with blood, now it's a fight for survival.
  • Demons & Angels (Walking Between Worlds, Book 1)

    by J. K. Norry

    Dark thoughts feed our demons...

    A week ago Paul didn’t even believe in demons. Now he sees them everywhere. They ride around on heavy human shoulders, whispering hateful silence to their hosts.

    In the wake of a tragic accident, Paul finds it hard to take the demons seriously. He is too caught up in mourning the loss of his best friend Kris. Whatever responsibility that comes with seeing demons is of no interest to him. Paul just wants his life back.

    E... more

  • The Resistance (The Dark World) (Volume 2)

    by Tim Vander Meulen
    The Elven armed forces are on the move - now known throughout the world as the Resistance - for the purpose of defying the evil Possessors of the North. They have liberated the Valleys of Corhelth, thwarting the enemy’s efforts there, and are now on their way westward to ask of the remaining races of the world to aid in retaking the human country of Gemdals. But not all races are willing to join their forces, and the Possessors who reside in Gemdals are numerous and strong. The enemy’s resolve m... more
  • Feast of Fates

    by Christian A. Brown

    Morigan lives a quiet life as the handmaiden to a fatherly old sorcerer named Thackery. But when she crosses paths with Caenith, a not wholly mortal man, her world changes forever. Their meeting sparks long buried magical powers deep within Morigan. As she attempts to understand her newfound abilities, unbidden visions begin to plague her—visions that show a devastating madness descending on one of the Immortal Kings who rules the land.

    With Morigan growing more powerful each day,... more

  • The Road of Darkness

    by Zoe Ambler
    Young Addison, just out of her teens in early seventeenth century Louisiana, is the victim of a vampire attack. She is turned. Unlike most, she embraces it rather than fight it. Over her long years, she watches mortal man and their ways, fascinated with the evolution of their conflicts. Moving from country to country, war to war, immersed in the bloodshed and destruction. The road of darkness is a bitter one. From a deal gone bad with the Voodoo demi-god Baron Samedi to encounters with other sup... more
  • The Caloris Rim Project

    by Glenn P. Mac Donald

    The Caloris Rim Project opens ancient doors—the kind best left alone—that lead to distant and untouched vestiges of the Tower of Babel. Major Frank Rawdon’s entire life is committed to defending his country and Earth, but something has invaded his very soul and that changes everything. Frank has become a pawn in a pow... more

  • Glimpses of Horror

    by Aaron Bayscaplous
    Eleven Unique horror stories That explode the genre. Demons, creatures, inter-dimensional horror and much more.
  • KAD (The adventures of KAD Book 1)

    by Kin Asdi; Victor Vergeer

    John is an unassuming but talented high school sophomore who finds a strange object while walking in the woods one quiet Sunday morning. There, catching beams of sunlight shining through the trees is an alien object! The object is a Kinetic Assistant Disk, or KAD. It’s smooth, silver, and about the size of a hockey puck. And John soon learns that it can be dangerous, too!

    Although barely able to understand where the disk came from and what it is capable of, John quickly realizes t... more

  • RETURN TO MATEGUAS ISLAND: A Tale of Supernatural Suspense

    by Linda Watkins

    A young woman, searching for answers …. 
    A man, trying desperately to remember what he has forgotten …. 
    What secrets lie buried? 
    What mysteries are waiting, patiently, beneath this island's pristine exterior? 
    Come back … back to the mythos, passion, and magic …. 

    From multiple award-winning author, Linda Watkins, comes the eagerly-awaited s... more

  • Braineater Jones

    by Stephen Kozeniewski

    Braineater Jones wakes up face down in a swimming pool with no memory of his former life, how he died, or why he’s now a zombie. With a smart-aleck severed head as a partner, Jones descends into the undead ghetto to solve his own murder.

    But Jones’s investigation is complicated by his crippling addiction to human flesh. Like all walking corpses, he discovers that only a stiff drink can soothe his cravings. Unfortunately, finding liquor during Prohibition is costly and d... more

  • At Hell's Gates: Volume 1

    by Stephen Kozeniewski

    When evil overflows from the deepest, fiery pits, the battle will be At Hell’s Gates…Whether you are a zombie aficionado, or you feed on horror, there is something for everyone. We've summoned some of the top Zompoc authors, masters in horror, and even some new talent to strike fear into even the most jaded soul. Dare you look, let alone approach, the dreaded gates?

    Each skillfully crafted vignette showcases previously created worlds in the individual author’... more

  • Born To Magic: Tales of Nevaeh: Volume I

    by David Wind

    Welcome to Nevaeh—where magic has replaced technology.

         Long ago, the violence and radiation of terrorist wars killed America. Descendants of the survivors now dwell in a world of ritual and magic, where ten dominions struggle for supremacy and a dark, formidable power has emerged.

         Areenna, the only daughter of the King of Freemorn, is barely eighteen, yet her psychic ability is strong. She is called to The Island ... more

  • Indomitus Sum: Book Four of the Fovean Chronicles

    by Robert W. Brady
    The battle for Fovea is on, and a girl named Raven and a man named Jack aren't even sure of which side they should be on. On one front is the Emperor, Rancor Mordetur, from their home planet of Earth. He seems to have a lot on this side - a massive army of highly trained warriors, the most feared witch on Fovea as his wife and superior technology born of another world. On the other is every Fovean Nation; savage Men and wild Uman, long-lived Uman-Chi and merciless Swamp Devils and Slee; all of t... more
  • Queen Of Knights

    by David Wind
    Gwendolyn of Kildrake, a woman born with mystical powers and Miles DeLong one of England’s mightiest knights battle across the world to the Holy Land. DeLong, betrayed by a traitorous knight, is imprisoned by the mighty Saladin. It takes all her mystical powers for Gwendolyn, in the guise of Sir Eldwin of Radstock, to lead the fight through the bloody Crusades and into to the very Court of Saladin. Science Fiction Grand Master Andre Norton said of queen Of Knights, “Historical fiction and ... more
  • The Wounded World

    by Ariele Sieling
    Upon returning to Pomegranate City, Quin discovers that his father has disappeared, taking with him knowledge that is precious to his government and leaving behind a very dangerous new Door. As he sets out on his journey to find his father, Quin hopes that he hasn't stumbled onto a problem so big he cannot even begin to solve it.

    Followed closely by his good friend John, Quin travels from world to world seeking answers... but will he find them in time?

    This science fiction tale takes... more

  • A Collection of Angels

    by Jesse Budi
    A coming-of-age tale gone wrong. Two brothers accept an invitation aboard a mysterious yacht, unaware they walk in the footsteps of a hundred missing children.