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  • Last of the Tasburai

    by Rehan Khan
    'We are the last of the Tasburai. We have to keep the faith.' The kingdoms of Avantolia are in trouble but they don't know it yet: war is brewing amongst them, while their ancient enemies, the Magrog demon-masters, are poised to invade. The legendary Tasburai warriors once guarded the kingdoms, but now their elite order triggers more fear than respect. Grandmaster and elite swordfighter Suri-Yi must come to terms with the ghosts of her past and find the courage to revive the Tasburai as a ... more
  • Jonesbridge: Echoes of Hinterland

    by M.E. Parker
    "...Jonesbridge isn't just a dystopia of geography, but that of the human condition, ravaged by history... M.E. Parker is a cartographer of the spirit, navigating us through his powerful prose that is unflinchingly honest...”—Peter Tieryas Liu, author of BALD NEW WORLD and WATERING HEAVEN In this world-building series, perfect for fans of Ray Bradbury's FAHRENHEIT 451 and Hugh Howey's WOOL, to survive a grim island prison a young man and woman must work for the Complex. To escape it, they wil... more
  • Eden Green

    by Fiona van Dahl
    In a single drop of contaminated blood, there writhe millions of needle-shaped cells. When introduced to a host, they spread — healing wounds, replenishing fluids, patching bone. The host becomes unstoppable; even complete destruction of its brain isn’t necessarily the end. All their cells are gradually replaced, enhanced. Eden Green is the third human to see the needles in action, after her best friend Veronica accepts them without thinking. Patient Zero is Tedrin, a shady manipulator who of... more
  • Afterimage

    by J. Kowallis
    Reggie’s dreams . . . aren’t dreams. Visions of the future flood her mind like shards of broken puzzles. Caged in her cell, every morning begins the same. She’s drugged, tortured, and images are torn from her memory by Public One. Until the morning everything changes. The vision is different. The future’s never been about her, and now she knows they’re coming for her: Nomads. How will she convince them to keep her alive when Nate, their leader, doesn’t like or even trust her? To him, she’s a sci... more
  • Their Souls Laid Bare

    by P. A. Angritt
    Follow a young psychic from childhood to adult as he seeks self-actualization while under the shadow of a mysterious agency. His struggle for independence leads through epic global upheavals, love, and a deeper understanding of human nature and the spiritual world around us through sex, violence, and gnosis.
  • A Sight Unseen

    by Craig R Key
    After the world is torn apart by a war between elves and humans, an orphaned half-elf must live among the humans disguised as one to avoid the bigotry of both sides. His life is that of a poor, simple farmhand, but that soon changes when a bard from his childhood reemerges to protect him from a bloodthirsty pirate bent on using the half-elf to open a mystical passage known as the Door of Sight Unseen. With the help of a mage and a dwarven sellsword met in their travels, the half-elf discovers ... more
  • Zombie Moose of West Bath, Maine

    by Marsha Hinton
    Spend a few rollicking days in West Bath, Maine with environmentalist Gaige LaRoche on his quest to figure out why a moose is attacking people and eating their brains. Fueled with Moxie and whoopie pies, he encounters all kinds of obstacles, including Teacup Chihuahuas, irate bees, inept selectmen, and most importantly, a crazed female Viking with a vendetta. You will never look at a boiled dinner in quite the same way again.
  • In Search of Elysium

    by Duane Wurst
    Kevin Carpenter cannot understand why a loving God would take his mother from him. His father, Richard, has tried to help his learning disabled son understand God's will, but Kevin is angry with God and wants to go to heaven to talk with him and see his mother. When Kevin's father unearths an ancient spaceship on his farm, Kevin is mesmerized by the ship and learns that it is from Elysium, the home of God. Elee, the ship's computer has transformed Kevin and his school friends into genius pilots... more
  • The Traveler's Companion

    by Christopher John Chater
    After the death of his wife, Dr. Ryan Iverson turned love into a weapon. His creation, Angela, is an android that fools her targets into falling helplessly in love with her. As Deputy Director of Science and Technology at the CIA, his mission is to use Angela to seduce and destroy internationally wanted playboy and illicit travel book writer C.C. Go. His series of books,The Traveler's Companion, is an infamous guide for wealthy hedonists to indulge their every whim. The newest edition, however, ... more
  • Out of Body

    by Christopher John Chater
    Harley Baker's obsession with the afterlife leads him to experiment with astral projection, but when he doesn't take the necessary precautions before an OBE, he comes back to find that a demon has taken over his body. While in spirit form, Harley watches the impostor romance the girl he's crushing on, ace his college exams, and impress his best friend with opportunities for wealth beyond his wildest dreams. Not only does Harley have to figure out how to get his body back before he's trapped in t... more
  • A Division of Souls: A Novel of the Mendaihu Universe

    by Jon Chaisson
    In the twenty-seventh century, the humanoid alien Meraladhza have been a part of Earth society for at least two hundred years. This race has brought a heightened awareness with them, a psionic spirituality that has both amazed and frightened humans...but it has also kept peace and helped the planet evolve at a much faster pace. All are watched over by a deity, the One of All Sacred, who has reappeared in physical form every quarter century to preserve balance. That delicate balance is threate... more
  • Dreamtime: The Gil-Garem (Volume 1)

    by C. S. Benjamin
    [ A thrilling tale of love, war, intrigue, and the lengths people will go to live together in peace. ] In the year five-million forty-six, the Sorisentine Dominion fought a fierce war against the Gil-Garem. By its close, many outlying Dominion cities were left in ruins, their citizens dead or abandoned, and the Gil-Garem were driven to extinction. Edmund Mortani's wife died in the war. That was ten years ago, and Edmund wants nothing more to do with the Dominion, going so far as founding... more
  • Nightscape: Cynopolis

    by David W. Edwards
    In Nightscape: Cynopolis, a former counterculture radical starts a thought-virus that turns Detroit’s dogs feral and its underclass into jackal-headed beasts. The city erupts in chaos and nightmare violence. Communication in or out is impossible. The skies fill with lethal drone copters and airships bristling with heavy-duty cannon. Abandoned to their separate fates among hordes of monsters, the few surviving humans must find a way to elude the military blockade preventing their escape or defeat... more
  • Shadows of Atlantis: Awakening

    by Mara Powers
    Atlantis is an idyllic paradise where citizens are meant to live in alignment with nature, and reach their highest potential. They have thrived for thousands of years, powering their cities by feeding mindlight donations to the Crystal Grid, which connects the people psychically. But the Grid has been infiltrated by shadows, terrifying parasite creatures who stimulate and feed off the negative emotions of humans, ; an epidemic called the madness. There are those, however, who have been born with... more
  • Thoughts To Die For

    by C.G. Rousing
    Levi Levy has no idea how powerful thoughts are and that his life depends upon them. That’s because thought-sifting isn’t something that’s taught in schools in the Earth Dimension. But everything changes when Levi is invited to participate in a remarkable program in the 11th Dimension, and he begins to discover not only the secret to getting exactly what he wants from life, but the true meaning of magic. From the unexpected way he enters the dimension, to the thrilling curriculum and eccentric f... more
  • The Thirteenth Monk (Book Two of Bartholomew the Adventurer Trilogy)

    by Tom Hoffman

    The Bartholomew the Adventurer Trilogy is a story of spiritual transformation wrapped in a romping tale of adventure set in the far distant future after humans have vanished from the planet. The protagonist is a rather silly and self centered rabbit named Bartholomew who sets out in search of a missing object which he is unable to describe or name. Along the way he meets his adventuring companion, Oliver T. Rabbit, a brilliant scientist who also undergoes a deep transformation in the trilogy,... more