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  • Chopin's Ghost

    by Cary Marc Grossman
    Fryderyk Chopin, the genius of the Romantic Period, is haunting the dreams of rock star Robin Hanley. He helps Robin find the woman of his dreams and his missing child, but neither Suze, the powerful enchantress from his dreams, nor he can possibly imagine how old is their history together, or what is at stake. First of a three-part series.
  • Chermpf

    by William S. Russell III
    Everyone should have a name. With that thought, young Gracie Fisher steps out into her backyard on a moonlit summer night. Leaving her sleeping parents behind, following her cat Roscoe and a kitten harboring an ancient secret, she embarks on an adventure leading far beyond her Father’s vegetable garden, to a domed forest-city orbiting the moon. There, she will face a terrible danger from the prehistoric past, a danger that threatens all of humanity’s future.
  • The Catacombs

    by Jeremy Bates

    Paris, France, is known as the City of Lights, a metropolis renowned for romance and beauty. Beneath the bustling streets and cafés, however, exists The Catacombs, a labyrinth of crumbling tunnels home to six million dead.

    When a video camera containing mysterious footage is discovered deep within their depths, a group of friends venture into the tunnels to investigate. But what starts out as a lighthearted adventure takes a turn for the worse when they reach their destination-an... more

  • Lamb of God

    by Anthony M. Harrington
    When Mitchell Wallace halts his suicidal plunge from an overpass to save the life of a lamb who wanders onto the freeway, he sets into motion a chain of events that forever alters his destiny and lives of his best friend and sister. Together they are thrust into a terrifying and hilarious battle between good and evil that has them fleeing a band of shadow demons, a horde of the undead, facing off against an ancient enemy and on the road trip from hell to seek the lost staff of Ba'al; the onl... more
  • The Keepers

    by Anoosha Lalani
    Sixteen-year-old Isra Kalb has grown up starving in the slums of Islamabad. But hunger is only the beginning. When her father is mysteriously murdered and madness corrupts her mother's mind, she's left alone to fend for herself and her sister. Homeless and destitute, the only thing she has to remember her loving family by is a commonplace necklace--an amulet barely worth keeping. Or so she thinks. Swept into a web of lies, deceit and turmoil, Isra struggles to find a place for herself and ... more
  • Adventures of a Space Bum Book 2: In Search of a Legacy

    by Jon Batson
    In Adventures of a Space Bum Book 2: In Search of a Legacy Starwort Bacchus continues the search for her father's legacy, carefully avoiding expanding Central Government presence, an epidemic virus spreading from planet to planet and the ever-present threat from those who seek to steal her birthright. To her and her crew, the promised haven of Planet Bacchus seems a dream they will never realize.
  • Adventures of a Space Bum Book 1: Starlost Child

    by Jon Batson
    When Starwort Bacchus finds herself running from her landlord, skipping out on the rent, she jumps aboard an automatic repair vessel and hitches a ride to the next port. But the search for her father's legacy, the inheritance her uncle nearly decimated, takes her to planets where friends and enemies are hard to identify, and her best ally is a computer. With a pocket full of "Universals" and a ceramic blade strapped to her thigh, she travels the darkness looking for a home. Instead she finds a g... more

    by Bruce Fergusson
    Can a cut-throat reiver escape his nefarious past with the help of the only woman he's ever loved, and the keeping of a promise he never dreamed he'd make? Falca Breks will find out on a journey through a wilderness more dangerous than the squalid port city of his birth, toward confrontations with not only enemies old and new but also himself--and the lure of a betrayal that could make him the richest and most powerful man in the Six Kingdoms.
  • Hunt for Justice

    by James R. Vernon
    Esmerelda Ciantar was the eldest child of the most powerful of the Hawkpurse families. Her family's history could be traced back before the Plague and could have been the very first Hawkpurse family in existance. Trained from an early age to eventually take over the family business, Ezzy spent the first twenty years of her life shut away from the rest of the world. But then one man destroyed hundreds of years of her family's wealth and prosperity. Ean Sangrave. Now Ezzy is set on a path to... more
  • Hidden Monster (The Monsters Among Us Book 1)

    by Amanda Strong
    For seventeen-year-old Samantha Campbell, running back woods trails usually means freedom from her less-than-perfect life. That is, until the day a morning run turns into a living nightmare. When Samantha wakes up to find herself bound to a dirty, pinstriped mattress, she realizes she’s anything but free. With a masked abductor repeatedly injecting her arm with an unknown substance while holding her captive, Samantha tries in vain to find out what he wants, but he refuses to speak. Until the day... more
  • The Mask of Tamrel

    by Heather Shaw
    First book in the Magistricide series. For 2,000 years the country of Thevin has been sealed away from the savageries of the outside world, protected by the sorcery of a god-in-flesh known as the Gyre. Magic has been perfected and condensed into a sacred metal known as chromox; magisters control the elements, govern the weather, and construct great cities where the wealthy play at games of power. Outside the cities dwell the nithings, rural growers of food and tenders of animals, who work the... more
  • In the House of Madame Heretia

    by Heather Shaw
    The second book in the Magistricide series. Tannigal is in flames, destroyed by the frenzy-inducing songs of the inhuman bard Tamrel. Kelrob, a young magician of great promise but limited experience, flees the city’s ruin alongside his companions: Jacobson, a weary mercenary whose body has become Tamrel’s vessel, and Nuir, the sheltered but willful daughter of a great merchant-lord. Their destination is the house of Madame Heretia, a disgraced archmage of unknown powers and dubious allegiance... more
  • Where Monsters Lie & Other Tales

    by Nick Mazmanian
    Where Monsters Lie Trenton Rennick is a mover who just wants to be paid; but he'll have to survive the night in order to earn his biggest paycheck to date... his life. Other Tales... Lighthouse to the Depths Amber heads out into the frozen oceans of Europa to discover what made her husband go mad. Echoes Margo enters an ancient library, in a world forgotten by time, and finds she isn't alone inside of its dusty walls. Nightlife California, 1965, we follow the journey of a... more
  • Secrets of the White Lake: Wind Shadow Chronicles

    by Daniel Chong
    Wind Shadow Chronicles is a profound and imaginative fantasy book-series that challenges the proverbial questions of faith, science and morals. It meticulously depicts a dark and unforgiving world where hope must be restored. The story moves with tenacious pace, unveiling heightened mysteries and revelations that capture a reader’s imagination.  The first book, Secrets of the White Lake takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where a mysterious aurora hovers in the sky like a beacon, silentl... more
  • Innocent Beings (be their voice)

    by Barbara Thumann-Calderaro
    “Innocent Beings (be their voice)” is a middle grade/young adult fantasy that explores the issue of the inhumane treatment of slaughterhouse animals as well as the health benefits of vegetarian lifestyle from a different point of view – the animals! A newly converted teenaged vegetarian, troubled by the merciless treatment of animals in the meat production industry, sets out on a path of personal discovery en route to an animal sanctuary. Not knowing why she hadn't realized these fac... more
  • America Inc

    by Ashley Wolstein
    Step inside a world where reality isn't real. In the future, the entire world has been united under one empire: America. Ivan Luciano is the most powerful man in that empire, and he wields that power with an iron fist. But he wants more, and it was easy enough to convince his girlfriend, Lucy, to help. A brilliant engineer, Lucy, has brought life to robots. They're even passing as humans. One of them is now going to run for President of the United States. And, if Ivan has his way, he'll win. And... more