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  • The Keeper (The Keeper Trilogy Book 1)

    by A. J. Smith
    Jelly Jones' summer has gone from boring to miserable. First, her best friend leaves her for summer camp--all summer--then her uncle disappears! When the rest of her family goes to help search for the missing uncle, she is shunted off to stay with the stern old lady across the street. While Jelly is at the depths of her despair, a whisper in the dead of night leads her to a book in the forbidden attic ... and the adventure of a lifetime.
  • Lemonade Songs

    by Dora Badger
    Odette is a child with a unique talent - one that's putting everyone around her in jeopardy. On their last night together, her mother makes a decision that will change Odette's life forever.
  • Trippin Through The Bozone

    by JR Jordan
    A young idealistic Kidd Cassidy journeys through Bozeman, Montana in the 90's in hopes of getting an education. Along the way he encounters strange characters and situations, spiraling out of control until he ultimately finds himself.
  • The Tree and the Light

    by JR Strange
    There once was a legendary place of wonder and beauty. Never in its history has there been a place like this. At the center of this world was the Tree. It was gigantic by all comparisons, and a peaceful people lived in and under this colossus. All seemed well, but there was a secret among the people; a fear that was never voiced, a shadow that was creeping. It moved into their land, made war against them, and did something unthinkable that shook the world. When all hope seemed to fade a great Li... more
  • Obsidian

    by Jude Joseph Lovell

    LONG AGO, in a "land belonging to no one," a lonely, fifteen-year-old child named Gregor is exploring the treacherous rock formations at the base of the fabled Two-Pronged Mountain. He reaches into a crevice and withdraws something the likes of which he has never seen: a heavy fragment of perfectly smooth black glass. He hurries the discovery away, hoping to contribute it to his small cache of obscure treasures, which includes broken pieces of once-extravagant china and a long, razo... more

  • Intelligenz

    by Lloyd Blake
    Atlanta, Georgia. Something disturbing is happening at one of America's most successful tech companies. A girl is found dead in her home shower cubicle. A home linked to the Intelligenz corporation network of technologically advanced gated communities. This suspicious death, in a world where everything is scrutinised by the media, sets off unprecedented interest. A young rookie journalist, Clara Flockhart, is assigned by her chief editor, Eric Nash, to investigate the strange happenings at the... more
  • The Beginning

    by Adrian H Maunder
    Words innocently read from a dusty book. No one could ever have seen their power. Certainly not two young adults playing in their attic. However, it was those very words that transported Anna and Henry to an alien world. A world of violence and intrigue, romance and magic...A World Of Pirates.
  • Seeking the Sun

    by Jason P. Crawford
    Daphne Gianakos begins having strange dreams as she prepares for college life at the University of Florida. Soon, she encounters a strange man who triggers conflicting emotions within her - the last surviving Greek god. She must learn who she is, who she was, and the truth about what has happened to the rest of the gods...or the world will pay the price.
  • Saffron: Book One of The Neptune Chronicles

    by Vic Warren
    Jamie Edmondson is friends with nearly everybody, as long as they don’t disagree with his strident views on the environment. When he leads an expedition up the California coast to the discovery of a new race of humans who live under the sea, things change. That’s when he meets some really bad people who don’t like humans that aren’t human. We call them Neptunes, and this race of telepaths threatens everything we humans stand for. When Jamie falls for a beautiful young Neptune, he discovers that ... more
  • Moorehead Manor

    by David McMullen-Sullivan
    Three teenagers stumble into a haunted mansion that traps them in a deadly nightmare. In order to escape alive, they must uncover the house's dark secrets of murder and prejudice.
  • The Disappearance

    by Big Imge Films
    Everything in ex-Marine Sean O’Connell’s life changes in an instant when an unspeakable evil enters a small and secluded Midwestern cottage town during the 4th of July holiday and snatches his wife and son, along with the other residents of the town. This mass disappearance occurs under the guise of a terrorist attack on American soil, and Sean, the lone “survivor,” finds himself on the run trying to put the pieces of a puzzle together, desperate in his search to find his family. His only allies... more
  • Life Bank

    by Magus Tor
    "Hey you! Do you want to know an easy way to get money?" Daniel is an ordinary, average young man with everyday problems most average people could relate to. At 20 years old and while struggling to find a job, life goes haywire when he is handed a red banking book with the words, ‘Life Bank’ scrawled across the front. Little does Daniel know, the book – an issuing bank – belongs to the devil. When faced with the choice of trading years of his own life for large sums of money, Daniel gladl... more
  • D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown

    by Magus Tor
    Dr. James Khoo struggles with what he thinks is a series of severe migraines, faints and wakes to a world so different from the one he knew as his own. Now a medieval princess in the Kingdom of Edonia, Sarabeth must ward off an army of assassins that will not give up until they see her dead. Traveling between both worlds, he must fight to keep both alive until he is faced with the biggest headache.
  • The Never Hero: Chronicles Of Jonathan Tibbs (Volume 1)

    by T. Ellery Hodges

    Thought provoking and intensely psychological, read the most original hero's odyssey of the year!

    Every hero's story follows a path. To save mankind, he will have to abandon it.

    Imagine that when you died, no one would ever know you were all that had stood between man and the enemy.

    When Jonathan Tibbs awakes in a pool of his own blood, there isn't a scratch on him to explain it. In the weeks to follow, he comes to find he's been dra... more

  • The Last Giant: Transgression, Part 1

    by J. R. Hardesty

    In the midst of the Dawn Sea lies the mighty island nation of Kalyria. It has stood as a beacon of light and hope to the world since its founding at the end of the Dim Times nearly three thousand summers ago, but now in the Summer of the World 6087, something evil is coming. It threatens not only Kalyria herself, but the future of all who call her home, be they stranger or island born.
        One such stranger is the young Giant, Menannon, who was exiled from his own land of ... more

  • The Present Future

    by JA Sterling
    Dez Gemini is a Null Agent. He travels in time to remove threats to his city. When the reality of his job as a time traveling protector unexpectedly lands on his front door, Null Agent Dez Gemini has a choice to make. And what he decides will determine not only his own, but also the future of his world. It is about time, for THE PRESENT FUTURE.