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  • The Twelve Cataclysms

    by Rob Queen
    Never rob a Magi’s tower unless you’re willing to face the consequences. Vie knows the job’s dangerous: the Apocryptein is the most secure tower in the city of Reservwyresport. Then again, the thief possesses a little magic of her own, and the payoff seems worth the risk. Lord Sesellebach tel Haphenasis, warden of the Apocryptein, is not a forgiving man. Finding a short, skinny woman looting his tower, the Magi’s reaction is predictably volatile—and a volatile mage is a destructive mag... more
  • The Ferryman

    by Amy Neftzger
    Like most large career moves, this one happened by accident. Karen spent a lot of time planning what she was going to do with her life, but Fate had other plans for her, as she often does for most of us. Karen just happened to rob the wrong grave. As a single mother who's at her wits end and struggling to make ends meet, Karen stumbles into the worst job on earth: transporting souls into the afterlife. To make matters worse, she's contractually bound to continue the job indefinitely, and her ... more
  • ISBN #9781311556110 / TECHNIS DEI: The Digital Prophecy

    by TC Davis Jr
    Kelly Pierce, online marketing pro, discovers a snippet of code leading to the darkest side of online power as digital corporations amass unfathomable treasuries and awake to their potential. Young and ambitious, a new generation scrambles for such overnight fortunes made online as silicon billionaires seek Artificial Intelligence like a messiah. Meanwhile the Singularity grows closer as Kelly crosses paths with one who hijacks all data feeds and is able to profile the future accurately. He wh... more
  • Beyond A Darkened Sky (2nd Ed.)

    by Dana Alexander

    An immortal enemy preys upon humanity.
    One life abandoned to fulfill a duty and a promise made.
    A race to rescue billions of lives and hold tight the one connection that ever mattered...

    The balance between good and evil has been shattered, opening a path for a dark lord’s demons and shadows to consume the energy found in humanity. To New York psychiatrist Dr. Sara Forrester, these nightmares become more than figmen... more

  • Ouija

    by A. Martin
    TREVOR BREWER is still haunted by Carrie's tragic death two years ago in a kayak accident. But when the new woman in his life---Carrie's best friend---urges him to finally put the past behind him, Trevor sifts through Carrie's belongings, hoping he'll find some closure. What really happened on the Birch River the day she died? And why does Heather have an outdated bottle of ZenFren---a powerful sleep aid---still in her purse? With time running out---Trevor realizes he must find the answers he... more
  • Tales Most Strange

    by Jeremy Hayes
    Contained within these pages are 24 chilling tales most strange. Delve into the world of weird fiction, if you dare. Follow Detective Kane while he attempts to solve bizarre murders. Journey with the survivor of a plane crash as she wanders off into a vast desert. Visit a creepy mansion that a man inherits from his father. From haunted houses to the planet Mars, these short stories will have something for everyone.
  • Mountain Garden

    by Will Ottley

    This uplifting book of love, personal power and intuition is part fairy tale, part self-actualisation. Buckan, a brave young stag, embarks on a journey to find a mythical garden in order to gain the strength to save his fellow deer from the attacking wolves. The journey tests his faith and courage, and forces him to overcome his deepest fears. A tale of trust and bravery of heart, this compelling and poetic fable shows the importance of intuition and love.

  • Unidentified Funny Objects 3

    by Alex Shvartsman
    SCIENCE FICTION. FANTASY. HUMOR. * Hobo Satan * Vampire novelist * Traveling robot salesman * Brain-in-a-jar superhero * Jinn trapped in a mattress These are some of the unlikely characters you will encounter in the pages of this book. This is the third annual volume of Unidentified Funny Objects and it contains twenty-three humorous short stories from some of the genre's best-known authors, as well as talented up-and-comers.
  • Exodus 2022

    by Kenneth G. Bennett
    Joe Stanton is in agony. Out of his mind over the death of his young daughter. Unable to contain his grief, Joe loses control in public, screaming his daughter’s name and causing a huge scene at a hotel on San Juan Island in Washington State. Thing is, Joe Stanton doesn’t have a daughter. Never did. And when the authorities arrive they blame the 28-year-old’s outburst on drugs. What they don’t yet know is that others up and down the Pacific coast—from the Bering Sea to the Puget Sound—are su... more
  • The Narrow Path to War

    by DL Frizzell
    Five hundred years after landing on the planet Arion, Earth’s only interstellar colony stands on the brink of war. Soldiers, spies, and civilians alike are drawn into the conflict that threatens to undermine the colony’s original purpose: to save mankind from extinction. Trust and cooperation are in short supply on Arion as alliances crumble, bandit attacks continue to rise, and magnetic storms destroy all but the simplest machines. Alex Vonn, a troubled university student, couldn’t care les... more
  • Vanishing Twin

    by Tanja Kobasic
    Scarlett and Jade Jennings, conjoined twins fused at the pelvis, share everything from the waist down. Born to a Bulgarian teen with a drug addiction, the sisters were given up at birth to be raised in a treacherous orphanage and then adopted at the age of three by an American couple. Now motivational speakers and New York Times bestselling authors, the two make a daring move—to the glittering lights of Las Vegas. Their structured world unravels following their introduction to shadowy magician ... more
  • Champion in the Darkness: The Champion Trilogy

    by Tyrean Martinson
    Clara’s ready to become a master swordswoman. When she goes to meet with longtime mentor Dantor, Clara is told she's destined to become the Champion, a fabled hero who arises in a time of need. Confused by this claim, Clara isn't sure she's ready to be a Champion. Whether Clara is ready or not, the evil Kalidess has wormed her way into Septily's court. Clara is aided by another mentor, Stelia, whose knowledge of their enemy is both a bane and a blessing. As evil threatens their land, Clara and S... more
  • Zebulon and Other Short Stories

    by R.L. Herron

    An eclectic collection of powerful and diverse fantasy tales from the mind of award-winning author R.L. Herron. ZEBULON was a READERS' FAVORITE SILVER MEDAL WINNER in the Young Adult Fantasy genre. The collection offers some stories that are touching and mysterious; while presenting others that dig in with fire and brimstone.

    All of the captivating tales are filled with unforgettable characters, from a scientifically adept teenager, to the town drunk ..... more

  • Dark & Day 2: The Withering Mark

    by Israel Grey
    Terror strikes as the world of magic and machines struggles to build a fragile peace out of a history of hatred and fear! Jono and his friends train at the Windom Academy for a life as mechanically powered soldiers, when the Empress and the Sage of Ages announce a World's Faire that will bring the once warring Ends of the Earth together. Jono's new team must outwit the plotting traitors that could be lurking inside Windom itself, before the Tombs can unleash an ancient pox to destroy the worl... more
  • Dark & Day

    by Israel Grey
    It is magic versus machine in a cold war that pits a sickly boy against the politics, prophecy and prejudice that threaten to tear the world apart! Jonothon Wyer trembled beneath his desk as the sirens blared their dreaded warning: Magic is coming! His entire life, he had been told to fear the wizards from across the Dawn, but never did his small town expect to be the epicenter of the next world war of machines against magic! Sickly and friendless, Jono’s only hope was to enlist into the ... more