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  • The Planet of Mortal Worship

    by Donald I. Templeman
    A Lost Wife A Found Messiah A World on the Brink of Damnation The Devil's minion has offered Crilen a deal: Return to a dead planet's past, save it from self-destruction, and be reunited with the loving wife who died in his arms over a decade ago. Not an impossible task for the fiery cosmic warrior who has built his life around rescuing planets from pagan religions, false gods and atheist monarchs. However, upon his arrival in the past, Crilen finds an incredibly complex world. A wor... more
  • Crilen and the War of False Prophets

    by Donald I. Templeman
    Lies. Charlatans. Greed. War. In the name of God, 200,000 Avarican civilians are savagely massacred. Therefore, the neighboring Gzadin homeworld is overrun by Avarican forces in the name of God. So the Gzadin enlist the aid of Crilen, the fiery interstellar champion of the living Lord, to liberate their planet in God’s name. Only he quickly discerns that the purported faiths of both worlds have been subverted by ungodly ulterior motives. The sincerest soul Crilen encounters amidst a chaotic w... more
  • The Presence of Shadows

    by Kara Howell
    In the land of Flasha Mura, a teenaged Gisbon boy is plagued by a monster he can’t see. No one knows what this beast is, but its ferocious appetite threatens to consume Brehane and his father’s herd, effectively ending his future before it has a chance to begin. He wants to face this menace on his own, but he knows he needs help. Who will he trust? A new friend sent to protect him, or Melek, the God he believes in and thought he trusted. Will he let go of his dream so that he can find it? Breh... more
  • People Eating People

    by Dusty Wallace
    A collection of cannibal stories in multiple genres including steampunk, superheroes, fantasy, and horror.
  • (Marvin's) World of Deadheads

    by Paul Atreides
    Twenty-eight year old Marvin Broudstein meets an early demise when he accidentally steps in front of a bus leaving his fiancée, Jenna Wilson, behind. The world continues to spin but, as Marvin discovers, it's full of the dead as well as the living. He reconnects with Mike Hamilton, a college buddy who recently died in a plane crash, and finds a new friend in Tommy Sinclair, a young hippie who has been dead for years and is trying to teach them the ropes of this familiar, yet strange world. But M... more
  • The Prophet's Daughter

    by Kilayla Pilon
    After her parents are slaughtered, bloodied and burned, Arin flees in hopes of finding a sanctuary for her to survive, alone in a world full of deceit. However, a thousand tasks will be forced upon the young teenager, forcing her to see the world in a way she has never seen it before. Everything will end just as it started; in blood, fire, and with more death than she could ever have imagined.
  • Ziona: A Novel of Alternate History

    by Martin Berman-Gorvine
    In August 1947, the CIA predicted that if war broke out between the Jews and Arabs of what was then the British Mandate of Palestine, the Jews would lose. What if they'd been right? In 1963, fifteen years after Israel lost its war of independence, there are fewer than 60,000 Jews remaining in concentration camps run by the Soviet-aligned "Arab People's Republic," which is secretly planning to murder them all before an all-out war breaks out with the American-allied United Hashemite Kingdom. Ca... more
  • EDYL - Island of Immortality

    by Mark Capell
    It’s 2117 and the government has stopped reading your emails. It now reads your mind… Every year, WOCO (the world government) nominates people to compete in the Edyl Olympiad. The prize? Immortality, and the right to live in the only place left in the world where the sun still shines — Edyl Island. But the competitors are being watched by a secret government division called The Reading Department to see if they’re worthy of that prize. R77K is a thought reader on his first Edyl assignmen... more
  • The Puppet Kingdom

    by Meridel Newton
    Red is a fairy tale brought to life - she embodies Red Riding Hood in the modern world. With no knowledge of who and what she is, Red must relearn everything from walking to love. While living with a human family, Red slowly comes to believe that she, too, is human. Between Zack, a boy who won't admit to anyone just how broken his heart is, a precocious and insightful younger sister, and the quiet, detached gloom of their father, Red has enough to handle. But the sudden discovery of a strange po... more
  • Fluency

    by Jennifer Foehner Wells

    NASA discovered the alien ship in the 1960s. They kept it under surveillance for decades while they worked to refine the technology needed to reach it.

    The ship itself remained silent.

    Dr. Jane Holloway never contemplated becoming an astronaut. But when NASA recruits her to join a team of military scientists for an expedition to the Target, it’s an adventure she can’t refuse.

    The ship isn’t vacant, as they presumed. A disembodied voice rumbles inside Jane&r... more

  • The Fall of Ventaris: Book 2 of the Grey City

    by Neil McGarry and Daniel Ravipinto

    She had been Marina Kell...

    ...wealthy and wellborn, until a night of fire and a mysterious brass coin changed everything.

    She became the baker's daughter...

    ...fallen and forgotten, until another brass coin changed her life once more.

    She is Duchess of the Shallows...

    ...the newest member of the secret society of thieves and spies known as the Grey.

    Yet even as she exorcis... more

  • The Duchess of the Shallows

    by Neil McGarry

    A game is played in the fog-shrouded city of Rodaas, and every citizen, from the nameless of the Shallows to the noblest of the Garden, is a player or a pawn. And no one is as he appears.

    Not Minette, brothel-keeper and obsessive collector of secrets. Not Uncle Cornelius, fearsome chief of the gang of brutes and murderers known as the Red. Not the cults of Death, Wisdom, and Illumination, eternally scheming and plotting along the Godswalk.

    And certainly not the orphaned bread girl... more

  • Sunstruck (The Bigfoot Mysteries Book 1)

    by Polenth Blake
    The Spokane Ecology Board covers up supernatural incidents, under the pretence of enforcing environmental laws. It's a dull job of sightseeing thunderbirds and pixie outbreaks. Until the team gets murdered. Ari is the replacement team's Bigfoot liaison. Armed with everything she's learned from detective shows, she's ready to find the murderer. The downside is the job comes with a human partner, who smells of air freshener and lines up his desk like a math project. He's only a scientist, so it... more
  • Mana Pool

    by L.J. McLean
    Not all is what it seems when an asteroid, coincidently, crashes into the Pacific Ocean on December 21, 2012, bringing forth a mysterious wave of change on the world. The human population slowly transforms into magical beings, pitting everybody against each other on religion and race than ever before. Scott Dunne and Katie Walsh are the newly transformed, called terrans, and must survive to get home. But the earth is not alone. An alien battle group’s member Jaruka Teal is caught in the event... more
  • From the Den - Seven Stories of a Healer Wizard

    by L.J. McLean
    A healer wizard’s journey, from training, his destined profession, and the one person he disappointed years ago; a confrontation with a disturbed werewolf mobster and a curious college girl; a mother’s unexpected discovery in a magical community; a young man’s ultimate choice for happiness away from home; an upcoming bride’s unconventional second chance at life; a young man’s deep secret jeopardizing his life; a cursed family is saved while preventing a country-wide disaster. Tyler Ingert: H... more
  • The Dazzle of Day: City of Roses

    by Kip Manley
    City of Roses is a serialized epic very firmly set in Portland, Oregon—an urban fantasy mixing magical realism with gonzo noirish prose, where duels are fought in Pioneer Square and union meetings are beseiged by ghost bicycles. —Jo Maguire, a highly strung, underemployed telemarketer, has been knighted in the mysterious Court of Roses. Her roommate, Ysabel, is a Princess of the Court, and the intended Bride of the King Come Back (whomever that turns out to be). Together they must face the threa... more