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Art & Photography

  • Color Your Own Creation

    by Dan Ferraina
    The book is designed for you to create your own images by using a series of dots and boxes (see illustrations). Your drawings are greatly enhanced by making them three-dimensional, which opens up a world of coloring opportunities. Use the most eclectic combination of colors you can imagine. You can connect the dots in every which way and then three-dimensional them for limitless designs. The same applies to the boxes.
  • Famous Times

    by Angus Gordon
    The Gordon family have a historic woolshed, which was built in 1886. It has been turned into a museum to the sheep industry and has an auditorium, where shearing and dog shows are held for tourists. The idea came to Angus Gordon, one of the owners, to delve deeper into the greater Hawkes Bay area, which has been such a famous sheep farming area for over 160 years. This book is a photographic journey through the valleys and plains and along the dramatic coastline that was the original lifeline of... more
  • Art & Policies for a Better World

    by Daniel Silver
    This book features original art work along with a discussion on the problems in our world along with many solutions.
  • Havana, There You Go!

    by Michael Dalling
    As the US and Cuba move closer to establishing normal relations, greater opportunities open up for travel to this mysterious and beautiful Caribbean island nation. The country?s capital, Havana, is itself going through a transition. Habana Vieja, the old city of Havana, dates back nearly five hundred years to the Spanish conquistadors, and its remarkable churches, palaces, castles, monuments, and other antique buildings are now being restored. Havana, with its friendly people and potent energy, ... more
  • The Language of History: A Greenwich Village Artist Remembers 9/11

    by luke kurtis
    The Language of History: A Greenwich Village Artist Remembers 9/11 is an intimate collection of work by interdisciplinary artist luke kurtis. The artist, a long time resident of Greenwich Village, witnessed the 9/11 attacks from the street near his home at 9th Street and 6th Avenue. This book collects a selection of his photography and writing created in response to the tragedy.
  • Paris

    by David Sornberger
    Paris: Photography by David Sornberger offers a visual feast of the City of Light. Over 100 pages of quintessential Paris photographs captures the city's mélange of streets, squares, gardens, fountains, monuments and its famous lights at night. Stroll through the streets of Paris and share the author's love of this spectacular city through the gorgeous images.
  • On An Acre Shy of Eternity/Micro Landscapes at the Edge

    by Robert Dash
    My book celebrates in photographs, scanning electron micrographs and poetry, multiple layers of natural beauty on a half acre of rocky meadow shouldering Washington State's Salish Sea. It presents a way of seeing nature close up, attending to stunning patterns, textures and metaphors on a wild, contemplative, miniature hike.
  • Designed To Go The Distance: A Survival Guide for The Creative Professional

    by Mitch Dowell
    Designed to Go The Distance touches upon many career and lifestyle issues specific to those in creative career fields – cultural topics that are not often talked about or adequately prepared for. Whether you are a graphic designer, artist, fashion designer, songwriter or a solo entrepreneur - or even a non-creative who needs to understand the mentality and culture more in-depth, Designed to Go The Distance is sure to be an engaging and informative read.
  • Top Hat...a satirical look at life and love..volume 2

    by Edward Henrion

    Satirical drawings that constitute a no-holds-barred commentary on the New York and world scene as he experienced it during a significant era from his Greenwich Village vantage-point. An equal-opportunity offender with a keen eye for the absurdities of the human condition, his subjects included art, literary and political luminaries as well as everyman/everywoman. Includes critical essay by arts journalist, Ed McCormack.

  • Sweet & Lovely..a satirical look at life and love, volume 1

    by Edward Henrion

    A satirical look at life and love in the mid twentieth century as seen by master satirist Edward Henrion. With a keen eye for the absurdities of the human condition and without regard to political correctness, no one escapes the sword of his pen. An equal-opportunity offender, his subjects range from literary and art celebrities, religious icons, political luminaries to everyman and everywoman. Includes critical essay by arts journalist, Ed McCormack.

  • Unseen Wonders

    by J. K. Hutchison
    My intention for this book is to take the reader with me on a journey to see the beauty surrounding us that we never take the time to see. If I can take your mind off your troubles for an hour or two and maybe even make you chuckle, then the book and I have both served our purpose. The best times of my life have been spent standing on a mountaintop, marveling at a field of wildflowers, or sitting by a stream while listening to the bugle of a bull elk. I have been blessed to live in one of the mo... more
  • A Toad's Adventure

    by Ted Schiffman
    A Toad's Adverture takes us on a whimsical and rhyming photographic journey into the Lilliputian world of toads, frogs, and treefrogs. In this delightful tale, we follow “Toad” on his adventure from his backyard habitat through the forest to the swamplands to find his cousin “Treefrog.” Join “Toad” on his journey into the unknown and share with him many mysterious encounters. In this adventure we also learn about: protecting the environment and caring for our planet, respect for others differ... more
  • It's Not About Pretty: A Book About Radical Skater Girls

    by Cindy Whitehead
    "It's Not About Pretty" is the FIRST hardcover book ever to be published on girls skateboarding. The 8x10 hardcover book is 144 pages and features 65 different skater girls- from ages 5 years to 54 years old. From pool riding, park, street, downhill, vert and cruising, to pro female skateboarders and soul skaters - this book covers it all. With powerful imagery by award-winning photographer Ian Logan, words and concept by 70's pro skater and Skateboard Hall of Fame inductee Cindy Whitehead,... more
  • Alboom Photo Challenge: 2017

    by Alexander Niven
    This book includes 25 challenges to be met in one week or less. But there is one condition: the photographs shall include the pages of this book. The person who gets the most likes will be the winner.
  • TreeGirl: Intimate Encounters with Wild Nature

    by Julianne Skai Arbor
    We enjoy being lost—or perhaps found—in wildness and the grandness of Nature. TreeGirl invites us into intimate contact with fifty magnificent tree species from her wild adventures in thirteen countries on four continents. Using a remote-control timer and a tripod, she photographs herself and others in sensual connection with the trees of the world. There has never been any other book like this. Weaving fine art photography, natural history, and personal essays on nature connection, conservation... more
  • A Manual on Exposure in Photography

    by Ceriel van Arneman
    Welcome to A Manual on Exposure in Photography. This book is unique and describes photography on a high level; it teaches how to observe sharply. This manual explains the theory and practice of setting the correct exposure for camera and Flash-gun. Whit the current filters, and film material, it is possible to take pictures under almost all circumstances. You can read how to use light, colour and photographic position, with minimum resources professional exposure and photographing. I myself take... more