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Art & Photography

  • The Soul of Art

    by Alfred J. Garrotto
    Insight, inspiration, encouragement for everyone engaged in the Arts The Soul of Art invites professional and aspiring artists, writers, composers, singers, actors, dancers, musicians (of all instruments and genres), playwrights, potters, quilters, et al., to reflect on the intimate relationship between their gifts and talents and the Creator-Spirit, who inspires artists and uses their creations to speak hope, love, and compassion to our needy world. (Reflection questions and journaling pa... more
  • The Grace of God and the Grace of Man: The Theologies of Bruce Springsteen

    by Azzan Yadin-Israel

    Authored by a leading scholar of biblical interpretation, The Grace of God and the Grace of Man sheds new light on Springsteen's work by examining the theological overtones of his lyrics. The book focuses on the themes of sin, grace, and the struggle within, and concludes with a section on Springsteen's reinterpretation of biblical narratives.

  • EQUINOX, A Coloring Book

    by Stephen Barnwell

    EQUINOX is a coloring book that takes you on a journey into a storybook fantasyland filled with wonder and mystery.

    Equinox is a word that means a balance of opposites: day and night, sun and moon, waking and dreaming. This unique coloring book is a journey through an annual cycle, the four seasons, but it is also an exploration of life's journey. Fun for the beginner, and still challenging for the advanced colorist, EQUINOX will give you many hours of relaxing and meditative pleasu... more

  • Timor Runguranga: A photographic journey through Timor-Leste

    by David Palazón
    Eight years in the making, Timor Runguranga is an epic photobook, taking you on an unforgettable journey through the wild, wild east of Timor-Leste. An uncut diamond at the edge of the world, the country’s surreal and sublime nature is explored through a striking and vast collection of visual essays. David Palazón’s curious nature and unique sense of humour bring us close into the hearts and lives of Timorese people, capturing the fleeting, incidental moments of those he met on his journey th... more
  • Human Canvas Art by Andy golub

    by Miron Abramovici
    This is a self-published photobook "Human Canvas Art by Andy Golub", compiled by Miron Abramovici, covering Andy Golub's studio bodypaintings in which a group of models form a human canvas. This is the first art book dedicated to bodypainting. It is a 24-page, 8x12, hard-cover, lay-flat coffee-table book printed on luster paper.
  • My Love for Zoo

    by ajai verma
    IT IS A PHOTO EBOOK ON AMAZON(PUBLISHED BY NOTIONPRESS.COM) titled My Love for Zoo. The ebook has 1200 plus beautiful pictures of Zoo animals ,plants and birds.These photographs were taken by the author during his numerous visits to the Zoological Parks in city of Delhi and Lucknow (India). The author has a fascination for the wildlife and nature since childhood. The ebook has been created with the intention that it generates some kind of curiosity in the kids about wildlife & nature... more
  • 2Create: Art Collaborations in New York City

    by Yoav Litvin
    This beautifully designed book showcases the work of nine pairs of New York City's finest graffiti and street artists, delving deep into their backgrounds, techniques, and collaborative processes. Each duo consists of artists with unique styles who come together to create a larger-than-life work of street art in a neighborhood in New York, the birthplace of modern graffiti. Witness the immense creative potential of collaborations that have produced stunning examples of classic graffiti, collage ... more
  • Outdoor Gallery: New York City

    by Yoav Litvin
    Outdoor Gallery - New York City documents the vibrancy of the diverse contemporary street art environment of New York City. The book predominantly collects the work of New York based artists, running the gamut from old school graffiti writers such as COPE2, to contemporary street artists such as HELLBENT, EKG, ASVP, CERN and GAIA. Their work is showcased alongside that of some international fellow travelers including NICK WALKER, THE YOK, SHERYO and KRAM. The book features hundreds of pieces of ... more
  • Iraqi Americans: The Lives of the Artists

    by Weam Namou
    Artists have a story, a story that affects their pallets. In Iraqi Americans: The Lives of the Artists, Namou wanted to honor artists of Mesopotamian ancestry by giving them the opportunity to share their incredible stories themselves rather than risk having others to do it for them, as was the case with Layla Al Attar. Layla Al Attar died in 1993, along with her husband, after her house was bombed by a US missile. Iraqi news announced that she was killed since she was responsible for creatin... more
  • The Filmmaker's Journey

    by Chris Esper
    Based on his 'vlog' of the same name, award-winning filmmaker and CEO of Stories in Motion, Chris Esper, writes this book about the success and struggles a filmmaker deals with in trying build a career. With six years of experience under his belt, Esper reflects on his growing career while also advising up and coming filmmakers.
  • Capturing the Magic: A Photographic Journey Through the Walt Disney World Parks

    by Holly Wiencek
    A visual journey that will change the way you see the Walt Disney World Parks. The creators of Capturing the Magic take you on an artful tour through Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. With hundreds of stunning photographs of the wondrous landscapes and attractions as well as insider’s wealth of knowledge, it’s almost like being there. Capturing the Magic is a magnificent coffee table book that brings the magic of the Walt Disney World® Resort int... more
  • The Art of Reading: A Photo Essay

    by Lawrence Schwartzwald
    The Art of Reading is a collection of candid images of ordinary folks in the act of Reading, mostly in New York, but also in Paris, Florence, Miami, Boston, etc.
  • Paintings: Original still life, landscape, figurative and portrait paintings (Volume 1)

    by Mary Ann Archibald
    Revised, second edition. Select paintings from 2004 through 2008.
  • DJ Marshall's Printed Museum

    by DJ Marshall
    DJ Marshall is a world traveled, life long Artist & Poet/writer. He has been influenced by Roberts Frost, Van Gohg, & Monet, to simply only name a few. All of his work is available through limited edition print format only, as all his originals have long since been sold. This book is a compilation of 50 of his valuable Artworks, with accompanying poetry/musings/&verse. And, as title suggests, is meant to be a printed version & museum of his work, ..., as he has discovered it is quite impossible... more
  • Exotic Tillandsia

    by Sim Eng Hiang
    From the moment he saw his first Tillandsia in New Zealand, Sim Eng Hiang has worked tirelessly to cultivate, preserve, promote, and photograph these exotic treasures. Here, an esteemed member of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain shares his life’s work as a naturalist and photographer for one of the plant kingdom’s finest creations, the Tillandsia. His photographs were taken throughout the year with only the natural light of the morning. To showcase the dramatic colour changes the... more
  • The Doll Project

    by Tiffany Gholar
    Is Barbie to blame for giving girls body image issues, or are there larger forces at work? The Doll Project explores the influence of visual culture and societal norms while caricaturing and satirizing unattainable standards of beauty. In a world where girls gather online to remind each other that "nothing tastes as good as thin feels" and diet ads ask "what will you gain when you lose," even Barbie is never thin enough. The Doll Project dramatizes this quest for perfection in miniature. Each pi... more