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Business & Personal Finance

  • America Is Not Broke

    by Scott Baker
    The unsustainability of the American economy is as familiar as the newscycle. There is no money for social programs, no money to run the government, no money to cut taxes, and above all, we have to cut, cut, cut. But, what if it's not true? Instead of familiar complaints about the national debt, leading to just slicing a shrinking economic pie differently, or worse, to Austerity Economics, the reality is that we already have all the wealth we could ever need. The tried and proven proposals i... more
  • INSIGHTS: Reflections From 101 of Yale's Most Successful Entrepreneurs

    by Chris LoPresti
    What if you could sit with the founders of successful companies and discover the secrets to their success? Through INSIGHTS, Chris LoPresti has gathered 101 world-class mentors to share their invaluable experiences for the benefit of every entrepreneur. INSIGHTS grants you access to some of Yale’s leading entrepreneurs and the key learnings they’ve collected on their own entrepreneurial journeys. From founders of Fortune 500 companies such as FedEx, to the next generation of entrepreneur... more
  • Money & the Human Condition

    by Douglas Obey
    MAKE YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU... With so much at stake—family security, financial growth and retirement—it is concerning that most people have little to no understanding of financial matters, investments or how the economy works. Nor do they believe the basic concepts behind financial growth are anything they need to know. They simply look at their 401K report quarter after quarter, note the changes and wonder, “How did this happen?” Why in the most capitalistic society on earth, do we Americans ... more
  • Intelligent Disobedience: Doing Right When What You're Told to Do Is Wrong

    by Ira Chaleff
    When It's Smart to Say No Nearly every week we read about a tragedy or scandal that could have been prevented if individuals had said no to ill-advised or illegitimate orders. In this timely book, Ira Chaleff explores when and how to disobey inappropriate orders, reduce unacceptable risk, and find better ways to achieve legitimate goals. The inspiration for the book, and its title, comes from the concept of intelligent disobedience used in guide dog training. Guide dogs must recognize and ... more
  • Let's Make Money, Honey: The Couple's Guide to Starting a Service Business

    by Barry Silverstein
    Let’s Make Money, Honey: The Couple’s Guide to Starting a Service Business is about a baby boomer couple who start a small service business as a second career. As much as it is a good story, Let’s Make Money, Honey is also a how-to guide that covers planning, financing, outfitting, and launching a service business, as well as operations, marketing, sales, customer service, and managing growth. Included are useful tools to help couples assess their business interests and compatibility.
  • You Want to Be an Entrepreneur: Success Requires More Than Just a Great Idea

    by Jeff Stoller
    “You Want to be an Entrepreneur” is a primer for new and future entrepreneurs. Launching a new business is more than just a great idea or a dream. It involves marketing, finance, law, production, accounting and everything that is the foundation of any business. You will have to deal with issues, overcome obstacles and solve problems that have little to do with your idea. Whether your dream is a new restaurant or a new widget, you will have to address contracts, licensing, labor and a whole... more
  • Life & Debt: A Fresh Approach to Achieving Financial Wellness

    by Leslie Tayne, Esq.
    LIFE & DEBT is not your typical “get debt free” book. It’s a fun, easy to read guide filled with useful tips about managing debt, confronting the fear of budgeting, and the importance of knowing your credit history and score. LIFE & DEBT also provides true stories of people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, who for one reason or another found themselves deep in debt and without a clue on how to remedy their situation. After meeting Tayne, she assured them they were not unique. She tell... more
  • 5 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online

    by M L Fitz
    “5 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online”, is an easy to read, quick start guide for beginners. Packed with practical tips, resources, advice and links to reputable websites, this comprehensive resource guide eliminates the guesswork by providing the reader with real world answers before they start. With so many people looking for legitimate ways to earn money online, this book is perfect for anyone that is looking to make extra money and is new to the “work from home/make money online” world.
  • Hacking Kickstarter, Indiegogo

    by Patrice Williams Marks
    WARNING: DO NOT LAUNCH YOUR CROWD-FUNDING PROJECT BEFORE READING THIS BOOK FACT: Over 65% of crowd funding projects fail. Why? Top 5 Reasons For Failure: 1) Campaign Missing Key Elements 2) Launched Before Gathering Your Tribe 3) Expected That if You Build It, They Will Come 4) Poor Advertising/Social Media Strategy 5) Lack of Partners Hacking Kickstarter, Indiegogo (or any other crowdfunding site) How to Raise Big Bucks in 30 Days walks you step by step into the process of creating, launchin... more

    by John B. Daniels
    I own up. My greatest fantasy is to look at things in the light of others. I believe to do a comparison or two is quite enlightening; it keeps the mind alert all the time. That is the sharpness I encourage in the business practice to become a multi-millionaire. \tWhen am on the highway and a sleek, smart car zooms past, I do not hesitate to cut short whatever conversation to comment to my travel mate. “What a cute car! Isn’t the finish deadly…the color superb?” I would be smiling the moment he ... more

    by John B. Daniels
    Self-employment is the way out of unemployment, poverty and dependency. It is not possible for a person working, earning and earning a salary of $x to cater for the needs of his unemployed friends and relatives. Today the globe is in a crisis. The available jobs cannot cater for the enormous number of the unemployed. The gap between the rich and poor is widening alarmingly. The property owners have had to hire security to protect themselves and theirs property while the poor have indulged in cri... more
  • Right, First Time

    by David James Hood
    'Right First Time' is a book, but also a philosophy and process, to give any company its *singularly* best competitive advantage and optimised 'offer' - as early as possible. Early; getting the market penetration, uptake, sales, as quickly as possible. It is easy to throw money at sales and marketing, but then all we do after we launch, update or otherwise create an 'offer' is to tweak with it. And that costs. A lot. Right First Time is a way to short-circuit the problem of ensuring that b... more
  • Competitive SME: Building Competitive Advantage Through Marketing Excellence for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises

    by David James Hood
    This book came from a very real need; not only for the small to medium sized organisation (SME/SMB) to compete better, but it needs practical, real-world tools and process to make it happen. Big companies have all the resources; SME/SMBs do not. What they can have is a distinct advantage, if they know how to compete better. This book does just that. Following on from the major 'futureSME' project - a pan-European Union initiative that found out that the VAST majority of challenges for SME/... more
  • The Marketing Manifesto

    by David James Hood
    This book shakes Marketing to its core; it asks fundamental questions as to why it is not (yet) the human-centric, valuable (and valued) profession and process it could and should be. The book contains 15 chapters or 'mini-manifestos' to help the professional Marketer (or Manager with an eye on marketing improvement) that gets to the core of how marketing can be improved, for the better of the organisation and for humanity. And oh, for the professional Marketer... who needs all the help sh... more
  • Naked Words 2.0: The Effective 157-Word Email

    by Gisela Hausmann
    "NAKED WORDS 2.0: The Effective 157-Word Email" is the 2.0 edition of previously published "NAKED WORDS: The Effective 157-Word Email". The author, email evangelist Gisela Hausmann, has analyzed 100,000+ emails for effectiveness and personal appeal. With 23 new illustrative pictures/examples of the good and the not so good, as well as added action steps it is the most impressive and easy to follow book about how to improve marketing emails.
  • The Product Rocket: Launching New Products to Out-of-this-World Success

    by Doug Ringer

    The Product Rocket - Everything you need to know to create, develop, market, and manage new products and services 

    A comprehensive book on product development and marketing by Doug Ringer. It covers creating a product concept, market research, product development, manufacturing, marketing communications, and product end-of-life management. All of these factors have never been combined into one work before. No marketing or engineering manager’s book shelf is complete with... more