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Business & Personal Finance

  • Manage Your Job Search

    by Johanna Rothman
    Not sure where to start with your job search? Treat it like the project it is. Full of tips, stories, and humor, Johanna Rothman will help you apply pragmatic project management techniques to your job search so that you take control and find fulfilling work.
  • The Rise and Fall of Homo Economicus

    by Yannis Papadogiannis
    For financial journalist Yannis Papadogiannis, the problem with the economic science that failed to predict the financial crisis that began unfolding in 2007 is clear. While modern economic theory relies on rational humans, The Rise and Fall of Homo Economicus busts the myth of the rational human wide open, demonstrating how, in the real world, Homo sapiens are far from fully rational creatures. Papadogiannis walks readers through the history of modern economics and reveals a consistent pattern... more
  • Attention!: Get it, keep it.

    by Erik van der Luijt

    Trouble drawing attention to your product or message? Trouble keeping the audience's attention when lecturing? Can't seem to draw attention to your art? Wouldn't it be great to have some kind of magic wand that could do that without anyone being able to resist? Look no further! 'Attention! Get it, keep it' explains how to get and keep attention when and where you want it, guaranteed. Awarded 5 stars by Reader's Favorite!

  • The Insider's Guide to a Career in Book Publishing

    by Carin Siegfried
    Do you want to work in publishing? Publishing is a hard industry to get into, and the first few years involve a lot of work for little pay. Through this book you will gain the information you need to enter the world of books with your eyes wide open. The vast majority of people who want to go into publishing want to be editors, which is the path with the least pay and most work (at least initially). But do you know what the other jobs in publishing even are? You might be more suited for and en... more
  • Winning Answers to 500 Interview Questions

    by Mr Lavie E Margolin
    Have you ever left an interview thinking you could have done better? Interviewing is a high stakes game. You need to learn how to play the game, and play to win. If you are getting interviews but not the job, you have to improve your ability to interview. Prepare yourself to answer any interview question with a response that makes the reason the company should hire you clear. Winning Answers to 500 Interview Questions will teach you how to become a more confident interviewer. Not only will you h... more
  • Self-Publisher's Legal Handbook: The Step-by-Step Guide to the Legal Issues of Self-Publishing

    by Helen Sedwick

    Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook is the first step-by-step guide to the legal issues of self-publishing. Attorney and self-published author Helen Sedwick uses 30 years of legal experience to show writers how to stay out of court and at their desks. She covers a wide range of topics, including:

    • Business set-up. From DBAs to sales taxes to crowd-funding, Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook walks writers through the process of setting up their self-publishing ventures.

    ... more

  • The Beginner's Guide to Content Marketing for Small Businesses

    by Matt Mansfield

    How can you be sure that content marketing is a good fit for your small business and, if it is, how do you get started? This book will help you answer these questions and more by:

    • Quickly bringing you up to speed on the essentials of content marketing so you can decide if it’s a good fit for your business;
    • Teaching you the content creation basics you need to get started while helping you overcome common obstacles; and
    • Supporting your ongoing content marketing ... more
  • How to Find Your Vital Vocation: A Practical Guide to Discovering Your Career Purpose and Getting a Job You Love

    by Brian Cormack Carr
    Put yourself in charge of your career once and for all. Packed with valuable insights, powerful exercises and illuminating self-coaching questions, How To Find Your Vital Vocation will help you chart a practical path to a fun and fulfilling livelihood.
  • Private Notes of a Headhunter: Proven Job Search and Interviewing Techniques for College Students and Recent Grads

    by Kenneth Heinzel
    The analysis of the job interview from the vantage point of an executive recruiter who was also a college professor and industry sales manager seems to be unique to job interviewing books. The benefits to the reader revolve around the interplay of all three professions that encompass three decades plus of combined experience. Information from these three worlds is brought together and explained in easy to understand language, along with real-life examples that the target market can relate to. ... more
  • Buy and Hope: How I Beat the Pros, Doubled the NASDAQ, Spending Only 1 Minute-A-Week Investing in the Stock Market

    by Randall Mauro
    Imagine only spending 1 minute-a-week, beating the pros, doubling the Nasdaq and most importantly, keeping your money safe from the next major decline. Buy and Hope will give you the tools to ... Gain financial freedom to never be at the mercy of the market or an advisor telling you to sit through the next major decline because "markets always go up". Take control of your investments so that you will never feel helpless again watching your portfolio's value drop like a rock. Out of f... more
  • Aesop's Keys to Profitable Marketing

    by Elizabeth Kruger

    Learn to prosper from new marketing strategies. Some are to focus on quality, compete on strength, target key prospects, and reward the best. Discover 12 ways to profit by delighting key customers. 

    Each chapter updates a tale by Aesop, relates his wisdom to marketing, and coaches how to adapt each key to any situation. A universal law, the 80/20 rule, predicts the results of each marketing decision. Examples inspire readers to use the new marketing strategies in their bu... more

  • HR's Seat at the Table: How to Lead the Conversations and Deliver the Talent That Drives Strategic Results

    by Laura E. Larson
    Human resource professionals often wrestle with a "credibility problem" among their colleagues in other departments, who typically stereotype HR in less-than-flattering ways as process-heavy administrators who do nothing but slow the pace of business. Even worse, many executives bypass HR altogether when possible by outsourcing tasks like recruiting. Offering "a proven path forward for a new type of high-performance HR professional," as one reviewer put it, this award-winning book offers direct... more
  • Transform Your Safety Communication

    by Marie-Claire Ross
    Transform Your Safety Communication is for safety leaders and communicators who are frustrated with inconsistent and uninspiring safety messages that get ignored. This book provides safety professionals with the necessary skills to get people to listen, understand and remember their safety messages, in order to change safety behaviours. This no-nonsense guide is packed with tips and easy-to-use templates. Find out the key requirements of safety communication and learn how to instantly apply t... more
  • The Art of Process Improvement

    by Abdul Jaludi
    The Art of Process Improvement is a high level strategic book aimed at leaders looking to cut expenses, improve employee morale and maximize profits. This book focuses on managing the process and creating a culture where quality, change, and innovation are encouraged and rewarded.
  • The Fool's Pocket Guide to Getting a Job

    by Gary Evey
    This book looks humorously at finding a job: preparing for the search, writing cover letters and resumes, speaking the corporate language, and interviewing successfully.