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  • The Cuckoo Chronicles

    by Jeff Low
    "A warped collection of 125 bone-tickling short stories, perfect for when you need a daily or marathon pick me up, The Cuckoo Chronicles is a seismic account of what happens when patients in a mental facility are able to escape after the visitors are mistakenly interned and inmates are allowed to walk out the front door and into society, where they get into everything! They become doctors, lawyers, rabbi's, pimps...some even go to work for - "The Phone Company!" Casualties include celebrities... more
  • Capturing the Magic: A Photographic Celebration of the Disneyland Resort

    by Holly Wiencek
    Celebrate the wonder of the Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney's magical land where stories, fantasy and enchantment unfold before your eyes. Leave today behind as the creators of Capturing the Magic take you on a photographic celebration of the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy. With hundreds of breathtaking images of Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, Downtown Disney District and the Hotels of Disneyland Resort, as well as an insider's rich historical details, you will feel ... more
  • Sudoku Rocks!

    by David Klein

    Sudoku Rocks! is the complete Sudoku book: 500+ puzzles at eight levels of difficulty, expert instruction, alphabet and other specialty puzzles, dedicated website to complement the You'll spend hundreds of hours enjoying Sudoku Rocks! By David Klein, the author of the award-winning Sudoku book Sudoku: Its Power Unleashed.

  • Sudoku: Its Power Unleashed

    by David Klein

    Sudoku, Its Power Unleashed, was named "the best Sudoku guide in print" by Kirkus Reviews in 2017. And for good reason. The book is chock-full of excellent large-print puzzles at various levels of difficulty. Specialty puzzles, which double the fun--as well as the brain workout--are also included in abundance. These include Alphabet puzzles, Word Guess puzzles, Word Scramble puzzles, Math Hybrid puzzles, and "Brain Playground puzzles," which actua... more

  • All the Single Girls

    by Jeanine Furino
    All the Single Girls tells the story of the American single woman as she has been depicted on television from the 1950s to 2014, and how she has evolved in response to, and along with, the ever changing world she lives in. All the Single Girls includes interviews with actresses Sharon Gless, Susan Silo, and more, with over 130 series discussed in detail.
  • Retro TV Lover Presents All the Single Girls

    by Jeanine Furino
    This book tells the story of the American single woman as she has been depicted on television from the 1950s to 2014, and how she has evolved in response to, and along with, the ever changing world she lives in. "All the Single Girls" includes interviews with actresses Sharon Gless, Susan Silo, and more, with over 130 series discussed in detail.

    by Ralph D. Warren
    Gem James, her sexy sister Sofia and friend, Haley are the Targets. But the trapping of Sofia and Haley depend on whether Gem is snared. Gem is elusive and clever and boast a job in corporate America and enjoys her husband and wonderful son. When a secret criminal organization begins to unravel her stable life, the questions becomes, will she be able to outmaneuver it, and safe her family and marriage. The pain of losing her husband to another woman and being fired send her over the edge and... more

    by Dave Cowen

    As featured in The New York Times. For generations, Jews have observed the Passover holiday with Haggadahs. The book guides Seder participants through a re-living of the Jewish people's suffering under the Egyptians and celebrates their freedom from a vain, capricious, thin-skinned, small-handed, megalomaniacal, temperamentally unfit President— er, Pharaoh.

    If you're an afflicted liberal Jew, with an unconservative sense of humor, and you find traditional Seders as dry as ... more

  • College homework help

    by Jessica Soloman
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  • Funny Spam Emails

    by Manley Peterson

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    It is me from the Internet. Here to give you something. It is a book. Of funny emails. I am the creator of all emails, some might say. Kindly confirm all your information so that we can proceed and you get your gift. Do not worry or make skeptical. This is 100% legit and free, once you pay the small activation fee.

    Kind Regard,


  • Stupid Random Tidbits

    by Manley Peterson

    Full of quick-fire funnies and completely random thoughts and ideas, you'll appreciate all the inane, childish, and ridiculous tidbits sure to tickle your funny bone.

    You'll experience such instant classics as:

    "If you get apprehended in a cemetery with a bag of body parts, remember to identify yourself as Igor, otherwise you will have no credibility with the police."


    "If you find a treasure map ... more

  • Table For Two

    by Beth Glover & Mark Derrick Boisvert
    Book is about a young girl who's life starts out with bad luck later on things get better book has a double surprise ending
  • Cool Japan: Case Studies from Japan's Cultural and Creative Industries

    by Tim Craig
    Cool Japan takes readers inside the world of Japanese popular and traditional culture, where J-pop music producers, anime and video game creators, idols, fashion designers, tea and sake makers, sumo wrestlers, and business people create the products and enjoyment that have made Japan a “cultural superpower” and become part of the daily lives of people all over the world. Eye-opening and rich in detail, Cool Japan is engaging reading for anyone with an interest in Japan, and ideal for classroom u... more
  • 1974098605

    by Jason Waguespack
  • The Book of Teezus: Thus Spoke Yeezus [Through Me]

    by Tesfahiwet Mekonnen
    I will teach you about Life, and Life will teach you about I. All I have in this life of sin is my quotes and I. It is just fun profundity. Nietzsche, with his aphorisms, leapt from mountaintop to mountaintop. I jump from footstool to footstool. Just enjoy it it is really groovy stuff. This is a coffee table book for folks that don't have coffee tables. This is a pocketbook for folks that don't have enough pockets.