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  • Emergency Laughter: Stories of Humor Inside Ambulances and Operating Rooms

    by Mike Cyra
    Mike Cyra takes us on another hilarious grand tour of the strange medical humor in the real-life world of emergency medicine and surgery. Whether he's assisting trauma surgeons who are singing “Take me out to the ballgame” while removing a well-placed iconic symbol of America’s greatest past time, learning how fast he can run after being shot at by an angry couple who called for an ambulance, working with a prankster-loving urologist who demonstrates how bladder problems were diagnosed before ... more
  • Hollywood War Stories: How to Survive in the Trenches

    by Rick Friedberg
    Hollywood War Stories: How to Survive in the Trenches is an often funny, always enlightening, insider's view on how to navigate the shark-infested waters of “The Biz.” Filled with anecdotal "war stories," working with Academy-award winning talent, each short chapter explains a rule to follow like "Good Ideas Don't Just Fall Off a Turnip Truck," Humility is a Highly Over-rated Virtue" and many more. This is a candid tale for anyone who would relish a compatriot-in-arms’ joy and pain, whil... more
  • Emergency Laughter: It Wasn't Funny When It Happened, But it is Now!

    by Mike Cyra

    Real life medical drama is OK… but true stories of emergency medicine that make you laugh out loud are better!

    Mike Cyra's comedic storytelling style of writing is hilarious. Experience what it's like to drive an Emergency Vehicle through traffic. Learn how not to deliver a baby; how to fake unconsciousness; fun ways to chop your fingers off and why controlling your imagination is so crucial, when you find yourself alone in a morgue refrigerator, and the lights go out. St... more

  • Hollywood from Below the Line: A Prop Master's Perspective

    by Steven M. Levine

    Steven M. Levine, a 39 year veteran Hollywood prop master, takes the reader behind the scenes of the mystique and glamor of Hollywood to reveal the ‘in-the-trenches' role of the on-set life of a crew member. His unique, rarely written about perspective is told through informative, entertaining, poignant and humorous recollections. HOLLYWOOD From Below the Line begins with a description of the job of a prop master with an interesting story of his father’s caree... more

  • Time Flies

    by Alexander Kaufman
    Why buy this book? I haven't got the faintest idea, when you can buy any book around, written by known and famous authors. What's this book about? - The wisdom and folly of man probably. But before you shell out your money, it's not about sex, it's got no murder in it, no car chases and nobody finds a horse's head in his bed in the morning. This is merely a collection of stories, telling of a few little adventures that befell me while traipsing through this planet. It's a pretty good planet ac... more
  • Happy Mother's Day.

    by Dionne L Fields
    Happy Mother's Day Dear, Rain Mommy loves you very much. You are the best gift I have ever received on Mother's day. You have brought me so much joy, every time I look into your beautiful brown eyes. I just smile from the inside out. To hear you laugh calls my soul to bubble with joy. To watch you walk and play and run it's like Christmas every day. I pray to God every day that he will protect you and keep you safe. I want the best for you in life, that why I tell y... more
  • Race Car Driver Rain Trilogy

    by Dionne L Fields
    Race Car Driver Rain Fields Trilogy. A wonderful children's book, for all kids who loves the sport of race cars. 1. Race Car Driver Rain Book One 2. Legend Race Car Driver Rain Book Two 3. Race Car Driver Rain Team Book Three The complete Race Car Driver Rain Fields, children's book collection.
  • LMS: A Collection of Status Updates from Your New Best Friend (Paperback)

    by Daniel Boan
    Daniel Boan loves to use his Facebook page as an outlet to makes his whopping 242 friends laugh out loud. He sometimes gets upwards of an astounding 25 likes per status. That's right, count em, 2-5! Now some of his best statuses have been collected here in "LMS: A Collection of Status Updates from Your New Best Friend" along with some wonderfully ridiculous photographs taken by the wonderfully talented Ashely Noel Johnson. Daniel Boan fully expects this title to appeal to only a very niche audie... more
  • Talking to Ghosts: My Encounters with the Supernatural

    by Lynny Prince
    In Talking to Ghosts, author Lynny Prince shares her personal experiences with the paranormal from childhood to present day. Included are details of spiritual activity that occurred while writing her blockbuster novel, "Scattered Leaves: The Legend of Ghostkiller", a visit from psychic James Van Praagh, along with photos of her paranormal encounters. Things that go bump in the night just got real.
  • Before They Make Me Run: Keith Richards and the Bust That Saved The Rolling Stones

    by Jason Schneider
    In the mid-1970s, after a decade as the undisputed “greatest rock and roll band in the world,” The Rolling Stones were forced to confront not only the cold reality of the new punk rock era, but how guitarist Keith Richards’ mounting personal problems were threatening the band’s very existence. Keith’s glorified image as rock’s ultimate outlaw, as a counterpoint to singer Mick Jagger’s image as rock’s ultimate sex symbol, was the basis of the Stones’ mystique. But at the start of 1977, as the ... more
  • Tangled in Tales

    by Sujata Garimella
    What would happen if you became a part of your favourite fairy tales? If you met all the characters that you love? Twins, Vee and Mik unwittingly run into Rumplestiltskin. He has his hands on their gold. Now Rumplestiltskin will never part with gold without setting up an impossible challenge. His challenge: He will send one of the twins into fairyland. He will also make one major change in the story. It is the twins’ job to bring the story to the same end that it has always had or they will be t... more
  • Tinderlicious

    by Otis Lambous
  • Elliptical: The Music of Meshell Ndegeocello

    by André Akinyele

    Meshell Ndegeocello is a rare breed in the music industry. She has survived and weathered the ups and downs of the business by evolving musically, even against fans' expectations. But, even more, she has also evolved spiritually. From her first album "Plantation Lullabies" to her current "Comet, Come to Me," authors Andre Akinyele and Jon O'Bergh explore her music from two complementary angles: first from a fan's point of view reflecting how the music has ... more

  • Wise Words And Other Exaggerations

    by Lee Caplan
    Lee Caplan's Wise Words and Other Exaggerations is the product of capturing original jokes for a period of five years. This book is filled with one liners and illustrations guaranteed to make you laugh.
  • Modeling On Paper

    by Dionne Fields
    Modeling On Paper. Super Model Rain Fields, was sign to modeling on paper fashion and modeling agency. Rain a seven years old; talented kid’s model. He was my first super model to have a modeling contract. Rain sees you at the Mercedes Benz Fashion week, next year. Super Model Rain brings a new style of fashions just for kids. It’s Rain dream to open up the fashion runways for kids of all ages. The real life character “Rain Fields” inspired this children’s... more
  • Woody Allen: Reel to Real (Digidialogues)

    by Alex Sheremet

    "Woody Allen: Reel To Real" is the most comprehensive discussion of Woody's film art to date, covering everything he's ever written, directed, or otherwise acted in. It also responds to five decades of Woody-related criticism -- both in print and online -- before turning the tables on the director, himself, to dissect his opinions on art, life, and philosophy, and what they mean for his films.

    Hailed as a "seminal" and "revolutionary" work (Dan Schn... more