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  • Music On Paper.

    by Dionne Fields
    Music On Paper. Recording Artist Rain, was sign to music on paper studio productions label In May 2014. Rain a seven year old,talented artist was my 1st and youngest artist to have a music contract. Recording Artist Rain, brings a new sound of music just for kids all across the world. Rain, see you at the Grammy Awards next year. This children’s book collection was inspired, by the real life character “Rain Fields”. One of America’s favorite storybook characters of t... more
  • Dionne Fields Show: Episode 2

    by Dionne Fields
    Dionne Fields Reality TV show would be about new heroes, silent heroes. Our women, men, and children volunteering each day. In our community making a better world for us all. My main reason for having, my own show was to spotlight youth volunteers.
  • Dionne Fields Empire

    by Dionne Fields
    When I was young, I dream of doing something special one day to make my parents proud. Dionne Fields Empire was built be me, with my own blood, sweat and tears. And I lost both of my parents, suddenly within the last few months. I wish they could have seen, my hard work and dedication of the Dionne Fields Empire. I hope this self-help novel will encourage every child, with a dream to keep going through all the heart ache and pain. Dreams just don’t come true on their own, dreams are... more
  • DETOUR: Hollywood - How To Direct a Microbudget Film (or any film, for that matter)

    by William Dickerson

    In “DETOUR: Hollywood,” Dickerson puts the making of his “Underground Hit,” Detour, on display for all to see. He will teach you what you really need to know about making a microbudget film, or a film of any budget for that matter, from the nuts and bolts of directing, to getting your movie made and out into the world, including:

    • The Director as the sole defense for the story
    • Understanding the two main ingredients of filmmaking: Subtext and Point of ... more
  • I Was In Love With a Short Man Once

    by Kimberly Dalferes
    Have you ever wondered if the life of the woman standing next to you in the check-out line is as weird as yours? Could it be possible that you are trapped in a bizarre reality show, where the object of the game is to get the crazy lady to flip-out; just one more time? If so, then this book confirms that you are in good company. "I Was In Love With a Short Man Once" is a story collection written from the perspective of a crazy, southern, Irish gal. Follow her as she reflects on: growing up as... more
  • Dionne Fields Reality TV Show

    by Dionne Fields
    Dionne Fields Reality TV Show, will give me the platform I need to honor our Youth Volunteers. I want to share with the world, how youth volunteers have made a difference in our community every day. Monday: I would to honor youth volunteers across America. Tuesday: I would to honor elderly volunteers across America. Wednesday :I would to honor athletic sports volunteers across America. Thursday: I would to honor teacher volunteers across America. Friday: I woul... more
  • Recording Artist Rain

    by Dionne Fields
    This book is from the rain field’s children’s book collection. Rain has big dreams of being a recording artist one day. He has been singing and playing music every since he was just seven weeks old. Rain loves listening to gospel and R & B music all day.
  • Race Car Driver Rain

    by Dionne Fields
    This children's book is based on the real life character Rain Fields. He is a little boy, who has goals and dreams of becoming some one great one day. Rain is one of America , favorite story book characters of today.
  • Gossip Girl: The Girl's Club

    by Dionne Fields
    The Girl's Club. The Gossip Girls children’s book collection was written just for young adults. This book is created and design just for young readers. I’m so grateful to create a Gossip Girls story. The Girls Club is a new sorority of girls in college. And our motto, this year is “What happens on college campus stays on college campus. Georgia Southern bells go wild on campus, at their parent’s expense. The girls club is new college sorority, made just for the gossip girls. Than... more
  • Movies On Paper Studio

    by Dionne Fields
    The Rain Fields Children’s Book Collection was inspired, by the real life character “Rain Fields”. Rain is now one , of America’s favorite storybook character. This book will take each child on a journey,through life. All the books are inspirational & educational.
  • Football Team Rain

    by Dionne Fields
    My dream as a NFL football team owner, one day is some thing I would enjoy doing. I would love having my team colors silver and red, with the name Virginia Ballers. It is great that a kid wants to play for the NFL one day. It is also wonderful that they can own, a team one day as well.
  • Number One Songs - The First Twenty Years

    by Larry Irons

    Number One Songs - The First Twenty Years - 1956 - 1975 by Larry Irons is a unique look at all the songs that reached the number one position on the Billboard charts between 1956 and 1975. What makes this book so unique, is that it is written in poem form, and is a personal, informative, historical and at times humorous look at the 436 songs, in order, by year, that made it to number one in Billboard during rock and roll's formative years.


    It begins in 1956 when ... more

  • I Just Want to Pee Alone

    by Jen of People I Want to Punch in the Throat
    Motherhood is the toughest – and funniest – job you'll ever love. Raising kids is hard work. The pay sucks, your boss is a tyrant, and the working conditions are pitiful – you can't even take a bathroom break without being interrupted with another outrageous demand. Hasn't every mother said it before? “I just want to pee alone!” I Just Want to Pee Alone is a collection of hilarious essays from 37 of the most kick ass mom bloggers on the web. Including: People I Want to Punch in the Thr... more
  • The Hog Goes To College

    by Jeff Resnick

    I don’t know how it happened. Really, I don’t. I was a student at the University of Buffalo, located, of all places, in Buffalo, New York. I guess that’s why they called it the University of Buffalo? The year was mid-1960’s. Every word of this story is true. Maybe embellished a little to satisfy my creative urge. But it’s a story I remember as if it were yesterday. Then again, maybe it was. In the scheme of things.

  • A Lennon Pastiche

    by John Besmehn
    A Lennon Pastiche: Expressions from Fans of John Lennon is a fully immersive, interactive opus, chockfull of art, music and poetry, culled from fans around the world. This is a pastiche, not a pistachio: there’s a mélange of music, a potpourri of paintings, a welter of words, a variety of videos, and a cornucopia of crazy stuff! This book of tribute allows you to literally, virtually and symbolically touch John Lennon. Through music, words and art. As John so wisely and presciently penned, “L... more
  • Confessions of a Goddess

    by TJ Phull
    The author of Articles of a Witch Goddess, T. J. Phull, brings to reality a sexy and erotic commentary of games of lust and love. Based on real experiences on dating, the author exposes certain explosive behaviors that start as mischief and ends in betrayal, adultery, and abandonment.