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  • From Us to Me

    by Dror Izhar
    Until recently, scholarly works on Israeli film have been more theoretical than historical. From Us to Me, presented in two volumes, seeks to change that. It serves as an attempt to illustrate the sociocultural history of Israeli cinema from 1964 to 1994. In this first volume, building on primary and secondary sources, academic studies of Israeli history, and excerpts from relevant films, author Dror Izhar shares his unique interpretations regarding the artistic achievements of three director-pr... more
  • Basketball Courts

    by APT Asia Pacific
    Basketball courts can be colourful, have you heard about it? If you are listening this first time then let us introduce you our designed colourful basketball courts which will fascinate yours. We have designed these courts to make Australian basketball game at a high standard.
  • The Greatest Unauthorized Doctor Stories, Volume 1

    by D.G. Valdron
    Once upon a time, Doctor Who was a show in Crisis! So fans decided to started making their own. They’ve been doing it ever since... A collection of reviews and essays that chart a hidden history of fan recreations of classic Doctors, brand new Doctors, female Doctors, black Doctors, Doctors from around the world, shot from Mayan temples, to the Cutty Sark sailing ship, Roman Ampitheatres, British landmarks, scenic ruins. The stories of the Greatest Doctor Who Fan Films ever made. A unique ... more
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    by sanslah378
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  • Turkey Terror At My Door

    by Don Ake
    A short-essay humor book about the simple, but humorous, things in life. The title chapter details my struggle with the wild turkeys that raid my bird feeders. There are chapters about owning my first dog, finding the identity of my grandfather, life at the beach, and other amusing stories.
  • Kids in Musicianland: Five Reasons to Stick With It

    by Karyn Rashoff
    Kids in Musicianland illustrates five strong reasons for teens to keep music in their lives and not let it disappear when other distractions are pulling them away. 1. You meet a lot of people 2. You're part of a team 3. You're part of history 4. You get to travel 5. You balance your life with music. 28 short stories and interviews with musicians, professors, radio hosts and conductors compel the reader to learn more about the joys of sticking with music for a lifetime, despite th... more
  • The History of College Nicknames, Mascots and School Colors

    by Gary Hudson
    This book explains the history behind how colleges derived their nicknames, mascots, and school colors. Gary Hudson chose to focus the attention of his book on schools that have Division 1A Football programs, because all the athletic programs at those schools will also compete in Division 1A sports. Consequently, those schools tend to get more exposure in the media, thereby drawing more attention and curiosity to the college sports fan.
  • A Slow, Painful Death Would Be Too Good for You (and Other Observations): A Pillow Book for Dyspeptics

    by David Roddis
    Gather ‘round, peeps, for some sparkling, startling lessons in old-school fabulousness, including a bitch-slap from Big Gay Pope David; a breathtaking ride on a “Gigolo;” and even a photography master class with that insufferable Canadian superstar and "adulte terrible" David DeLaRoddis,“The Guy With The Eye.” In this debut collection of personal essays — a veritable treasure trove of bons mots and quirky alter egos, as well as a tongue-in-cheek memoir and a rallying cry of gay solidarity — D... more
  • Seeking Stanley: The Elusive Search for the Michael Stanley Band

    by timothy giles
    As a "suburban boy suffering for art", and growing up in Southern NJ, trying to follow The Michael Stanley Band was a more difficult challenge than one would imagine. This book tells my story on becoming a fan of "the most famous rock band you have never heard of". Though MSB was an incredibly popular attraction in the North East Ohio and their home base of Cleveland, they were virtual non-existent in my area of the country.This book is for anyone who enjoys the music of The Michael Stanley Band... more
  • How to Kill in Comedy: Find Your Comedic Character

    by steve north the comedy coach
    Whether you want to work as a stand-up comedian or to be funnier in speaking or socially, or understand how the great comedy stars do it; Steve North the Comedy Coach (voted #1 Comedy Coach USA) explains how to create your own unique comedic character, the twenty best joke-writing formulas to get great material, and then Steve gives you all the tricks of the trade to put it all together. For pros or hobbyists.
  • Classic Rock History

    by Dr. Rob Brosh

    Classic Rock History is a new and exciting book for rock music enthusiasts of all ages that enjoy the many rock subgenres that developed over the past 75 years.

    Dr. Rob Brosh takes you inside the music of the legendary classic rock artists and bands that changed the course of rock history. From the British Invasion bands to the American Answer, all of rock’s subgenres are represented including; heavy metal and hard rock, punk-rock, grunge, alternative rock, country-rock, ... more

  • tour with rahul

    by Rahul kasgar

    Welcome to my Blog. I am Rahul Kasgar. If you are new in travel or trying to explore a few new awesome places-This page is definitely can give a perfect guidance for you. Twenty or thirty years from now might be you will be disappointed by the things you didn’t did not explore the beauty of nature, the depth of the sea, not experienced the adventure of the mountains and there are much more to do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the own safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in you... more

  • It Came From ...The Stories and Novels Behind Classic Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction Films

    by Jim Nemeth, Bob Madison
    Which was better -- the movie or the book? When it comes to the literary origins of 21 genre classics, this time-honored question is finally answered in a new compendium by film historians Jim Nemeth and Bob Madison: It Came From ... The Novels and Stories Behind the Classic Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction Films. Each of the book's essays provides comparisons between original source material and the resulting film for such well-known titles as THE WIZARD OF OZ, PSYCHO and PLANET OF THE AP... more
  • Little Red Book of Holiday Quotes & Toasts: Warm-hearted, Funny, & Entertaining Sayings for the Holidays

    by Team Golfwell

    If you like Christmas stories and quotations, you'll love this book. The perfect Holiday gift! Great for the Holidays! Ideal for Holiday gatherings and empowering the spirit of the Holidays or anytime. Makes wonderful reading at night as well. Inspiring quotes, excerpts & toasts which are humorous, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Theologian John Piper said, “What I have learned from about twenty years of serious reading is this: It is sentences that change my life, not books. W... more

  • Amusing Air Travel

    by Team Golfwell
    If you want to take a great book on a plane, then this book is for you. Amusing Air Travels is the perfect gift for someone who travels! Filled with humorous airline stories, flight attendant advice, passenger antics, thought-provoking quotations, interesting tales and odd facts about airlines, the TSA, destinations, humorous business quotes, brainteasers, and more, this book is ideal for reading during travel or whenever you want. A great stocking stuffer! It’s funny and he’ll love you for th... more
  • GOLF: It's Like Life Itself. Amusing Golf Quotes & Stories

    by Team Golfwell
    If you like entertaining quotes, you'll love this book. The perfect gift for a golfer! Funny, thought-provoking, hilarious comments, quotes, and stories from bestselling writers, politicians, well-known businessmen, PGA Tour players, and people from all walks of life are in this book - sorry, no cartoons in this book - just fun and interesting sayings and stories about golf. An amusing creative collection of observations of the game of golf showing golf is very similar to life itself with all... more