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  • The Bounty: Lovestruck, with the Speed of a Smile!

    by Cezanne CJ Martini
    Alert: Cupid has YOU in his sights and is waiting to woo your cares and warm your heart. This delightful picture book is a playful read for the whole family. It celebrates our common bonds and charms children of all ages, with a collection of dear and poignant shared moments. -Why hide? Be brave and open your heart when you open The Bounty!
  • Screaming for Pleasure: How Horror Makes You Happy and Healthy

    by S. A. Bradley
    In Screaming for Pleasure, S.A. Bradley takes you on a wild journey exploring horror, where you’ll discover what is so tantalizing about terror, including: Plus, you’ll uncover how horror lets you peek in at what may be lurking within yourself. Screaming for Pleasure thrills you with the beauty and depth of the horror genre, dissecting films, literature and music, that reveals how horror constantly reinvents itself and reflects the anxieties of each generation. Whether you’re frightened ... more
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    by Neha tandan

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  • The Little Book of Lies: The Definitive Liar's Guide

    by RJ Power
    This pocket-sized, illustrated companion book will make the perfect gift for the pathological liar in your life. Did you know? - Cats produce a higher level of endorphins when left in the presence of manic-depressives. This level is akin to that of being in love to most humans. - Choking on candyfloss is responsible for taking the lives of over 100 Americans every year. - The Great Wall of China was finally completed in 1937. In 2012, Mongolia applied for a demolition order. To this ... more
  • AwesomePoet8486

    by Brandon smith
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  • Something To Read While Travelling -Thailand

    by Robert A Webster

    Something to Read While Travelling is an informative and entertaining companion to accompany you on your travels to Thailand.

    Something to Read While Travelling-THAILAND Contains useful information about Thailand, some of which you won’t find in travel guidebooks.

    Enjoy learning about: Popular tourist hotspots: Useful Tips: Thai Language Made Simple: Delicious Thai Recipes: Fun Quizzes and Brainteasers: Hilarious Jokes: Short Stories: and the full comedy adventure novel, SIA... more

  • I Teach, Therefore I Wine

    by Christina Hammons
    It takes big hearts to teach little minds and a whole lot of wine! I Teach Therefore I Wine pairs any Red, White, and Blush moment educators may encounter with the perfect wine label, because teachers can’t live on apples alone.
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  • Red Dale Ray: A Sober Rebrand

    by Debra Cunningham
    Pull up a lawn chair and grab a beer, or your favorite beverage of choice. Settle in for a campfire beer-side chat with Ray Bowler. He wants to talk about a few things, thanks to those trendy microbreweries who know how to attract the young adult customers. Despite the suggestions of his regular customers and bartender, Ray is as pig-headed as a bull moose and not ready to make any changes. He wants to give up on his struggling mountain bar, and travel around the country in his vintage Red Da... more

    by Tarek Dahab
    The story is about a computer virus, living inside a laptop hard drive trying to survive an inevitable drive format. This is a story full of passion, fantasy, crude humor and above all love.
  • Movie Outlaw: The Prequel

    by Mike Watt
    MOVIE OUTLAW: THE PREQUEL is a revamped, beefed-up, recharged republishing of what was previously-known as "Fervid Filmmaking". Featuring 70 "underseen" films including "Keep Off My Grass", "Dr. Caligari", "Forbidden Zone", "Coonskin", "Head", "The World's Greatest Sinner", "Psychos in Love" and many more. Also features a rare interview with "Dr. Caligari" director Stephen Sayadian.
  • How to style your fur headband?

    by Jacob Smith
    Headbands are driving deals more than jewelry, which was up by 70% last year. We are seeing great responses, especially to fur lovers. Many are with different colors and styles, and a week ago natural furs were the smash hits.

    Without a doubt, you can undoubtedly construct a haircut around the pattern that is absolutely Instagram-commendable, yet you can also depend on a headband a similar way you would a baseball cap, essentially toss it on when you d... more
  • How to Pull the Stick Out of Your Ass

    by Kasen James
    If you had a negative reaction to the title of this book, you're exactly who needs to read it the most. Political correctness has been killing our country, along with the careers of comedians. In this brief yet brutal roast of our generation, comedy writer Kasen James throws caution to the wind - putting a refreshing, Millennial spin on the art of satire. Rich with double meaning, How to Pull the Stick Out of Your Ass depicts the downward spiral of a Special Snowflake after the 2016 Presid... more
  • Inside Hollywood: Poetry, Lyrics, Art & Erotica (Full Color Book)

    by Marsha Ross
    Poignant tales of romance and passion, this book definitely reveals some of the author's compelling and enthralling poetry collection that showcase the different facets of how it is to fall in love, to become enslaved with pain and misery and to feel the sheer bliss of finding inner strength and beauty. INSIDE HOLLWOOD ALSO POSES THE EQUIVOCAL IDEA OF HOW FAR ONE IS WILLING TO GO IN FINDING TRUE LOVE AND GENUINE HAPPINESS