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Food & Cooking

  • Aida's Kitchen a lo Boricua

    by Aida Lugo McAllister
    Bilingual Puerto Rican Cookbook with 42 Classic and Contemporary Puerto Rican Recipe Favorites. This cookbook is written in English and Spanish and consists of 42 authentic Puerto Rican recipes. Most of the recipes in this cookbook are prepared to create a much healthier version of Puerto Rican cookery. These classic and contemporary recipes are updated and modified, maintaining the texture and flavor of the dishes. The author shares personal stories, time-saving ideas and helpful food preparati... more
  • Dear Tomato: An International Crop of Food and Agriculture Poems

    by Carol-Ann Hoyte
    From field and farmyard to table and tummy, this scrumptious poetry anthology serves up celebratory tributes to food and agriculture. The poems, created by thirty-four writers from seven countries, tell various tales of the food we eat. Some are flavoured with a pinch of reflection, while others are served with a fair helping of humor--but all are guaranteed to be a delicious delight for readers ages eight to twelve.
  • The Joy of Ballpark Food: From Hot Dogs to Haute Cuisine

    by Bennett Jacobstein

    Part of the experience of going to the ballpark is what you can get to eat. During the 2014 baseball season, Bennett Jacobstein and his wife traveled to each of the major league stadiums to investigate the variety of food offerings. In January 2015, he published The Joy of Ballpark Food: From Hot Dogs to Haute Cuisine.

    In the early days, when baseball was becoming the American national pastime, a fan who wanted a hot dog at the ballpark got just that - a hot dog. There was no choice; a ... more

  • The Profitable Wine List

    by Kirsten Henry Fox
    Want profit from your wine list without becoming a sommelier? Is your wine list working for your customers? Are you making money on the wines you’re selling? Which wines go with your menu? How do you price wines? How can you add yet another job like wine training to your day? Are there tools that you must provide at your restaurant to serve wine? If you are thinking of starting or are in the middle of running a casual to mid-level U.S. restaurant, there are some simple ways to ma... more
  • Vegan Tapas: 150 Quick and Delicious Snacks and Bites for Sharing

    by Julia Barnard
    Vegan Tapas: 150 quick and delicious snacks and bites for sharing – now you can enjoy tasty vegan cuisine with your friends and family. Featuring recipes perfect for tapas, meze, buffets, picnics or for simply enjoying in front of the TV. All are simple to prepare and made using accessible, everyday ingredients.
  • Baking with Cookie Molds (2nd Edition)

    by Anne L Watson
    In this groundbreaking book, Anne L. Watson restores cookie molds to an honored place in the baker's kitchen by revealing long-lost secrets of their use. With Anne's techniques and recipes, tasty cookies with lovely, detailed designs will literally fall from the mold into your hand.
  • Mug O' Love Desserts: from Medicine Hill Farm

    by Lynny Prince
    Mug O’Love Desserts is first in a series of recipes from Medicine Hill Farm.These recipes are super easy and perfect for those times when you want something sweet without all the fuss. What could be easier than a simple mug treat made in the microwave, most in under two minutes?!
  • Fun Foodie Friends: A Cookbook Where Fun Is the First Ingredient

    by Elaine Callahan and Joyce Kesler
    Kid Chefs will have fun creating delicious recipes and using their imaginations to make new friends with fruits and vegetables. The Fun Foodie Friends cookbook includes: 21 easy-to-make recipes and fun food facts presented by your food guides, Food Head Fred and Food Head Fruita; whimsical, food-based characters and art that showcase the fruits and vegetables in each ingredient list; Party Pics that Kid Chefs can cut out to show everyone they helped prepare each yummy creation; a fun activity se... more
  • All Things Bright & Beautiful: FiTZ The Frog Who Lived On The hApPiEsT Hill

    by N. Wong

    What's Your Mission Of Incredible? Come discover with Fitz & Friends a never before seen revelation, which seem to be leading them to a single impossible truth:  3 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your Next Olive Oil  [that you probably never considered] and your unfair advantage to a better dinner soirée story you didn't know. Let's join FiTZ The Frog &Friends as they usher in the endearments of ... more

  • Kochen mit Muttern 1

    by Nicky P. Satl
    Noch ein Kochbuch? Im Ernst jetzt? Nein, dieses Büchlein ist vielmehr ein Teil mehrerer Überlieferungen. Als mich meine Tochter Sarah neulich erst wieder angerufen hat, um mich nach einem Rezept zu fragen, da erwähnte ich flapsig: vielleicht sollte ich ein Kochbuch schreiben. Sie war begeistert davon und schon war die Idee geboren, überlieferte Rezepte einfach mal zu Papier zu bringen. Was bedeutet überliefert? In diesem Buch sind kaum Rezepte, die aus Zeitschriften oder anderen Quellen stammen.... more
  • Making AUTHENTIC Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza: Restaurant Secrets Revealed

    by Tom Ford

    This short informative book reveals Highly Guarded Restaurant Secrets used by several Famous Chicago Pizzerias in the making of Authentic Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza, including the secret ingredient that creates that one-of-a-kind flavor. This book will guide you step-by-step though the processes of making Authentic Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizzas in your own kitchen. What this book will not do is bore you with things you don’t care about. You will not learn about all the different typ... more

  • Living Luxe Gluten Free

    by Michelle Lee

    Living Luxe Gluten Free features more than 110 new gluten free and lactose free recipes designed to make your gluten free life deliciously luxurious. Dishes are engineered for flavor, health, and simplicity.


    • Over 110 new Gluten Free and Lactose Free recipes
    • Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian and Low Sodium recipes
    • Hardcover cookbook, full color, over 120 photos, 256 pages, includes index
    • Full nutrition information
    • Product recommendations
    • ... more
  • Flavorful Shortcuts to Indian/Pakistani Cooking

    by Farhana Sahibzada
    Simplified Indian/Pakistani recipes stemming from Farhana Sahibzada's 20+ years experience in the culinary field, as an instructor, chef and restaurant owner. Simplified directions and clear cut instructions.