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Health, Diet & Parenting

  • 6 Life Changing Energy Healing Methods: How to Release Emotional Stress, Pain and Illness

    by John O'Dwyer
    If you have stress in your life, this book was written for you! We know that “emotional baggage” either causes pain and illness or makes them much worse. This book discusses some principles of Energy Healing and discusses 6 modern methods of balancing the body using energy. All of them have been used by my wife and myself and some of them were used regularly by my mom until she passed at age 101.
  • Incompatible with Nature–A Mother's Story

    by Tracie Frank Mayer
    In the summer of 1984, Tracie Frank Mayer, a young black American woman, uproots herself from family, friends and life as she knows it when she marries a German man and moves to his country. Though not understanding the language is unsettling enough, twelve days after her anxiously awaited child’s birth, her psychological balance tumbles fully into despair:“There is no surgery to save him,” the doctors explain to her husband in German. “Let your baby die,” they say to her in broken English. The... more
  • Cupping Therapy Encyclopedia: New Edition

    by Tamer Shaban
    Cupping therapy is an ancient traditional and complementary medicine practice. Reported effects of cupping therapy include promotion of the skin's blood flow, increasing pain thresholds, reducing inflammation, and modulation of the cellular immune system. “Cupping Therapy Encyclopedia – New Edition” is an education manual which provides a new classification of cupping therapy types, cupping therapy sets, and a classification of cupping therapy adverse events. The book includes new scientific res... more
  • I Love You Already

    by Phyllis Ressler
    This is a poem from a mother to her unborn baby. It is for a mother or her young children who are awaiting the birth of the new baby. The poem is illustrated with colorful drawings.
  • Stress Makes You Fat, Wrinkled and Dead

    by Prof. Eliezer Ben-Joseph
    Prepare yourselves. Within these pages lie the secrets. What secrets you may ask? Well, in any good martial art school, no one is taught the secrets right away. There is some time that must pass before a wise teacher can disseminate this invaluable knowledge to the student. In this way, the aspirant may achieve the proper state of mind necessary to continue the school?s tradition. One must walk before one learns how to run. However, luckily for the reader, in this case, there is no need to wait.... more
  • The Transition Diet: How to Transition to a Vegetarian or Semi-Vegetarian Diet

    by David Yager
    FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. We all know that they are good for you, but some people think that vegetarian means eating “rabbit food” that makes you weak and thin. A fruit only or a fruit and vegetable diet can make you weak, skinny and give you tooth decay but a lacto-vegetarian diet will make you strong, full figured and give you good dental health. The greatest error in vegetarian eating is the avoidance of pasture raised milk products like cheese and yogurt which provide calcium withou... more
  • Indefinite Postponement: A Case Study of Adolescent Suicidality

    by John P.. Williams MD
    The book is an extended case report and memoir depicting one of my former patients who was highly suicidal and then became well. Specifically, she wrote a suicide diary while ill, recovered in the treatment, composed a recovery diary, and then gave me written consent to use the diaries and write a book around them on suicide. Her two provisos were that she remain absolutely anonymous and that all profits from the sale of the book be donated to suicide prevention charities. Both have and will be ... more
  • GOLDEN CHILD: Meditation for children and your inner child (Volume Book 1)

    by Michelle Renee Pelletier
    Part guidebook, part journal, part coloring book, all contributing to health and happiness. This refreshing new series teaches the energetic mechanics of owning your space and shares meditations and activities for embodiment.
  • Doctor Visit Fears, Are They Real?

    by Anhvu Nguyen M.D.
    This book is a realistic account of a little boy’s (Paxtyn) fears associated with a routine doctor visit. His fears start with the anticipation at home, is worsened by the faces that he sees in the waiting room, and continues as he is being examined by the doctor. In every instance, Paxtyn learns that his fears are not real and that his experience is rather enjoyable. The goals of this book are to relieve children’s fears of going to the doctor and to provide a greater understanding of what to e... more
  • Help! My Diet Isn't Working: Identify & Banish Your Weight Loss Monsters

    by Kathleane O'Leary
    Despite the success many have experienced with Paleo, Atkins, Gluten Free, Food Combining, Weight Watchers, and other diets, 90% of all diets eventually fail. How can you fix the way you approach weight loss so that the results last? The simple solutions identified in “Help! My Diet Isn’t Working” can make any diet more effective.
  • How to Bond with Your Students as a New Yoga Teacher

    by Kevin Nelson

    According to the 9 of 10 paperwriters one of the principles that you should ensure you have cultivated in your practice as a yoga teacher is being consistent in your classes. The best approach towards achieving this is specializing in one area of study and then sticking to it so that your students cannot wind up being confused by the different approaches that you subject them to. This will assist them to have an outstanding relationship with you because t... more

  • Your Best Health by Friday: How to Overcome Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma, Ptsd and Chronic Illness

    by Elizabeth Gould
    Learn how childhood trauma can kill us as adults, why our left-brain dominant society is sick, and action steps to develop the right hemisphere to heal. Elizabeth Gould is the daughter of a Vietnam veteran whose combat stress affected the entire family. After a whiplash accident in 2003, she found Western medicine only masked her symptoms. She was raised thinking alternative health was quackery, yet it restored her health. With one foot firmly on each side of the health care divide, Eliz... more
  • What to Expect Fake Tanning for the First Time

    by Elisha Mutholy
    The first time of anything is scary, but as they say, nothing venture nothing gain. Same sort of principle with self-tanning. When summer beckons around the corner, it only makes sense to want to wear minimal clothing and head down to the beach embracing your inner summer spirit. And though you may argue that the beach itself is plenty of grounds for tanning, you forget that sun tanning can be quite dangerous, which is why self-tanning is a much better alternative. On that note, fake tanning for... more
  • God's Grand Design for Health

    by James Darnell D.C.
    Dr. Darnell takes us on a journey through the evolution of the American healthcare system and the dietary habits which have influenced the overall health of the American population. The journey continues as the book takes an in depth look at the make-up of healthy cells and the primary factors that erode healthy cell function., including excess consumption of refined carbohydrates and exposure to various toxins. Join Dr. Darnell as he teaches you about healthy habits that create a healthy body.
  • Amy Has a Rash: Chickenpox

    by Dr. Nicole Audet
    Felix runs to Amy with his magical doctor suitcase bag. Amy’s body is covered with red pimples. Booboo told her that she had chickenpox. Felix and all the magical instruments, except View, had already caught this disease. Amy and View will have to be brave against the virus. Read this story to know all the secrets of chickenpox.There are 8 books in this series available in French and English in paperback, Kindle and PDF version. For more details on Dr. Nicole’s Work, visit her website DrNicoleBo... more
  • Charles Hurt Himself Playing: Broken Arm

    by Dr. Nicole Audet
    Charles broke his arm after falling from a swing. With his magical doctor’s bag in hand, Felix took Charles to the hospital. Booboo and his team applied a cast on his arm. Read this story to learn the secret of broken bones healing.There are 8 books in this series available in French and English in paperback, Kindle and PDF version. For more details on Dr. Nicole’s Work, visit her website