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Health, Diet & Parenting

  • Dear First Lady DSR?

    by Gene Adesso
    because "15 x 15 = 225!" School recess (geodash) can bully academic achievement and be cure. Find me a scholar who wouldn't pawn video games, knowing following: My fourth grade paralyzed teacher had us run the perimeter schoolyard before everyt daily class, of which we learned multiplication answers of 1 x 1 to 15 x 15 - Gene Adesso
  • No Head Fred Said: Help Others

  • la feliz construccion del paraiso terrenal en nuestras comunidades mismas

    by jose marcos rosas castillo
    la obra en si se halla compuesta por tres grandes teorias. la teoria de la evolucion psiquica, la teoria del bien en si, y la teoria de los principios universales del paraiso terrenal. la puesta en practica de tales teorias nos permite transitar del mundo actual al paraiso terrenal considerado en si mismo.
  • The Messy Joys of Being Human: A Guide to Risking Change and Becoming Happier

    by Helen Rosenau
    A joyously cathartic and deeply spiritual road trip for readers of Anne Lamott, Elizabeth Gilbert, Pema Chodron, and Brené Brown. Feeling stuck? You’re not alone. In or out of a relationship, job hunting or retiring, in a life transition, or wrestling with Big Questions, a joyful life can feel elusive. After two decades offering motivation, inspiration, support, and problem-solving as a life coach and in her Ask Your Jewish Fairy Godmother column, Helen Rosenau embraces the deeper, more comp... more

    by Chaz Van Heyden
    A book essay with guidelines for Health for youth. Taken from personal experience and research.
  • Yoga on the Yellow Brick Road, Exiting the A.S.A.P. Lane!

    by Alan Steelman
    Stress is the Black Plague of our Age. The pace of life in the Digital Age is too much for many without the “false wizards” of pills, alcohol, binge-eating and digital addiction. This is life in the A.S.A.P. Lane (anxious, stressed, addicted and pressured).I use the Wizard of Oz story to illustrate that we were all watching the story of our lives when seeing what we thought was simply a children’s fantasy tale. Brain fog, heartbreak, and the need for courage at critical times, just like the Sca... more
  • The Dream Feed Method: How We Got Our Babies Sleeping from Dusk Till Dawn. Without Crying-It-Out

    by Jason Freedman
    What if we could assure you that within four months of giving birth to your child, your baby will sleep peacefully from dusk till dawn? That without using the cry-it-out method or any traumatizing sleep-training techniques, your baby will be happily, peacefully, consistently asleep for 12 hours every night? Enter the Dream Feed Method—a tried and true way to get your baby on a regular sleep schedule and have the energy to fully love your baby, your partner, and yourself. Your friends with kids m... more
  • Physician: How Science Transformed the Art of Medicine

    by Rajeev Kurapati
    What happened that changed the priest—the revered healer of antiquity—into a person of science? How was the modern doctor made? Physician is Rajeev Kurapati’s earnest attempt to answer this question and others central to the practice of medicine. For instance, how have the advances of medical technology influenced society’s perception of death? How do physicians balance thinking with feeling when dealing with critically ill patients? How do we meet the needs of patients seeking a personal conne... more

    by Maria Yraceburu
    What if… Nature Can Help? Earth is where I live. She is real. She helps me see better. There is a special place I can go. Sometimes it’s a mountain, or maybe the beach. Here I can breathe. I don’t feel scarred anymore. I can relax. I grew up in Nature, and it was in Nature that I learned not to be afraid. I found my voice. I learned to calm my emotions. Many years later I began sharing the ways of EarthWisdom, and have learned that returning children to a relationship with the Ear... more
  • Mindfulness Matters: A Guide to Mastering Your Life

    by Pax Tandon
    Get the insider's scoop on how to attain a fully flourishing life. Encompassing deep dives into mind, body, and spirit, you will be introduced to the science of positive psychology, engage with the practice of mindfulness, learn how to build an optimally efficient body, and commit to an elevation of your spirit. This is flourishing in action! Whether struggling with anxiety or depression, searching to fill a missing void, or just interested in everyday self-care, you will learn to identify oppor... more
  • Where it is.......that I go.

    by Linda P. Young
    This book is about the many "low" blood sugars I have encountered since finding out 35 years ago I was a diabetic. It is basically meant to humor them as well as understanding why I go through them. I hope a few people will laugh and relate to them.
  • Hata Yoga - Myths Shattered (Economy Edition)

    by Dr. King
    Answers some of the questions related to sexual control, Kundalini (Serpent power) awakening, Health benefits of Pranayama (Yogic breathing) and Asana (Yogic body postures). This book makes a close scrutiny of some of these and comes up with amazing findings. The book also charts the long history of Yoga from Vedic times to present day. A must read for all those who are currently practicing or intend to practice Yoga.

    by karma creme
    Karma Creme CBD introduces a range of products that promote your overall health and wellness through a special ingredient: CBD (Cannabidiol). Our team has created a highly exclusive formula for our CBD Oil Concentrate and Creams that are sure to provide you with immediate relief.
  • Maria’s Marvelous Bones

    by Carrie Kollias
    While playing with her little brother on the couch, Maria falls and breaks her arm. Her father rushes her to the hospital, where Maria meets the nurses, doctors, X-ray technician, orthopaedic surgeon and cast technician who are responsible for healing her fractured arm. Maria learns all about how her body works and how bones heal — plus a little bit about being brave. Written by Dr. Carrie Kollias, an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in the treatment of children, Maria’s Marvelous Bones educa... more
  • The Big P: A Younger Girl's Journey Through Puberty

    by Toyna Chin
    The Big P: A Girl’s Journey Through Puberty is the first series of books based on the tanner scale helping girls traverse the sometimes rocky pathway from girlhood to womanhood. It begins with the onset of puberty, which can start anywhere between the ages of eight and eleven. Those initial body changes lead to the first bra and the first menstrual period as well as the difficult emotional changes that accompany the hormonal shifts of passing from childhood to womanhood. The drive for independen... more