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Health, Diet & Parenting

  • Gmo-Free Child: A Parent's Guide to Dietary Cleanup of Genetically Modified Organisms

    by April Scott

    In GMO-Free Child you will discover:

    - Why Genetically Modified Food is so controversial and how it could be affecting the health of your child.
    - What many doctors are reporting about GMOs and how they have been affecting their patients.
    - Why adopting a healthy GMO-Free lifestyle is the best health insurance money can buy.

    Featuring personal interviews with GMO-Free champions Jeffrey Smith (Institute for Responsible Technology), Diana Reeves (GMO Free USA),  Amber... more

  • Bypass This Book How to avoid or survive cardiac bypass surgery

    by Frank M Price
    A unique look at risk factors for coronary heart disease, methods for avoiding heart disease, and strategies for surviving bypass surgery. Included are medicine-related fictional short stories as well as personal observations on the path through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.
  • Party Gown: A Doctor's Laughable Advice

    by Catherine Woodhouse, MD
    You Can Achieve Total Patient Hotness! Um, that is to say, with this hilarious but informative insider’s guide to the sometimes too-serious world of medicine, you can become a confident, well-informed patient, and ultimately get better care. That’s Total Patient Hotness—even in your hospital gown. With healthy laughs at every turn, Dr. Woodhouse shows you how to navigate the doctor’s office, the ER, and the hospital while keeping your sense of humor intact (even when your gown isn’t). ... more
  • Pausing for Parental Perusal

    by Margaret Redfern
    This is a book that you can read in one sitting. In fact, you will not put it down in hurry. Ms. Redfern's wisdom throughout her writings is clearly evidenced in the table of contents. However, the listing of each chapter offers the readers insights into what we cannot see within our children. The author's insight is well defined in the first article, ?Outside vs. Inside,? in the contrast between the five senses on the outside with the place or space within our children, where an affirmation of ... more
  • RE-Cycling

    by Bruce Wynkoop
    This book is not for the put-your-head-down-and-ride-like-the-wind-while-only-seeing-the-pavement-and-the-tire-in-front-of-you-rider. It is a primer for adults who want to get back into cycling but have been putting it off because they are unsure of how to go about it. The author covers, in plain language, with a touch of humor, starting out, buying the bike, equipment, where to ride, the rules of the road, more comfortable riding, and riding more seriously. He gives common sense suggestions for... more
  • Thirty Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control: The "No Pressure" Solution

    by David DeRose MD, MPH

    Three practicing clinicians provide practical strategies for addressing “the silent killer,” high blood pressure.  Using the “NO PRESSURE” mnemonic, readers are exposed to ten holistic approaches that medical science documents can lower blood pressure in thirty days or less—without medications.

  • Sleep Well: Reduce Insomnia And Increase Your Energy, Focus, Health, Fitness And Creativity By Sleeping Better Every Night: Redu

    by Sam Wright
    If you’ve ever struggled to fall asleep, stay asleep, or simply get enough quality sleep, then this book is for you. Follow the five easy to digest chapters to achieve great sleep every night. See the improvements good quality sleep can bring to your life. Find out more about why sleeping is the most important thing you can do for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. This simple and succinct guide could be just the thing to help alleviate your sleeping difficulties starting tonight.
  • yoga

    by gaurav manral
    yoga is the best way to find yourself. Daily use of yoga can control your body and mind also you can connect with others. Rishikesh is the birth of yoga and almost every person know about the name of rishikesh is holy land of yoga. in yoga have many poses and you should do these poses under the experienced yoga teachers. Under these yoga teachers you can know about the yoga fully. and you can improve yourself. easily. yoga is best for live healthy , long and happy life.
  • A Parent's Guide to Video Games: The essential guide to understanding how video games impact your child's physical, social, and

    by Rachel Kowert
    Over the last forty years, video games have transformed from a niche market to a multibillion-dollar industry. No longer limited to arcade parlors, video games are everywhere and are accessible at any time. Along with the popularization of video games has come a growing concern about their ability to transform those who play them into antisocial killing machines who are desensitized to violence, have no friends, and will forever live in their parents’ basements. But are these fears based in real... more
  • Winning the War Against Erectile Dysfunction

    by George Vidaurre

    Winning the War Against Erectile Dysfunction contains an introduction and 10 chapters that explain how widely spread is erectile dysfunction among men of all ages all over the world, describes how the environment surrounding us can alter the levels of testosterone in men generating erection function problems, provides evidence of the remarkable health benefits of having sex on a regular basis at any age and specially at an older age, describes the different organs and the key elements for men... more

  • Ancient Map for Modern Birth

    by Pam England

    Pregnancy puts women on the threshold of a great rite of passage; they need a map to get from "here" to "there" without getting lost. Every modern woman has access to the health consumer map showing how to navigate routine obstetric care. Yet many women know something is missing from that map--and they are in luck--because that "something" is in this book. Gathering information is not enough. Wishful thinking is not a plan. ANCIENT MAP FOR MODERN BIRTH shows wome... more

  • Ancient Map for Modern Birth: Preparation, Passage, and Personal Growth for Your Childbearing Year

    by Pam England, CNM, MA
    Pregnancy puts women on the threshold of a great rite of passage; they need a map to get from "here" to "there" without getting lost. Every modern woman has access to the health consumer map showing them how to navigate routine obstetric care. But many women know something is missing from that map--that "something" is the ancient, inner map--and it's in this book. Gathering information is not enough. Wishful thinking is not a plan. ANCIENT MAP FOR MODERN BIRTH shows women how to prepare for, and... more
  • Music from the Trenches

    by Mary Jane Wilkie
    Cast as a memoir, this book offers Ms. Wilkie's experiences as a music educator, sharing insights into the music-learning process. It describes the many benefits of music-making and performing, and will encourage parents to reconsider the family's engagement with music. It is not "prescriptive," i.e., does not present a problem + solution, but rather the goal is to help parents understand the music-learning process, enabling them to make the best decisions on their own.
  • Busy Mom's Cheat Sheet: Raising Happy Healthy Kids

    by Lilly Cadoch

    "Busy Mom's Cheat Sheet: Raising Happy Healthy Kids" is a book for moms and all caregivers who are always on-the-go between work, school, extracurricular activities and are having challenges leading a healthy family lifestyle. They have the desire to feed their kids healthy food but don’t know where to begin. This book shares the tools to teach kids how to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. From healthy eating, exercise, and sleep to gratitude, positive thinking and medi... more

  • EAT One/Half make WEIGHT LOSS easy

    by O.Bey MD

    Are You Ready for a Healthy Stress-Free Way to Lose Weight?

    Common sense oriented, EAT One/Half make WEIGHT LOSS easy places an emphasis on making good food choices. It introduces lifelong practices, not fad diets or unhealthy regimens. There is also support, encouraging you to take control of weight loss. Whatever weight challenge you face, the EAT One/Half™ plan is a means of building a healthy eating lifestyle. The plan helps you:

    v  Be more a... more