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Health, Diet & Parenting

  • The Kind of Parent You Are Journal

    by Brian Vondruska
    This companion to the book, The Kind of Parent You Are, picks up where the reflection exercises in The Kind of Parent You Are leave off. Daily and monthly templates are included for tracking and monitoring progress against your objectives. The names of the months are entered by the journal user, so that you can begin at any time of the year.
  • The Kind of Parent You Are: Becoming Your Best Person So Your Children Can Become Their Best Adults

    by Brian Vondruska
    What imprint will you leave upon the future? How will you incorporate your core beliefs and values into your parenting style? How will you parent with purpose? This book will help you define and develop the best in yourself – and set the stage for your child to do the same.
  • Misbehavior is Growth: An Observant Parent's Guide to the Toddler Years

    by Amber Domoradzki
    Everyone has heard about how children go through the “Terrible Twos.” What if you were to find out that this frustrating behavior has order in it? That the “misbehavior” comes and goes in a predictable way, and each cycle brings with it an amazing new transformation? In this groundbreaking book, Amber Domoradzki presents her research which found that toddlers go through 12 predictable cycles between the ages of 18 months and 3 years old. During each cycle, they fall apart for a period of time, b... more
  • TBC30: 6 Steps to a Stronger, Healthier You

    by Michael Wood
    Certified strength and conditioning specialist and nutrition coach Michael Wood offers readers an inside look at how he trains his private clients using his unique step-by-step approach that follows the same nutrition and exercise strategies that have made him a nationally recognized expert in the field. The TBC30 plan gives readers a game plan for teaching the same science-based approach that has worked for Michael and his clients for more than 30 years. His 6 step plan will help change your... more
  • The Proactive Health Solution: Discover Your Path Toward Optimal Health

    by Nadia Yacoub Cavallini
    The Proactive Health Solution provides an educational roadmap to teach people how to develop a healthy habits and improve all dimensions of health and well-being in mind, body and spirit. While this book has helped many adults transform their life, children (ages 12 and up) absolutely love this book as well! The students at Farmington Steam Academy (Farmington Hills, MI) middle school have recently requested this book to be taught in their classroom. This educational and motivational book is ex... more
  • Chasing Sleep/Lonely Tussles in the Dark

    by Patricia Hinkley
    Chasing Sleep is an exploration of the issues and challenges surrounding sleep deprivation and how to overcome them by changing attitudes and behaviors. Written in an inviting, conversational style, the book focuses on how to find peace of mind, the real secret to overcoming sleeplessness. Through research on the history and science of sleep, interviews with ordinary people on their struggles with lack of sleep, and the author’s training as a holistic psychotherapist, Chasing Sleep aims to chang... more
  • The Incredible Ordinary Hero or The Brave Bystander: Burns

    by Aida Rascanu
    What would you do if you saw someone who was hurt? For her birthday, Emma has one single wish. She wants to help people. However, she is a little doubtful when her mother tells her she can be a hero.“But a hero needs superpowers! the girl said.” Yet, when her cousin is in danger, she has to make a choice. Will Emma be able to overcome her fears and save him?
  • Soccer Training: A Step-by-Step Guide on 14 Topics for Intelligent Soccer Players, Coaches, and Parents

    by Dylan Joseph
    If you are NOT interested in being a better player, coach, or parent of a soccer player, please consider another book. This is NOT for you. With game-proven methods to score more against any team, this is your manual for soccer success! How teams play is unpredictable… or is it? Through countless hours of practice, training, and experience, soccer's elite have shown consistent patterns of in-game skills that when applied, will lead to predictable outcomes - more goals, more assis... more
  • Why you Should Not exercise when you are dieting: Easy weight loss without suffering series emotions ('emotions Book 4)

    by Theira Añez Ferrer
    To reach your desired weight and keep it with no effort, is that even possible? Well let me tell you that yes, it is possible, it’s your decision; you are the only one that can make it happen. I did it… I still do it and if you want, I would love to help you to get there.Do you want to lose 5, 8, 10, 15, 20 pounds? Easy, but please forget about any type of fitness program until you are about to reach your goal, then, you can establish your workout plan, but only then. I will explain you why.
  • E.A.T. An Unconventional Decade In The Life Of A Cancer Patient

    by Kathy Mydlach Bero
    E.A.T. An Unconventional Decade In The Life Of A Cancer Patient was written in journal format, and is based on the 18 journals Kathy kept during her battle with two rare and aggressive cancers. She refused to accept the prognosis of death and found herself tallying the limitations of conventional medical protocol, which led to Kathy's conviction that neither cancer nor doctors would determine her fate. Despite taking advantage of everything her hospital had offered, Kathy's body was failing, lea... more
  • THE WAY I SEE IT: A Head-to-Toe Guide to Common Orthopaedic Conditions

    by Thomas Neviaser, MD
    This guide is solely written for the layperson and orthopedic patients. Every reader will learn about 90 common orthopedic conditions, the anatomy, mechanism of injury, and available treatments. The guide includes phonetic spellings and pronunciations of medical terms, 80 photos/diagrams/x-rays, 17 chapters describing common head to toe joint and back problems, and bonus chapters on osteoporosis, stress fractures, bone healing, fibromyalgia, what to expect on day of surgery, a bibliography, and... more
  • Benefits of Buying Medicines from an Online Pharmacy

    by Mike Langer
    Diseases and ailments are a part and parcel of life. It is natural for us to fall ill at some point in our lives either because of adopting the wrong eating habits or because of a virus outbreak. Whatever the reason that has got us sick, in order to get better, we would have to take medicines. These medicines help us in fighting the cause of our sickness and help us in regaining our health. However, the medicines are only going to work if they are of the right quality. This makes it important fo... more
  • Living Tick-Free: Preventing Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease

    by Alexis Chesney
    Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne illness in the United States. There are over 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease diagnosed each year. While researchers and physicians work tirelessly at developing better testing and treatments, the numbers of new cases continue to rise. In order to change the tide, radical education on the prevention of Lyme disease is critical. Dr. Alexis Chesney, a Lyme and tick-borne disease (TBD) specialist, has created a concise guide with practical preventative ... more
  • Bernard Eats Healthy

    by Connie Du
    A powerful true-story about the impact of foods on us. “Eat healthy; stay healthy. Healthy and happy always go together.” Healthy habits are the best gift parents can give to their children. Your children urgently need to develop healthy eating habits for them to grow well and thrive. Of course, they can’t achieve this goal without your help and guidance. The strong bond and loving relationship Bernard has with his mother in this book are the main forces that encourage the little boy to eat heal... more
  • Let us eat healthy

    by Connie Du
    A little change in her diet has given Connie a son, Bernard, and a different life. A small change in a child's daily foods will make a great difference to his health, that is going to last for life long. A powerful true-story about the impact of foods on us. “Eat healthy; stay healthy. Healthy and happy always go together.” Healthy habits are the best gift parents can give to their children. Your children urgently need to develop healthy eating habits for them to grow well and thrive. Of course,... more