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Health, Diet & Parenting

  • Survive and Thrive: My Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide

    by Lynda McGuirk
    Lynda McGuirk survived a motor vehicle accident in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts that landed her in a coma for six weeks. When McGuirk regained consciousness, she learned that she’d suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), a condition that made even simple things in life difficult. As McGuirk searched for resources to ease the transition, she found plenty of books by neurologists and social workers, but very few written by actual survivors of TBI—people with first-hand ... more
  • You're Not a Caveman, Don't Eat Like One

    by Jennifer Swallow, MS, RDN, LDN
    Mediterranean, Paleo, pescatarian, gluten-free, or low-fat, which one is the best diet? How can we lose weight, lower blood sugar, cholesterol and defeat common health problems? With all the nutrition data flying around these days, it’s a wonder we can ever decide what’s for dinner. But amid the chaos of health facts and myths is the central truth that what you eat can make a major difference in the quality of your life. To help you navigate through the confusing sound bites, nutritionist Jennif... more
  • Victorious Youth

    The book motivates young people to deal with life issues. The aim is to build strong character in young people that can face challenges and come out victorious.
  • When Your Child Has Lyme Disease: A Parent's Survival Guide

    by Dorothy Kupcha Leland
    Information and practical strategies for coping with Lyme disease in children. Guidance on finding the right medical care, dealing with treatment, developing effective boundaries with those who don’t understand what the family is going through, advocating for the child’s educational needs and managing day-to-day family life.
  • Weigh Yourself Slim

    by Mirela Holmes

    Are you truly fed up with being overweight and struggling with fad, yo-yo diets? Are you ready to lose weight forever and invest more than ten days into a diet? If you answered yes to these questions, then this book is for you. Weigh Yourself Slim is a new and unique method that:

    • will not only help you lose weight, but will turn you into a slim person, physically and mentally;
    • does not endorse strange diet or exercise programmes;
    • is unique to you;
    • provides n... more
  • The Easy Diet

    by Diana Polska
    THE EASY WAY TO A THIN BODY, VIBRANT HEALTH, AND SUPER HIGH ENERGY LEVELS A thoroughly researched book that contains over 700 scientific references The Easy Diet is a highly effective and easy way to get thin and stay thin forever (no more yo-yo weight battles). You don’t have to starve yourself or eat unappetizing foods because in the long-term deprivation and calorie restriction does not work. One of the joys of life is eating and you have the right to enjoy the pleasure of eating tast... more
  • Fresh Start: Farm-to-Table, Plant-Based Baby Recipes

    by Erika Krebs

    "Congratulations - your baby is ready for solids!" Now, the question is "Are you?" This plant based cookbook is for all those families out there ready to give their babies a Fresh Start to nutrition. No pureeing cheeseburgers, pizza, and chicken nuggets as I'm sure many of us eat now. No, this cookbook gives that child a Fresh Start to their relationship with food. As a society, we have fallen into the addictions of salt, sugar, and processed food. We are a fast food n... more

  • Life Begins at 65: Words of a Cancer Survivor

    by Matthew E. McLaren, PhD

    Matthew McLaren was born in Jamacia and immigrated to Canada with his family in1976.On November 27, 1997, Matthew had surgery for prostate cancer. the experience changed his life in a positive way of researching prostate cancer influenced his decision to pursue a career in nutrition science. January 2007, at the age of 67, Matthew completed his doctoral degree through Westbrook University, West Virginia, USA. Matthew lives with his wife Theresa in ... more

  • Unleash your Potential Healing Power

    by Matthew E. McLaren, PhD

    by Genna Green
    After a fun day at school, six year old Grayson Rice returns home and hears his parents arguing. In this carefully written storybook, Grayson talks about the different range of emotions he feels when he hears or sees shouting and hitting at home. He has bad dreams of angry monsters that shout; and have potty accidents at school and at home. Grayson is also unable to focus in class and finds himself in trouble for shouting and hitting on the playground. When Grayson is spanked for having a pott... more
  • Someone's Always Watching Me Pee (and other realities of motherhood)

    by MaryLynn St.Germaine
    Someone's Always Watching Me Pee (and Other Realities of Motherhood) carries on the honest, but funny mom baton into the next generation of mothers, offering unsolicited advice, unnecessary suggestions to avoid peeing a little when you sneeze, inaccurate medical statistics, unhelpful tips for keeping it all together and the possible illegal promotion of prescription medication. Universal and truthfully funny, Someone’s Always Watching Me Pee is the black-and-white version of our best girlfriend... more
  • The Gluten-Free Diet Scam: Chemicals In Foods With & Without Gluten

    by Daniel DiTuro
    Celebrity diet experts have convinced over 60 percent of Americans that a gluten-free diet is the key to better eating and better health with no corroborating scientific evidence to back up their claims. Most foods containing gluten are prepared foods made with thousands of chemical additives. Some additives have not been fully tested for safety or disclosed to the Food and Drug Administration. Most gluten-free diet advocates ignore chemical additives and possible side effects. This book disclos... more
  • Diabetes: An Answer to My Prayer (just not the one I was looking for)

    by Gerard Gardner
    Former banking executive / federal banking regulator and diabetic, takes us along a path to managing diabetes under the worst of circumstances. Beset by financial ruin caused by market downturns, multiple job losses, and a bitter divorce, Gardner takes us on a journey that lets us see his route to survival that ends in a victory of sorts. More importantly he leads us through the everyday events that led him to the disease in the first place; something that will benefit nearly any reader wh... more
  • The Stem Cell Revolution

    by Elliot B. Lander & Mark Berman
    Co-Medical Directors Mark Berman, MD, FACS & Elliot Lander, MD, FACS have just released their first book, The Stem Cell Revolution. The book describes their journey into the growing arena of clinical stem cell therapy, by highlighting not only the road that brought a team of physicians together, but also real stories from a number of patients who got their health back via stem cell therapy. Unbeknownst to most, our fat is loaded with stem cells that can be used at any time to treat and reverse... more
  • Behind the Curtain: A Peek at Life from Within the ER

    by Dr. Jeffrey E. Sterling
    Revealing and unflinching, Behind the Curtain offers an unfiltered look inside the real-life traumas and triumphs that define emergency medicine. Dr. Jeffrey Sterling’s authentic and enthralling collection of stories represents his unique journey as an ER physician. Both an enlightening memoir and an unforgiving mirror reflecting the best and worst of human behavior, Behind the Curtain unveils the insidious consequences of everyday risks and seemingly innocuous habits.
  • The Power Foods Lifestyle

    by Kristy Jo Hunt
    Most people have no idea how good their bodies can feel--until they live a PFL lifestyle! Are you ready to change the way you look and feel? The Power Foods Lifestyle will help you lose weight, repair a damaged metabolism from years of yo-yo dieting, and decrease your risk for chronic disease while naturally increasing your energy levels. This scientifically-based method of eating presents a new way of thinking about food, teaching you how to pair your nutrients in portion sizes that balance... more