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Health, Diet & Parenting

  • Fatherhood:The Journey from Man to Dad

    by Bruce Linton
    A new generation of men understand that fatherhood requires more than being an economic provider. Their desire to be involved, nurturing parents reflects a fundamental shift in male identity. They want more from life than a pay check and a promotion. They want meaning and purpose, and there is no greater contribution to the world than raising a healthy and happy child. This book of essays spans 30 years of Dr. Linton's writing on fatherhood. Each chapter is concluded with 3 questions for self r... more
  • My Secrets of Survivorship: We Solved The Mystery!

    by Melissa Mae Palmer
    Melissa Mae Palmer hid a "secret" that rocked her world once she married this strong successful surgeon as a single-mother. She managed two relationships and she found out that life was always a struggle for her. She knew her entire life that she had something profoundly wrong with her but she never told a soul. Once she found out what she really had, it was a condition that would CHALLENGE anyones world. Melissa Mae Palmer thought she had the American Dream but she did not.
  • Purposeful Parenting

    by Tyra Lane-Kingsland

    Inevitably, every parent will question, “Am I getting it right?” Considering people have been rearing children since the dawn of humanity, one would think we'd have mastered parenting by now. Yet, we still wrestle with it because the work of parenting has so many variables. And while there is no singular way to “do it right” there are things that can be done with purpose, on purpose. In this life giving book, Tyra encourages parents and educators of children a... more

  • Riding the Infertility Roller Coaster: A Guide to Educate & Inspire

    by Iris Waichler, MSW, LCSW
    I discuss my infertility journey as well as interview other people who chose various paths to build their families. In addition I have offer a wealth of information and resources on key challenges and issues relating to the struggles associated with infertility.
  • Personal statement writers

    by Caitlin Barton

    Application Essays are very important if you are in plan to winning over the admission officer. There is a big amount of elements that make up a successful application essay for the University of Pennsylvania. Personal statement writers are able to check your essay for spelling and grammar and sentence construction creating a personalized essay or personal statement that can land you an admission.If you are don’t know how to start a personal statement for the university or need some add... more

  • Uncommon Voyage: Parenting Children with Special Needs (a guidebook)

    by Laura Shapiro Kramer
    Laura Shapiro Kramer has turned her experience raising a special-needs child (already detailed in her successful memoir) into a guidebook for other parents. This guidebook was developed based on different aspects of being the parent of a special-needs child. Each chapter offers Navigation Points (tasks to help you chart your course and identify what tools you have and what tools you need), and lighthouses illuminating Laura’s Insights ((comments offering support and giving context for the endea... more
  • Flowers in the age of the internet

    by Balaut Burnham
    When flowers became a popular gift, back in XVth century England, it remained a delicacy that was mostly cooked and eaten. Fast forward to the XXIst century, Balaut Burnham takes us on a fascinating historical journey through the surprising story of flowers, how it endured and remained the most popular gift in the history of mankind.
  • Skin Scam

    by Melvin L. Elson, M.D.
    Melvin L. Elson, MD is known world-wide as an expert in treating the appearance of aging. A graduate of Duke University School of Medicine, he also trained at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Duke Hospital. He has taught physicians and medical personnel in more than 50 countries and most of the US. He has published over 300 scientific articles, has written 2 books, has appeared on national and international television and has developed a number of skin care lines. As a board-certified de... more
  • 0998476307

    by David Zulberg
    The culture we live in promotes the belief that a 'skinny' or 'ripped' body is a means to the coveted ideal of happiness. Most diets ignore the mind although your physical health depends on it. Depression can lead to death, anxiety damages the body, and sadness or stress often leads to overeating. Even simple bad eating habits are enforced in the subconscious mind and losing weight is often more dependent on behavior modification and a change in perception, rather than just a change of diet or e... more
  • Why Weight - A Road Map to Recovery: From Anorexia, Bulimia and Other Unhealty Eating Behaviors (Eating Disorders)

    by Kate Andrews
    A frank and informative guide on recovering from eating disorders or other food/weight related issues. Practical exercises make this book interactive and engaging. By the time you reach the last page of this book, you will have created and be able to hold in your hands your own personal road map to assist with your recovery.
  • Stealth Journey - An uncommon fight against cancer, fear, tradition, and pharmaceuticals

    by Naomi Havens
    Stealth Journey is the personal journey of author Naomi Havens who was diagnosed with cancer sixteen years ago. She refused chemo and radiation, in spite of the doctors telling her she would be dead within five years without those therapies. Naomi is now eleven years past the prediction of the doctors, and now shares with others her inspirational story of survival and healing. She is Cancer-Free!
  • Gloateus Maximus: Behind the Scenes of Personal Training

    by Dr Dan Amzallag
    This book is dedicated to, well, everyone. Now you might ask yourself, “Why on earth did we write a book like this?” “Gloateus Maximus” (which can also be read as “Gluteus Maximus”) is the Latin term for the “human butt.” This body part is an obsession in today’s society. J.Lo’s gluteus maximus makes headlines; everyone (mostly women, and some men, of course) is looking for the ideal butt. To reach that specific goal, going to the gym and working out is necessary. Nothing comes easily. From squa... more
  • Mission Possible

    by Dr Dan Amzallag
    While the United States may be the richest country in the world, it also tops the list as the most extreme when it comes to obesity per capita. Far too often ignorance is regarded as bliss when it comes to food and its effect on the body. Many people adhere to diets and eating patterns that have no positive effect on the body or fail within a few months. Staying on a diet has become one of the hardest tasks in today’s society, and sometimes it is even harder than maintaining a successful mar... more
  • The Mind Body Synergy Diet

    by David Zulberg
    The MIND BODY SYNERGY “Diet” identifies fundamental principles in both ancient and current research, providing a practical system for mastering mindfulness and weight loss. Inspired by his own weight loss struggles and life challenges, author David Zulberg refined and tested this program over 18 years, with thousands of success stories. Practical guidelines for managing stress, anger, break-ups, loneliness, altering your perception, and mindful eating are interwoven into a step-by-step m... more
  • Gmo-Free Child: A Parent's Guide to Dietary Cleanup of Genetically Modified Organisms

    by April Scott

    In GMO-Free Child you will discover:

    - Why Genetically Modified Food is so controversial and how it could be affecting the health of your child.
    - What many doctors are reporting about GMOs and how they have been affecting their patients.
    - Why adopting a healthy GMO-Free lifestyle is the best health insurance money can buy.

    Featuring personal interviews with GMO-Free champions Jeffrey Smith (Institute for Responsible Technology), Diana Reeves (GMO Free USA),  Amber... more

  • Bypass This Book How to avoid or survive cardiac bypass surgery

    by Frank M Price
    A unique look at risk factors for coronary heart disease, methods for avoiding heart disease, and strategies for surviving bypass surgery. Included are medicine-related fictional short stories as well as personal observations on the path through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.