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Health, Diet & Parenting

  • Your Holistically Hot Transformation: Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle Free of Dieting, Confusion and Self-Judgment

    by Marissa Vicario
    Are you tired of fad diets and all-juice cleanses? Confused about all the conflicting nutrition information available? Over feeling guilty for your nutrition slip-ups? Finally learn to trust yourself to make slimming, nutritious and energizing choices without dieting, confusion and self-judgment! Award-winning Health Coach and Women's Lifestyle Expert, Marissa Vicario, wasn't always as healthy and happy as she is today. There was a time when her diet had more macaroni and cheese and G&T's t... more
  • Food for Thought

    by Stephanie Jack, Ph.D.
    If you?re a busy health care professional, a grab-and-go food choice might seem practical, but it can have devastating consequences. But many health care professionals make that exact choice?and it?s easy to see why. They must stay energized while seeing patients every ten minutes, conducting surgical procedures, and seeing to administrative tasks?all while keeping up with scholarly journals. Stephanie Jack, Ph.D., explores the implications of quick eating decisions, zeroing in on how whit... more
  • Step Parenting: 50 One-Minute DOS and Don'ts for Stepdads and Stepmoms

    by Randall Hicks
    Step parenting involves special parenting challenges and skills. This book eliminates the fluff and gives you just the nuggets in 50 one-and-two page "chapters," each with an accompanying photograph, concisely addressing a particular issue. This is practical advice that both the stepparent and existing parent can instantly put to use.
  • The Thinking Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer

    by janet maker
    When Dr. Janet Maker was diagnosed in 2011, she, like most people, knew almost nothing about breast cancer. What she did know is that she didn’t feel safe simply following her doctors’ advice. She needed to understand for herself all her treatment options, the statistical outcomes for each option, and all the potential side effects, so she could make informed decisions. The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer is the story of her journey and the things she learned along the way. It is the bo... more
  • Forever Fit and Flexible....Feeling Fabulous at Fifty and Beyond

    by Cheryl L. Ilov
    In "Forever Fit and Flexible" you will discover a new sense of energy and vitality as you move into your fifties, sixties, seventies and beyond. Cheryl Ilov's program provides the building blocks to better posture, core strength, flexibility, balance, and functional strength. As you develop a solid physical foundation, you will also: -eliminate chronic pain -improve injury-related mobility issues -experience increased energy -develop mindful awareness and a positive mindset -....and much mo... more
  • NUANCES, a graphic novel et un roman graphique!

    by Laurence Dea Dionne
    NUANCES is a 3-part graphic novel about well-being. Each part will be 32 full-color, high-quality pages printed in an 10 x 7 inch horizontal format. It was written, illustrated, and edited by Laurence Dea Dionne, a Montreal-based art teacher turned artist. -Cyclone is the first story, and it relates to emotional well-being. In it, Dawn, the main character, is followed by a cloud which morphs and interacts with her and her environment, causing trouble. -Is & Des, the second story, is a... more
  • One Size Does NOT Fit All: Stress Management

    by Nikki B. Williams
    If you are one of the millions struggling with stress or anxiety who have tried everything and don’t know where to turn—I have good news for you. The answer is right in this little book. Until now, you’ve probably been listening to all the stress relief experts out there who are telling you there is one “right” way to manage stress. And then you try their suggestions without taking yourself into consideration. After all, it worked for all the customers in their testimonials, right? Sure. It ... more
  • Diet Slave No More!

    by Svetlana Kogan, M.D.

    Are you a slave of diets that don’t work? This is not you next diet book! In fact, this book defies all the existing diets. The reader is introduced to amazing tools within us. As if by the power of magic, these tools turn complex things into simple and make the impossible possible. You are invited to have fun on this journey, surrounded by the cartoon characters. This book’s approach to weight loss is about you—a holistic plan that focuses on you as an individual.... more

  • Your Child's Asthma: A Guide for Parents

    by John Hunt
    Asthma is not a diagnosis. If you or your doctor thinks your child might have asthma, your next question should be: "What disease is causing my child to have asthma?" It's a question often forgotten. There are many diseases that cause asthma, and these diseases require different therapies. Your Child's Asthma is unique, just as your child is unique. This book is entirely focused on the diagnosis and management of the individual child. There is no cookbook medicine here. In Your Child'... more
  • Frugal Family Fun (Parenting, Family Activities): The ultimate family resource with over 300 budget friendly activities

    by Amanda Mawhinney
    Want closer relationships with your family? Get your family members excited to spend time with you. Discover how to get ALL of your family members involved in activities and eager to spend more time together. Find team building exercises that you can use to work out family conflicts. Learn how to customize activities for YOUR specific family- including different age groups, family structures and even families with special needs. Utilize family directed money making activities and money savi... more
  • Alzheimer's Disease: How Its Bacterial Cause Was Found and Then Discarded

    by Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD
    Every 72 seconds someone in America develops Alzheimer’s disease (AD). And it has been said that almost everyone living long enough will eventually show evidence of Alzheimer’s disease. Thus far its cause has remained elusive. Nevertheless, recently, study after study, in which scientists have injected human Alzheimer diseased brain tissue into mice and other laboratory animals that later developed the disease have left little doubt that Alzheimer’s arises from an infectious process, and the foc... more
  • D is for Dog

    by Terrie Sizemore
    D is for Dog is a book for every pet owner. It is an easy guide to pet care for the enthusiastic pet owner interested in the basic health care for their pet. Colorful pictures make this read enjoyable and fun. The information is enlightening as well as interesting. Great for every family as well as for gifts. This book is fof all ages.
  • Momma's Little Helper Day Planner

    by Tracey Spaventa
    Momma’s Little Helper has designed this planner & notebook to assist you in managing your time and priorities.
  • Beyond the Tiger Mom

    by Maya Thiagarajan

    In Beyond the Tiger Mom: East-West Parenting for the Global Age, Maya Thiagarajan looks at the differences between Western and Asian approaches to parenting and education.

    How do Asian parents prime their children for success from a young age? Why do Asian kids do so well in math and science? What is the difference between an Asian upbringing and a Western one? Why do some Asian mothers see themselves as "tiger moms" while others shun the label? How do Asian... more