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Health, Diet & Parenting

  • Tgit Thank Goodness It's T-Ball Day

    by Kevin Christofora
    Most parents today know very little about baseball. Unlike previous generations, they don't have a lot to pass on to their children, and most kids today know more about Angry Birds than they do about America's National Pastime. It’s a different world, and today’s kids have lost touch with the game. Kids don’t play outside much, and the sandlot’s turned into a parking lot. Baseball’s getting lost. The Hometown All Stars Book series, written for children ages 3-6, is on a mission to spread the... more
  • Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety: A Book For Parents From A Child's Perspective

    by Corine Toren
    The book gives a glimpse inside a child's anxiety-driven mind. It is a unique parenting book written completely from a child's perspective. The book explores the author's personal struggles with anxiety as a child, and also offers ways parents can support their own children struggling with anxiety.
  • Autism Decoded - The Cracks in the Code

    by Stella Waterhouse
    Autism Decoded - The Cracks in the Code takes light and somewhat controversial approach to this weighty and complex subject, illustrated by personal accounts, film and literature, and even the lives of some other people to bring new – and often surprising - insights to the search; offering views that challenge readers to reassess their thinking and join the debate.
  • Women and Heart Disease: The Real Story

    by Jacqueline Eubany
    Heart disease remains the number one killer of women in the United States. It kills more women than breast and lung cancer combined. Do you know that you can decrease your risk of having a heart attack by almost 80% with some changes in lifestyle habits? This book aims to educate women about heart disease. Explains risk factors for heart disease and several principles that can be adopted to decrease one's risk for a heart attack. A heart attack can no longer be thought of as a "man's" disease.
  • Testosterone Resistance

    by Malcolm Carruthers, MD
    This is a controversial account of why, because of the barriers to testosterone action in the body, men can have normal levels of testosterone but still have life-, love-, and health-wrecking symptoms of testosterone deficiency which need treatment. The deficiency is increasingly being linked to common and serious medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart and circulatory disorders, and even Alzheimer’s disease. This has clearly been shown by the author’s pioneering research publication... more
  • Breastfeeding Is a Bitch, But We Lovingly Do it Anyway

    by Cassi Clark
    We cheer “Breastfeeding! Yay!” on social media, and around our female friends with feminist pride. But at 3 a.m. you may be cudgeling yourself with, “Oh, dear god, what have we done?” Intellectually, we all know it’s better for our babies, and instinctually, many of us want to do it. But our pregnant daydreaming does little to prepare us for the pain, frustration, self-judgment, and fear that we may experience by choosing to breastfeed. Breastfeeding can be all angels and rainbows. But more ofte... more
  • Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow

    by Kathryn Kemp Guylay
    Are you a parent or teacher hoping to encourage children to eat more veggies and fruits? Want to support healthy eating messages in a fun, educational and positive way? Looking for great educational messaging with peer-to-peer messaging? Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow uses charming illustrations by 12-year old Alexander Guylay combined with real-life photography and simple rhymes by award winning nutrition educator Kathryn Kemp Guylay to create an augmented reality that immediately draws kids into ... more
  • Geoff Goheen's Self Health Guide

    by Geoff Goheen
    Why not heal yourself? Save more money, live without pain, achieve the body and mind you've always wanted. This is your complete guide for self-healing, stress reduction, diet, exercising, and hands on therapies you will use time and time again. How to heal yourself through diet, exercise, and hands on therapies.
  • Healthcare Insights: Better Care Better Business

    by Dr Harold Goldmeier
    A fascinating collection of articles written by Dr. Goldmeier describing the fast changing nature of the medical and healthcare business, staffing, and patient care. The book offers a penetrating look into the mindset of administrators, doctors, nurses, and patients as they maneuver through the care delivery system.

    by Tomer Mash
    The book describes in an entertaining manner the world of kids as you may know it, evolving around their tablet. As time goes by they come to realize that there is another world outside the virtual one that is not less interesting and challenging as the one that is revealed to them through the screen. This book is suitable for children at the age of 4-10 and has a VERY IMPORTANT MORAL LESSON. Key words: children, health, tech, tablet, mobile, screen, educational
  • The Self-Care Solution: A Modern Mother's Must-Have Guide to Health and Well-Being

    by Julie Burton
    Combining the thoughtful and expert narrative of a veteran mom of four children with the voices of hundreds of moms she surveyed, The Self-Care Solution offers insightful answers to poignant questions about how mothers take care of themselves, their relationships, and their jobs while raising their children―and how they don’t. Here, mothers reveal their struggles with self-care, and the consequences of neglecting themselves and their relationships, and share successful strategies to combat thes... more
  • 978-0997132021

    by Kamea Chayne

    A one-stop-read for those seeking a comprehensive primer guide to sustainable living...

    Will getting your dream job, buying your dream car, living in your dream home, and going on your dream vacation enable you to live happily ever after? Will eating balanced diets, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep be sufficient for long-term health?

    Contrary to what you might think, the answers are no and no.

    Why? Because happiness is not something you can con... more

  • Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight a woman-to-woman recipe for life

    by Lorna Stremcha

    Have you struggled with weight issues for most of your life, and you're not sure why?

    In Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight, Lorna Stremcha teaches improve their well-being through the P.I.E.S. way of life: physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. If you're suffering from the an eating disorder, Lorna provides you with the tools to overcome your struggles to achieve bodily wellness. If you're struggling through difficult times in your life Lose the Bagga... more

  • Kidding Around NYC

    by Suzanne Roche
    A visual, entertaining travel guide to New York City for children. It's called Kidding Around for a reason. Yes, it's written for kids (duh). But it's also entertaining and full of unusual details and fun information. If you are going to New York City or live in New York City or just want to learn more about New York City, you are going to love this book! We're not kidding.
  • Three Steps to Superior Health: An Evidence-Based Guide for Stress Reduction, Longevity, and Weight Loss

    by Orestes Gutierrez, D.O.
    Do you find yourself setting health goals for yourself year after year and not getting results? Are you frustrated because you seem to make the right health choices but are still not getting the results you desire? Do you have the knowledge but have difficulty putting it into practice to accomplish your health goals? Are you concerned about your health and want an all natural lifestyle plan? Then this book is for you! Dr. Gutierrez shares scientifically proven principles of stress reduction, ... more