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Health, Diet & Parenting

  • Healthcare Insights: Better Care Better Business

    by Dr Harold Goldmeier
    A fascinating collection of articles written by Dr. Goldmeier describing the fast changing nature of the medical and healthcare business, staffing, and patient care. The book offers a penetrating look into the mindset of administrators, doctors, nurses, and patients as they maneuver through the care delivery system.

    by Tomer Mash
    The book describes in an entertaining manner the world of kids as you may know it, evolving around their tablet. As time goes by they come to realize that there is another world outside the virtual one that is not less interesting and challenging as the one that is revealed to them through the screen. This book is suitable for children at the age of 4-10 and has a VERY IMPORTANT MORAL LESSON. Key words: children, health, tech, tablet, mobile, screen, educational
  • The Self-Care Solution: A Modern Mother's Must-Have Guide to Health and Well-Being

    by Julie Burton
    Combining the thoughtful and expert narrative of a veteran mom of four children with the voices of hundreds of moms she surveyed, The Self-Care Solution offers insightful answers to poignant questions about how mothers take care of themselves, their relationships, and their jobs while raising their children―and how they don’t. Here, mothers reveal their struggles with self-care, and the consequences of neglecting themselves and their relationships, and share successful strategies to combat thes... more
  • 978-0997132021

    by Kamea Chayne

    A one-stop-read for those seeking a comprehensive primer guide to sustainable living...

    Will getting your dream job, buying your dream car, living in your dream home, and going on your dream vacation enable you to live happily ever after? Will eating balanced diets, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep be sufficient for long-term health?

    Contrary to what you might think, the answers are no and no.

    Why? Because happiness is not something you can con... more

  • Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight a woman-to-woman recipe for life

    by Lorna Stremcha

    Have you struggled with weight issues for most of your life, and you're not sure why?

    In Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight, Lorna Stremcha teaches improve their well-being through the P.I.E.S. way of life: physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. If you're suffering from the an eating disorder, Lorna provides you with the tools to overcome your struggles to achieve bodily wellness. If you're struggling through difficult times in your life Lose the Bagga... more

  • Kidding Around NYC

    by Suzanne Roche
    A visual, entertaining travel guide to New York City for children. It's called Kidding Around for a reason. Yes, it's written for kids (duh). But it's also entertaining and full of unusual details and fun information. If you are going to New York City or live in New York City or just want to learn more about New York City, you are going to love this book! We're not kidding.
  • Three Steps to Superior Health: An Evidence-Based Guide for Stress Reduction, Longevity, and Weight Loss

    by Orestes Gutierrez, D.O.
    Do you find yourself setting health goals for yourself year after year and not getting results? Are you frustrated because you seem to make the right health choices but are still not getting the results you desire? Do you have the knowledge but have difficulty putting it into practice to accomplish your health goals? Are you concerned about your health and want an all natural lifestyle plan? Then this book is for you! Dr. Gutierrez shares scientifically proven principles of stress reduction, ... more
  • The Thinking Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer

    by Janet Maker
    The book is a first-person account of my struggle to get the information I needed about all my treatment options, the statistical outcomes, and all the side effects, so I could make informed decisions. The personal became political as I encountered the cancer establishment with its one-size-fits-all standard of care, the corporations responsible for the carcinogens in the environment, research funded by the corporations, legislators who rely on corporate contributions to keep their jobs, and th... more
  • Adult Guide: Health Screening and Prevention

    by Dr. Salim Jaffer
    This is a layman's handbook, designed to bridge the gap between the public and the medical community. It focuses on important timetables, adult vaccines, cancer screening, and preventive tools that anyone can use to live a longer, healthier life. Most people don't realize that doctors are often unaware of important milestones for preventing common, deadly diseases for each and every patient. The only way to make sure you receive the right preventive care at the most critical moments in your l... more
  • The Right to the Truth

    by I.C. Papachristos, MD

    Provocative book reveals widespread abuse of cancer patients’ rights.

    Foreword by:

    Peter Goldstraw


    Should all patients be informed when they’ve been diagnosed with cancer? If the answer is “yes,” Who should break the bad news to them?... more

  • Δικαίωμα στην Αλήθεια

    by Ι.Χ. Παπαχρήστος ( I.C. Papachristos, MD )

    Πρέπει άραγε ή Όχι να ξέρει την αλήθεια ο ασθενής με καρκίνο; Αν ναι, από Ποιόν ενημερών... more

  • Ageless Beauty: The Ultimate Skincare & Makeup Book for Women & Teens of Color

    by Yvonne Rose
    Skin care and Make up advice for Women and Teens of Color
  • Parenting from Wholeness, Ten Habits for Bringing Out the Best in Your Child

    by Carole E. Gaeckle

    A practical guide for examining emotional dilemmas of parenting and the helpful skills for success. The book inspires parents toward gaining personal insights, enriching their connection with their child, and strengthening their child's ability to live his or her best life.

  • A Girl Called Red

    by Jade Marie
    A Girl Called Red is an inspirational novel that helps a biracial teenager named Trinity Haynes to overcome some of the vicious rumors and daily obstacles that she’s faced with after she’s exploited by some of her peers. Not only is she an outcast at school, but also in her very own home, where she suffers from an extreme case of Middle Child Syndrome. Luckily for Trinity, her best friend Michael (aka Michelle) comes to her rescue by helping her put the missing pieces in her life back together.
  • Debunking the Bump

    by Daphne Adler
    Debunking the Bump is a pregnancy book for women with a thirst for facts. After 3 years of research where she poured over thousands of studies, the author, a mother and mathematician, has reframed the parameters of what should and shouldn’t be allowable during pregnancy. The book covers not only all the hot pregnancy topics (Is it safe to eat sushi and drink coffee?) but also a variety of additional subjects Adler’s exhaustive research uncovered that aren’t even mentioned in most pregnancy boo... more