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Health, Diet & Parenting

  • It's a Bedroom, Not a Boardroom: Protect Your Relationship from Being Damaged by Business Strategy

    by Lois Nightingale
    It’s a Bedroom not a Board Room provides communication skills for ambitious couples. As a psychologist for over 30 years, Dr. Lois Nightingale discovered that ambitious and outcome-focused couples often had more difficulty connecting with loved ones at home. When they faced challenges at work, they focused on a solution and found an answer. But these skills only seemed to increase problems at home. When they finally landed in therapy they were on the verge of ending another relationship, financi... more
  • Building Resiliency, helping your child build inner strength through the adversity of divorce

    by Lois Nightingale
    Resiliency, the ability to overcome serious hardships, has been researched and show to be a trait that can be fostered in children. When resiliency is nurtured and developed in children of divorce, it can reduce the negative effects of not only the disruption of the divorce, but it can also increase emotional strength for future disappointments in their lives.
  • How You Live 1 Day After Forever

    by Dr Roy Starr, PhD
    This is the first book in a series of books telling of the secrets of immortality. Immortally or living forever in the body you were born with has been one of the best kept secrets for hundreds of years. This first book of a series deals with how living forever is physically possible. It explains the how and why the body functions and what it needs to renew itself indefinitely. It explains “The Immortal Diet” requirements to get healthy, stay healthy, and live forever. A diet that is easy to... more
  • The Fantastical Keys of Darius Newton Archibank: Zarqnon the Embarrassed Discovers He Is Autistic

    by Zarqnon the Embarrassed
    Follow the thoughts of an autistic child full of wonder as he grows and struggles into an adult who has embraced his unique brain and how it has affected his every day life, to turn around and have his own child to teach about the world. From the Author: This will be like no book on autism you have ever read. I wanted to not only show how my specific autistic brain thinks, but I also wanted to create it in my own personal framework on how I like to do things, where I allowed my brain to design... more
  • Being the Grownup: Love, Limits and the Natural Authority of Parenthood

    by Adelia Moore
    Parents sometimes forget that they are in charge and that their job is not to please or be friends with their children but to take care of them and keep them safe. The most difficult part of being a parent is not mastering parenting techniques but adhering to them when their children push back. Being the Grownup, a groundbreaking exploration of the parent-child relationship, demonstrates how and when to be in charge, and how to strike the balance between parental responsibility and a child’s gro... more
  • The Daily Brew: A 365-Day Guided Journal

    by Gary Robinson
    Have you ever started a personal journal only to give up because you didn’t know what to write about? Have you ever wanted to keep a journal but didn’t know how to start? Well, The Daily Brew Journal might be just the thing for you! The authors have painstakingly created a 365-day template for writing about your thoughts and feelings as well as a nice mix of active, hands-on exercises to keep it interesting and to help you avoid “journal fatigue.” So, find a comfy chair, grab your favorite hot b... more
  • The News Geeks

    by the news geeks

    The News Geeks is a platform that is accessible differing kinds of news, articles story, history, diversion news, Bollywood and Hollywood news it means that the entire world of stories squares measures on the news market, here our news and facts belong to the good of characters together with absolute data, if you need to browse any classical, historical or the other sorts news go one in all the news treasure The News geeks website. It has each class news categories like Entertainment, Science... more

  • Attachment Fathering

    by Neena Roumell
    Attachment Fathering is an encouraging parental guide which underscores the far reaching positive impact and the benefits of nurturant fathering from birth through early infancy and beyond. Attachment Fathering is daddy-motivating and well researched, providing a window into the opportunity for strong attachment and sensitive caregiving. Author images of multicultural involved fathers and their infants following birth, during comforting and play highlight how the emotional connections made in th... more
  • attachment fathering

    by neena roumell
  • Journey to Healing—The Art and Science of Applied Kinesiology

    by Eugene Charles, D.C.
    Applied Kinesiology (AK) is the science of healing the total person and supporting your true health through the study of movement and muscle function. I have included case histories of patients' experiences with AK. Their stories will inspire you about the power of AK to help you reach your full health potential and begin your journey to healing.
  • Qigong

    by Gabriele Golissa

    Available for preorder:

    From the author of prize-winning ‘Skies/Himmel’:
    An inspiring journey of discovery.
    China today is often only seen as the country of unfair trading practices, product piracy, environmental pollution, and violation of human rights. While it is certainly facing multifaceted challenges, China is also a country with an ancient history and a rich culture. Gabriele Golissa uses Qigong, the anci... more

  • Starved to Obesity: My Journey Out of Food Addiction and How You Can Escape It Too!

    by Emily Boller
    Ten years ago, I hit rock bottom. I was morbidly obese with dangerously high blood pressure, heart disease, and pre-diabetes. I took my passion for art and created an online art exhibit using my body as a canvas and food as the paint. I lost 100 pounds in less than a year by focusing on eating instead of dieting. Now, I help others stop dieting, lose weight, and get healthy too. This book is the key that unlocks sufferers from the prison of food addiction!
  • Mommy Why Are They Wearing That?

    by Logan Lezell and Carol Lezell
    "Mommy Why Are They Wearing That", presents charming illustrations along with the encouraging message that teaches children to not stare at different religious outfits. The book teaches without judgment and with respect so kids don't get the impression that some religions are "better" or "weirder" than others. Your kids are undoubtedly going to have questions about all of the fascinating things they're learning and seeing. Especially at an age when children are interacting more with others an... more
  • Near-Death Experiences Are Real!: But Only for Survivors!

    by William Pillow

    Therefore this book is radically different from any other book you have ever seen, read, or heard about. It dares to challenge everyone’s beliefs about the so-called “reality.” Although the book reads like science fiction, everything you read here is as factual as is humanly possible. For example, you cannot personally perceive the electromagnetic waves that invisibly surround us to carry Internet information and communications! So this book will introduce you to another kind of humanly imper... more

  • The Real Home School Handbooks

    by Kathy Banks
    The Home School Handbooks are 3 booklets less than 50 pages each all about helping parents make home school not just more affordable, but enjoyable. There are the author's own lesson plans, schedules, high school credits, forms, resources of the best helps she used. Learn how this mom spent less than $500 in eleven years of home school. Learn how to let each child teach themselves. The author helps parents understand the alternative to traditional school is not to produce a cookie-cutter child, ... more
  • chennai escorts

    by malvika adhikari