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History & Military

  • DEBACLE: The Persian Gulf War Revealed Volume 3

    by Mark R. Gery
    Volume 3 of DEBACLE covers the failed US ground campaign against Iraq, the violent and bloody Iraqi civil war that commenced just after the war, and the high-level pressure on the part of the White House that succeeded in persuading Israel and several Arab countries (minus Iraq) to attend the Madrid Middle East Peace Conference in late October, 1991. The volume concludes with an extended Epilogue that chronicles the slow but steady decrease in America's international standing after the failed G... more
  • DEBACLE: The Persian Gulf War Revealed Volume 2

    by Mark R. Gery
    Volume 2 of DEBACLE starts with a complete account of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August, 1990. Then comes the first Bush administration's concerted efforts to promote and organize a massive US military response to the invasion, irrespective of the wishes of several Arab states, many members of the United Nations, and most of the American public. Concurrent with this is the large-scale preparation for war by the US military as well as the Iraqi side. The key goals for the war are expla... more
  • DEBACLE: The Persian Gulf War Revealed Volume 1

    by Mark R. Gery
    A far-reaching and impactful presentation of the 1991 Persian Gulf War that demonstrates clearly that Iraq, not the United States, actually won the war. Volume 1 documents the history of Iraq and the regime of Saddam Hussein, then outlines US involvement in the Middle East during the post-World War II period, concluding with an in-depth lay out of the political tension between Washington and Baghdad that started as early as 1972.
  • Come With Me, Together We'll See the Beauty of...HAWAII

    by Jeannie & Madison Fung
    Take a journey to the beautiful island of Hawaii in this colorfully illustrated picture book featuring some of the island's most famous sites and activities. Get ready for a tropical adventure with thirty pages full of bright and whimsical designs that include games and puzzles.
  • African American Heritage: An Educational Journey

    by Daniel Ginsberg
    African American Heritage: An Educational Journey is the first segment of Our American Heritage Series. This a a full-color, case-bound library/school edition that is designed as an introduction to a series of cultural heritages to include; •\tAfrican American Heritage •\tHispanic American Heritage (Eng. & Span. editions) •\tMiddle Easter American Heritage •\tAsian American Heritage •\tItalian American Heritage •\tIrish American Heritage •\tNative American Heritage •\tOur American Herit... more
  • African American Heritage Coloring Book

    by Daniel Ginsberg
    The African American Heritage Coloring Book is a a 24 page black & white color-able, educational companion book to the African American Heritage: An Educational Journey full-color, case-bound library edition.
  • Abe-vs-Adolf

    by Maya Ross
    Abe Peck was the sole living Holocaust survivor of an entire town in Poland. Snatched from his home as a young teenager, Abe was forced to spend the next five unimaginably horrific years as a prisoner and slave in Nazi camps such as Auschwitz and Buchenwald. He survived starvation, disease, shootings, forced labor and death marches. If you asked him how he did it—how he beat the most abysmal of odds—he’d tell you he was lucky. But was it luck, or an indomitable will to live? Abe barely survi... more
  • The Other Side Continent

    by Michail Varvarousis
    The subject presented in this book is the result of a long study and research upon the seamanship of the ancient and medieval world. It aims to investigate the ability of ancient exploration voyages to the great oceans and to present, in a simple and understandable manner, all those components that shed light on an ancient effort to explore the Atlantic Ocean and probably even the American continent.
  • Murderers' Row

    by Springs Toledo

    There used to be a particularly dangerous and crime-ridden alley located in what is now the SoHo district of New York City; it ran between ramshackle tenements in a black neighborhood known as Darktown in the early 19th century. “Murderers’ Row” was no place for the decent or the delicate. By the 1870s, the term was used in direct reference to the second tier of the Tombs prison, which loomed a half mile from the alley. In 1918, New York was cheering six sluggers in... more

  • We Answered With Love: Pacifist Service in World War I

    by Nancy Learned Haines
    In America, 1918 was a time of zealous patriotism. But not everyone believed in the rightness of war. Leslie Hotson’s conscience led him to go to France with the American Friends Service Committee to repair the wounds of war. Mary Peabody worked to change conditions at home as a radical socialist and anti-war activist. Both hoped that their love of mankind would lead them to living out their highest ideals. We Answered With Love is based on the letters of these two... more
  • The Legend of Lieutenant Thompson

    by Neil Burckart
    This story is about a young man who joins the army air corp. in 1942. He became a bomber pilot and flew thirty missions over enemy territory, was wounded twice, and received thirteen medals for his exemplary service. After the war, he moved his young family to Alaska to find work. He worked as a stevedore on the docks. In his off hours, he started commercial fishing and hunting. Eventually he became a guide. As the years passed, he became one of the very best guides in all of Alaska and has g... more
  • Holocaust Postal History: Harrowing Journeys Revealed through the Letters and Cards of the Victims

    by Justin Gordon
    In Holocaust Postal History, postal historian Justin Gordon takes readers on a journey through the Holocaust, using actual correspondence written by the victims to document the steps along the way. As Gordon attests, though, seemingly everyday items such as letters and cards often bear more than just a message: they represent lives, hopes, and history. Personal correspondence sent during the Holocaust is no different; in fact, it is made all the more poignant by the circumstances in which the s... more
  • Pilgrimage to Crete

    by W.E. Welbourne
    At the outset of the Second World War on September 1, 1939, young Aussie 'diggers' are rushed to assist Britain in its hour of need ? to the nearest European war zone in the Middle East and North Africa. My Uncle Arthur, young 'Arty' is one of these ? a sapper with 6 years militia training as an army engineer. The ANZAC forces sweep through Libya, from Egypt to Benghazi, defeating superior numbers of heavily armed Italians ? the first Allied land victory of the war. Ill-equipped and lacking prom... more
  • No Ordinary Soldier: My Father's Two Wars

    by Liz Gilmore Williams

    Finalist, 2018 International Book Award Contest, Military history genre.

    A young man from a gritty Pennsylvania mill town enlists in the Army Air Corps and heads for Hawaii, the “Paradise of the Pacific.” There, he and his buddies defend Oahu while it explodes and burns in the bombing of Pearl Harbor. As the war surges, his bomber squadron ships out to primitive Pacific outposts. Amid air raids, stifling heat, and outbreaks of tropical disease, he cling... more

  • 1478754540

    by Nathan Shasho

    Since the beginning of our evolutionary history humans have proven to be the most aggressive and violent of all species on this planet. The historical evidence, which is in no way complete in spite of the many examples in my book, clearly illustrates man's ability to set aside his compassion and empathy not just for other humans but all living things, including environments necessary for other living species to survive. Yet with all the history of conquerors, worl... more

  • Is There a God? How Do You Know?

    by Kenneth Shores
    My life story from age four to 83 years old. Traveled over most of the world and ( am a disabled veteran from the Koran War (1949 to 1953). The first half of the book, are my many doubts about God and the second half of the book, the many miracles I witness to learn who God really is. The Miracle of Faith and how God crated a second marriage are two of the greatest miracles in my life. The book has changed some readers lives.