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  • How to write a precis maintaining the author's plot.

    by Mike Langer
    Authors understand that being able to write a synopsis is essential.Here I present a guide to writing a perfect critical precis.
    Writing a synopsis for a book or an article is hard. It is not easy. I shouldn’t be telling you this.

    Since your publisher or reader wants a story and wants it now, writing a precis is becoming critical and essential. This is because they need to present the prospects of your book to possible buyers and booksellers. Again, movie and television presente... more
  • W. A. Dwiggins: A Life in Design

    by Bruce Kennett
    A lavishly illustrated biography of one of the most interesting artists of the twentieth century, who designed typefaces and books, built two private marionette theaters and re-imagined the engineering of puppets, wrote fiction, essays, and satire, and was an accomplished calligrapher, illustrator, painter, sculptor, kite-maker, textile designer, and theatrical set designer. A large-format book of 496 pages, with 1200 illustrations (many reproduced at actual size), all printed in full color.
  • Fearless: How a Poor Virginia Seamstress Took on Jim Crow, Beat the Poll Tax and Changed Her City Forever

    by Charlene Butts Ligon
    FEARLESS: How a poor Virginia seamstress took on Jim Crow, beat the poll tax and changed her city forever is about Evelyn T. Butts. A poor seamstress who became a forceful and courageous voting rights champion and won a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case that abolished the poll tax. In FEARLESS, we see Mrs. Butts as a mother and active citizen who works tirelessly to improve the lives of family members and neighbors, while also joining or leading battles against discrimination in employment, pu... more
  • discipl·ish: My Unconventional Pilgrimage thru Faith, Art, Evangelical Culture

    by Mike Duran
    The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first… blowout. In the spring of 1980, Mike Duran responded to an altar call and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. It’d been a hard road home. Raised Catholic, in an alcoholic home, somehow he’d gone off the rails, plunging into the world of rock music, psychedelic drugs, and occultism. However, his conversion would change all that. Suddenly Mike was a Jesus freak! But his adventure was just beginning. Seventeen years from that day, he... more
  • The Hero in the Helmet

    by Joa Macnalie

    NFL Super-star athelete and humanitarian Colin Kaepernick becomes a national figure after kneeling during the singing of the national anthem. Kap make clear that his protest is about police brutality and hate crimes targeted at black and minority people in America. Kap's courage to speak up continues to empower many, while infuriating others. Those in opposition of his protests interpret his right of freedom of expression to mean insolence against military ve... more

  • From Siberia to St. Kitts: A Teacher's Journey

    by Ira Sumner Simmonds
    Following the tumultuous and unexpected life of Zina Katzen, Simmonds' biography weaves disparate threads from Russia, China, Chile, France, and St. Kitts-Nevis into a vibrant tapestry revealing a surprising and exceptional woman. Stepping outside of the spinster-teacher archetype, Katzen's story is one of a complicated, fiercely independent woman whose decades of unwavering dedication and commitment to the education of children across the globe belie an intriguing, unpredictable and, at times, ... more
  • A Hudson Valley Writer's Guide, Second Edition

    by Michael Boyajian

    Quiet places around the Hudson Valley for writers to create amid the splendors of nature.  Includes accessability notations.. Video of the sites can be found on the book's social media page.  With photography

  • Green Enchantments: A Catskills Outdoor Guide and Collected Essays Second Edition

    by Michael Boyajian
    The reissue of the acclaimed book on the Catskills is now available and will bring joy to all lovers of the Catskill Mountains.
  • Experiencing Islam: Becoming Islam-Aware

    by James E. Horn
    EXPERIENCING ISLAM (Becoming Islam Aware) has been banned by librarians and was censored by the CIA The author is a retired American diplomat who worked in national security for over 25-years. He held the highest levels of TOP SECRET security clearances (the reason why the CIA reviewed and censored the book). The book has been banned by many librarians (not all – some librarians are honest about letting people read and learn). The author is recognized as one of the top 100 experts on Islam in Am... more
  • Prayers Gathered Along the Way - A Memoir Captivating Compelling Letters to God (Journey Conversations)

    by Christine Walters
    The author shares her deepest thoughts and communications from her journey conversations with God. Prayers Gathered Along the Way is a compelling, gripping, and mesmerizing collections of letters and conversations that takes you through a journey of prayers collected for the heart, mind, and soul for the purpose to help others who are going through heartache. This book is intended for healing, and moving forward from infidelity, divorce, loss, and grief. Thinking back to January 2015; I was ... more
  • The Celebrated Marquis: An Italian Noble and the Making of the Modern World

    by John D. Bessler
    During the Enlightenment, a now little-known Italian marquis, while in his mid-twenties, wrote a book that was destined to change the world. Published anonymously in 1764 as Dei delitti e delle pene, and quickly translated into French and then into English as On Crimes and Punishments, the runaway bestseller argued against torture, capital punishment, and religious intolerance. Written by Cesare Beccaria (1738-1794), On Crimes and Punishments sought clear and egalitarian laws, better public ed... more
  • 978-0-9838131-7-0

    by Stafford Cohen
    Paul Zoll MD — The Pioneer Whose Discoveries Prevent Sudden Death, presents an interesting and lively story that is a balance of science and humanity. Dr. Stafford Cohen writes with a clear, precise style. He documents Zoll’s career both as a doctor who took great pride in the care he gave his patients as well as researcher whose work pioneered the pacemaker, defibrillator and heart monitor—not only saving countless lives but also helping create the era of modern electrocardiac therapy. I... more
  • Galantière, The Lost Generation’s Forgotten Man

    by Mark Lurie
    Lewis Galantière guided Hemingway through his first years in Paris, helped James Joyce and Sylvia Beach launch Ulysses, started John Houseman in his theatrical career and collaborated with Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in the writing of Wind, Sand and Stars and Flight to Arras. He was a Federal Reserve Board Banker, Office of War Information Chief, Counselor to Radio Free Europe and President of PEN America. Yet this son of Latvian Jewish immigrants accomplished all this with little formal educa... more
  • Leonardo Da Vinci: The Boy Who Loved Circles

    by David Eastis
    Leonardo Da Vinci—The Boy Who Loved Circles introduces readers to the “universal genius” and focuses on the childhood years of the brilliant artist, inventor, scientist and innovator. Within the beautifully illustrated pages, author David Eastis brings to light Leonardo’s fascination with circles and orbs, their reoccurrence in nature and relevance to mathematics, physics and other realms of science. In the pages of Leonardo Da Vinci—The Boy Who Loved Circles, we learn what Da Vinci discov... more
  • Paul Zoll MD; The Pioneer Whose Discoveries Prevent Sudden Death

    by Stafford Cohen
    A lively biography that skillfully combines science and humanity, this is the story of Dr. Paul Zoll, who pioneered the pacemaker, defibrillator and heart monitor—saving countless lives and helping create the era of modern electrocardiac therapy.
  • The Age Of Uterine Law

    by Carol Williams
    For me to write well, it helps to be really angry. Although I had several letters printed in the Chicago Tribune years ago, I’d given up on the power of print media, both in giving me an opportunity to speak or any effect it could possibly have. But in October 2016, I sent a Letter to the Editor to our local daily newspaper, the Journal, in Martinsburg, West Virginia. When I got a call back saying it would be printed the following week, I was hooked. Starting in February 2017, I’ve had a sc... more