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    by kathy brunt
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  • An Odd Book: How the First Modern Pop Culture Reporter Conquered New York

    by R. Scott Williams
    As the highest-paid and most-read columnist of his era, Odd McIntyre achieved great fame and fortune in the early twentieth century. Raised in Gallipolis, Ohio, eventually he moved to New York and became close friends with many of the leading personalities of the day, including writers Edna Ferber, Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald; entertainers Fred Astaire, Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., Billie Burke, and Will Rogers; composers George Gershwin and Meredith Willson; actors Rudolph Valentino and ... more
  • DeFacto Feminism: Essays Straight Outta Oakland

    by Judy Juanita
    DeFacto CreateSpace Description DeFacto Feminism: Essays Straight Outta Oakland views activism and feminism as they play out in one writer's political, artistic and spiritual life. A distinguished finalist for OSU’s 2016 Non/Fiction Collection Prize, De Facto… blends essays, poems, graphics and literary criticism. An act of self-definition spanning four decades, the central person in DeFacto... is the writer herself, a feminist foot soldier. With the feel of memoir, these essays align with femal... more
  • The Man Who Lit Lady Liberty: The Extraordinary Rise and Fall of Actor M. B. Curtis

    by Richard Schwartz
    In his latest endeavor, The Man Who Lit Lady Liberty: The Extraordinary Rise and Fall of Actor M.B. Curtis (RSB Books, April 2017, $29.95 HC, Distributed by Heyday Books), author and historian Richard Schwartz delivers the fascinating life story of Jewish immigrant actor M.B. Curtis. \t As the Statue of Liberty stood unlit and unloved by American politicians in 1886, one of her saviors was creating a theatrical sensation at New York’s Fourteenth Street Theatre. Actor M. B. Curtis, who had ach... more
  • Swami in a Strange Land: How Krishna Came to the West

    by Joshua M. Greene
    In the turbulent 1960s — with its civil rights marches, anti-war demonstrations, and challenges to traditional American life — stepped 70-year old Bhaktivedanta Swami, on a mission to save the world. He arrived by cargo ship, having suffering two heart attacks on the storm-tossed journey. He had seven dollars to his name, knew no one, and had never been outside India. But he was determined to spread the teachings of Krishna, the Supreme Being of the ancient Vedic scriptures. He passed away tw... more
  • Charles Dickens of the Westcountry

    by Lucy Simister

    Charles Dickens was an abrupt, excitable young man driven to succeed.  He would always be distressed by the humiliation he experienced as a young child, at the hands of his frivolous parents. His parents were well off and educated coming from middle-class backgrounds and he enjoyed that standard of living. Charles was well educated, well read and enjoyed music and acting. 
    When his parents were put into the debtor's prison he was sent out to work in a factory.  Labelin... more

  • Deliverance: Mary Fields: First African American Woman Star Route Mail Carrier in the United States: A Montana History

    by Miantae Metcalf McConnell

    1885 - 1914. Mary Fields, an emancipated slave, receives news of her friend’s impending death. She arrives in the Montana wilderness and finds Mother Mary Amadeus lying on frozen earth in a broken-down cabin. Certain that the cloister of frostbit Ursuline nuns and their Indian girl pupils will not survive without assistance, Mary stays.

    She builds a hennery, makes repairs to quarters, cares for stock, and treks into the mountains to provide food. Brushes with de... more

  • Drawn Together : The Biography of Caldecott Award-winning Authors Berta and Elmer Hader

    by Sybilla Cook
    Berta and Elmer Hader were prolific and popular author/illustrators during the 20th century. They worked together to create nearly 100 children’s books, winning the Caldecott Award for THE BIG SNOW, and two Caldecott runners-up. They began as artists in San Francisco, moved to the New York area after World War I, and became the center of a large group of young artists and journalists, such as Rose Wilder Lane and Katherine Ann Porter. These friends visted nearly every weekend, helping them b... more
  • Hood: Trailblazer of the Genomics Age

    by Luke Timmerman
    Lee Hood did that rarest of things. He enabled scientists to see things they couldn't see before and do things they hadn't dreamed of doing. Scientists can now sequence complete human genomes in a day, setting in motion a revolution that is personalizing medicine. Hood, a son of the American West, was an unlikely candidate to transform biology. But with ferocious drive, he led a team at Caltech that developed the automated DNA sequencer, the tool that paved the way for the Human Genome Project.... more
  • Charles Babbage from the Beginging

    by Lucy Simister

    This is a three part story. Firstly Charles Babbage's ancestors through the ages, secondly, his own history - his life as a child and a teenager (and also his family life and his relationship with the remarkable Ada Bryon), and thirdly what inspired him to want to build a computer and his life as an inventor. 

  • Tales of Titans: From Rome to the Renaissance, Vol. I

    by Rich DiSilvio

    Tales of Titans, by award-winning author Rich DiSilvio, brings great historical figures to life with concise yet compelling essays, coupled with engaging narratives that enlighten readers to their miraculous deeds, and misdeeds, that have significantly shaped Western civilization.

    This handsomely illustrated series offers readers brief biographical overviews and cogent analysis, while the quasi-fictional scenarios transport readers into a fascinating pa... more


    by Linton Robinson
    A book length collection of the cult column of the nineties... plus many bonus pieces, for a bonanza grouping of the famously dark, gritting evocations of urbane decay.
  • Anders Behring Breivik: My Walk Through the Mind of a Christian Terrorist

    by Kali Gwegwe
    For an obviously distressed world, desirous of genuine peace and security, it has now become imperative for political, cultural, and religious leaders to begin looking at all the critical issues that have continued to defy human solutions over the years from a defining perspective. This opinion derives strength from the fact that the world did not come into existence by accident. It is logical therefore to opine that the creator of the universe has solutions to the problems of man and society. A... more
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