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    by Anthony Anson

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    by Abdul Azim

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  • Life and Memories of Clay Robinson

    by Ms Robinson

    Life & Memories of Clay Robinson is a biography of his life as well as a chronological view of his career choices. The bio describes how Clay's optimal opportunities were developed.  Included is an era of his life “Jumping the Broom" and years after the marriage, ending in a winding embraced relationship with a special lady friend. Life & Memories of Clay Robinson is to help youth with choices and parents, counselors, educators, clergy and most people involved in helping p... more

  • What's Your Sexy Sense & Sensibility?: A funny personality quiz on women and relationships, dating advice for women, seeking a m

    by Edward Cavanaugh, Camille Bardo
    Which would you choose between the most mind-blowing sexual experience, the greatest profound emotional connection, or, a genius-level love match? Authors Edward Cavanaugh and Camille Bardo claim it depends on your "style" and they've dropped an irreverent, hilarious, hybrid quiz-essay with asides, diversions, illustrations, quippy neo-modern narrative fractals about sex and romance and a righteous rant against faddish anti-erotic psychobabble (and the cure for this tragedy).
  • A Father's Heart

    by Ray Weaver
    "A Father's Heart", collects stories and songs by singer/songwriter Ray Weaver into a multimedia package that includes links to stream or download nine songs that relate to the stories of family, life and love included in the collection. From heartfelt recollections of Christmases past to rollicking days of hunting wild refrigerators, A Father's Heart looks at parents, grandparents, wives, husbands and, of course, children with tenderness, humour and above all, love.
  • Intended Consequences

    by Robert Lampros
    Intended Consequences is a collection of short essays about faith, life, and Christianity in America. The range of topics includes charity, art, patriotism, addiction, freedom, gratitude, and Bruce Lee.
  • Pro Bono: The 18-Year Defense of Caril Ann Fugate

    by Jeff McArthur
    In 1958, 19-year-old Charlie Starkweather went on a murder spree that paralyzed Nebraska, shocked the nation, and left 11 people dead. With him when he was captured was his 14-year-old ex-girlfriend Caril Fugate. The question soon arose, was Caril a kidnapped victim, or a heartless accomplice? Appointed to her case, Attorney John McArthur initially accepted the assignment out of a sense of constitutional duty. But as he delved deeper, he found that the truth was far more complicated than anyone ... more
  • The Artist Who Loved Women: The Incredible Life & Work of Patrick Nagel

    by Rob Frankel
    The first ever biography of Patrick Nagel is complete. As you may know, Nagel took the 1980s by storm only to die suddenly at age 38. He gave the 1980s its look and even though more than two million American homes enjoyed his art, few people even know his name. You know his work. Heck, you probably had some hanging on your wall. The book is titled The Artist Who Loved Women: The Incredible Life & Work of Patrick Nagel, the Most Successful & Anonymous Artist of the 1980s , (ISBN 978692685... more
  • Nelly Calderón Lawrence: La mujer yagán que se casó con el hijo de un misionero inglés

    by Luis Fuentes
    La historia de una mujer indígena que se casó con un misionero inglés en la Patagonia del siglo XIX.
  • The Lyrics of Prince Rogers Nelson/[Icon Symbol]: A Literary Look at a Creative Musical Poet, Philosopher, and Storyteller

    by C Liegh McInnis
    The Lyrics of Prince is an analysis of the lyrical themes, movements, and development of Prince. McInnis seeks to show that Prince is a lyrical talent on par with Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, and Jimi Hendrix. The book shows that Prince is a metaphysical poet attempting to reconcile his individual desires in a strict and confining society. Thus, Prince’s work is a barometer for the sensibilities of the eighties as well as provides insight to the post Civil Rights African American who is gr... more
  • Prose: Essays and Personal Letters

    by C Liegh McInnis
    Prose: Essays and Letters is a collection of essays, lectures, and personal letters by C. Liegh McInnis. Having published essays and articles in close to one hundred journals and newspapers while lecturing at universities and socio-political organizations, McInnis has a body of writings that is diversified and insightful. He uses wit and imagery to enhance the substance of his research. McInnis seeks to provide voice for those who are frustrated with the current state of things. Also, in hi... more
  • Following: The Chronicles of Formation - Volume III

    by Shannon Kuzmich

    How does a driven IT project manager transition away from adrenaline fueled workweeks to days of quiet reflection on the patio?

    Following, the third volume in The Chronicles of Formation series, tells of the ever-changing and often terrifying spiritual ebbs and flows of an armored-up woman who has decided to surrender all of her wounds, fears, and self-centeredness to God in trade for His best.

    ... more

  • Leaving: The Chronicles of Formation - Volume II

    by Shannon Kuzmich

    What prompts a successful career woman, who has it all and more, to leave her well-ordered world and wealthy lifestyle behind?

    Leaving, the second in The Chronicles of Formation series, tells the story of a woman’s efforts to break away from her professions’ demands and live from an eternal perspective. The hurdles of transition and the frustrations of downsizing her life make for... more

  • Awakening: The Chronicles of Formation - Volume I

    by Shannon Kuzmich

    What happens when you wake up and wonder if you're on the right path? And it's a path you've been paving on purpose.

    Awakening, the first volume in The Chronicles of Formation series, captures the challenges of a perfectionistic, image conscious, and controlling career woman who carries the haunting pain of a crushingly painful father relationship, and the daily awareness of God's extraordinary love ... more

  • Fun images Writing & Word Search

    by Anita Jeevaratnam
    The book is created for children between the ages of 4 to 9 years old. It is an image creative writing activity book. It enhances creative writing and vocabulary among children.