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  • Spinning in Circles and Learning from Myself: A Collection of Stories that Slowly Grow Up

    by Tsara Shelton
    Written from a life lived on the edge of society, Spinning in Circles and Learning from Myself, by author Tsara Shelton, offers an insightful and powerfully uplifting collection of ideas and stories. She shares writings on a range of subjects spanning several stages of her life with topics including women’s issues, marriage, prejudice, abuse, mixed-race relationships, equality, culture, and more. Shelton—a mother of four—opens up about the difficult elements in her past, but offers a positi... more
  • Jens Staubrand: Søren Kierkegaard’s struggle to live at Frederiks Hospital in Copenhagen | Søren Kierkegaard’s kamp for li

    by Jens Staubrand
    The author and philosopher Søren Kierkegaard died on the 11 th of November 1855. He died at Frederiks Hospital in Copenhagen. In the book there is a short mention of Søren Kierkegaard’s work and fundamental view of religion, of Frederiks Hospital, of the doctors who treated him and – something never done before – a textual criticism, interpretation and commentary on his case-book.
  • Beasts in Eden: The Humane and the Inhumane

    by Emile Benoit
    Beasts in Eden is a work of literary Existentialism which does not argue for any particular theory but instead attempts to provide insight into what it means to live a unique and noble human life, the kind of existence that establishes the human being as something quite extraordinary in the natural world. Excerpt from the book: “Aristotle no less, that great philosophical classifier, grouped Man as a kind of being distinct from other mammals and referred to this creature as the human being. Wi... more
  • Abdication - God Steps Down for Good

    by Will Callender, Jr.
    Monotheism, as known in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, seems to have reached a dead end from which no more generous view of humanity can be expected. Its view of man as a craven, fallen sinner in need of salvation and redemption by a heavenly father is insufficient to prevent man from destroying himself and endangering the planet. The suicide-bomber-with-nuclear-bomb ready to blow the planet to hell and kingdom come, is one image of this failure. Another is the end-times anticipator of apoc... more