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  • Drawn To Change: Calling for a Creative Counter-Cultutre

    by Jack Martin
    Drawn To Change is an artist’s take on what it means to be creative in a world that is constantly changing. We are taken on a wild ride through the depths of Western culture to discover that we are much more restrictive to creativity than we'd like to believe, and tend to resist change rather than acknowledge it. To understand this resistance, we are forced to confront social norms such as education, competition, language, money, ideology, society, reality and even the meaning of creativ... more
  • It's All About Something

    by Alexander Villarasa, M.D.
    This engrossing anthology, ranging from unrequited love to the big bang and quantum mechanics, promises something to get lost in and remember. Alex still continues to find fulfillment with family and life, devoted to children patients, traveling, playing golf, singing, dancing, and doing civic projects in his hometown, Palm Springs, California, which has voted him one of its one hundred top doctors for seven years now. As to writing, the muse will always be with him.
  • View from the Middle of the Road V: New Observations

    by Lucinda Clark
    Three voices come together to share views from in poetic and narrative forms. The voices are of a poet, a woman from South America and a young man watching his parents take a new journey after he and his sister leave the nest. All speak to the how love conquers all in the end. From learning to tango, to surviving domestic abuse to loss and triumph in many forms This is View V; the fifth volume in the View From the Middle of the Road series.
  • The Good Wiccan Part One: Introduction and Popular Mythology

    by Mary-Margaret (anand sahaja) Stratton
    In the Good Wiccan, anand takes a pragmatic approach and offers a leaping board from which you may begin personal re-discovery through metaphysical guides designed to support self empowerment through positive white witchcraft. PART ONE introduces many of the background beliefs and mythologies that have shaped our Modern era’s interpretation of witchcraft.
  • Keep A-Goin': The Life of Lone Star Dietz

    by Tom Benjey

    Until age 15, Billy Dietz thought he was the natural son of a prominent white couple in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Overhearing the woman who raised him reveal part of the secret of his birth during an argument with his father started the young athlete and artist on an oddyssey of self-discovery that took him to the St. Louis World's Fair, Carlisle Indian Industrial School, the Rose Bowl and the heights of the football coaching profession. The secret of his birth became a principle issue in his... more

  • Glorious Times: Adventures of the Craighead Naturalists

    by Tom Benjey

    "What the Kennedys are to politics, the less-famous Craigheads are to nature—a prolific and accomplished clan." Kirkus Reviews

    Glorious Times tells the fascinating and important story of an American clan of Scots-Irish that settled in the early 1700s in Pennsylvania. From this clan came an astonishing number exceptional people, many of whom dedicated their lives to nature. This book even poses the question as to whether this family had a special "N... more

  • A Hundred Merry Tales: The Shakespeare Jest Book

    by John Thor Ewing
    Rastell's A Hundred Merry Tales was the first English jest book, and would set a pattern for succeeding generations, who came to see it as a window on a lost 'Merry England.' Originally published in 1524-5, this charming collection of amusing (sometimes scurrilous) anecdotes was celebrated by contemporaries among the defining books of the Tudor era, and is even name-checked by Shakespeare. This new edition of A Hundred Merry Tales presents these comic stories in modern spelling with comprehens... more
  • Compass of college essay writing services

    by Subhajit Khara
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  • Tips on rapid assignment writing completion

    by Subhajit Khara
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  • Essay writing development to write for better grades

    by Mike Langer
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  • How much impactful written assignment samples

    by Mike Langer
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  • The Real Picture (Chinese Edition)

    by Nanxing Li
    Who is Li Nanxing in your eyes? Is he a cheery young man? A handsome and valiant policeman? A heroic fighter? A frivolous gambler? Or, an unapproachable award-winning actor? These are the various personas Li Nanxing has on screen. In real life, he is just a carefree person with an unassuming personality. His philosophy in life is to let nature take its course. As a kampong boy who lived in poverty, he started to work at a young age at various places including a provision shop, a factory a... more
  • Angels Throughout the Ages: The Story of the Saints, Angels, & Demons

    by Rayfiel G Mychal

    The Saints are great heroes who the Church has venerated and celebrated throughout its history. However, behind every Saint, there are many Angels who minister to them and help them reach the level of sanctity.
    At the same time, the Devil and his fallen Angels combat them and tempt them to sin and turn away from God.
    Here is a compilation of visions that the saints experienced as they encountered both the angels and the demons.
    The stories of the Saints continue to show the spi... more

  • Tips on quick doing your homework

    by Subhajit Khara
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  • Our DeWitty

    by Joyceann Gray
    In this book, I’ve focused on the Women and what they had to say since largely their voice has not been heard in most all accountings of the Homesteaders. Learn about their struggles, dreams, successes, and legacies. How they shared their lives and co-existed with neighboring towns. Learn how their legacies have continued to inspire each descendant to be all that we can be. Our Dewitty is my second book referencing family, friends, and neighbors who collectively established the longest lasting ... more
  • Quick improvement in essay writing

    by Subhajit Khara
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