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Literary Essays, Critiques & Biographies

  • Mama Tingo

    by Raynelda A. Calderon
    Mama Tingo was born on November 8, 1921 in the Dominican Republic. She was the leader of a group of farmers whose lands wanted to be taken from them. The inspiring story of this courageous peasant woman who didn't know how to read and write is meant to inspire children to be their own brave selves.
  • Little Giants: 10 Hispanic Women Who Made History

    by Raynelda A. Calderon
    "Little Giants: 10 Hispanic Women Who Made History" is a short collection of biographies about Hispanic women and the impact they made in the world. Some of the women featured in this book are iconic figures such as ballet dancer Alicia Alonso; others are less known heroines such as indigenous leader Dolores Cacuango, founder of the first bilingual school in Ecuador. Beautiful illustrations accompany the text to bring these women to life and inspire the young generation of readers to be leaders ... more
  • The Music Man: Our Rootin' Tootin' Hero

    by Jennifer Antonik
    Have you ever heard a trombone in action? How about a guitar? Do you know what they look like or how young must you be to play in a band? What is a band? Follow a hometown hero’s path to a new passion. Joe was a Texas-born United States veteran who traveled the world. He was brave in his own right and finding himself in need of something to do when he retired in Delaware… both times! His passion for music played a recurring tune – he really wanted to play his instruments. It made him happy! Ther... more

    by Deb Elkink
    Everyone loves a riddle, and late-Victorian British writer G. K. Chesterton was a jester extraordinaire who left us with a large body of work ripe for interpretation. He used metaphor, allusion, and paradox to infuse his fiction with hidden theological meaning. Through intimate biography and lively literary analysis, Roots and Branches reveals the underlying message of Chesterton’s religious convictions. Deb Elkink (award-winning novelist, The Third Grace) focuses on the single image of the ... more
  • Vastu Shastra and Comic Energy For Daily Life

    by Keshava Raya
    Vastu is a traditional Indian system in ancient Hindu where it among the oldest literary known from early Before Christ (BC). The word Vastu means to dwell which describes principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, spatial and building. Vastu Shastra is the literary piece of Vastu Vidya. Vastu Shastra is the art of building houses, temples, towns and cities, and country. Vastu Shastra, a refined blend of Hindu shows made as a workmanship, dismembered as... more
  • Mission to China

    by John Holliday
    The early 19th-century was a time of great change in English society. The growth of Humanism brought debates about slavery, workers’ rights and suffrage, while Britain’s determination to build an empire offered ambitious young men the chance to make their mark. Against this backdrop, 19-year-old Walter Medhurst was finding his way in the world, becoming an apprentice printer when family financial problems forced an abrupt end to his studies at the prestigious St Paul’s school. A chance encounte... more
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    by Simon Morrell
    Bringing the award winning true stories 'From Bullied to Black Belt' its sequel 'An Everyday Warrior' and the all new 'My Fear, Your Fear,' British Warrior tells of the incredible struggles and important victories one man faced. Battered and bullied as a child and violently assaulted as a grown man, the author fell to agoraphobia, panic attacks and alcohol abuse. He was though, able to overcome with the love of his life Julie, who urged him to stand up for himself which he did through Martial A... more
  • Cheap Essay Writing Service In Canada

    by Archer Aston

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  • Plague Literature

    by Dustin Peone
    In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many new techniques for remaining healthy have been introduced, but there is little public discussion about how to live well. "Social distancing" is good medicine for the body, but the health of the spirit depends on wisdom. We are all in strange territory, and under such conditions we can only look to the past for counsel. In this book, the philosopher Dustin Peone offers reflections on ten literary classics set during plague times. From each work, he dra... more
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    by jack hudson
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  • Younger and Wiser: Peaceful Words for a Troubled World

    by Gene S. Jones
    A unique literary masterpiece richly seasoned with wisdom, humor and inspiration. In Younger and Wiser, Gene S. Jones travels beyond traditional formats to explore the full spectrum of human emotions and experiences. Utilizing pithy vignettes anchored by clever backstories, Younger and Wiser relates the eclectic saga of the author’s fascinating personal odyssey. The result is a mind-expanding reading adventure that expresses heartfelt emotions and life lessons while demonstrating a deep appre... more
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald: Some sort of epic grandeur

    by Tiziano Brignoli
    When F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote to his daughter Scottie, describing his life as "epic grandeur," he did so with the authority that belongs only to people of great and often tragic destiny. He understood how the exuberance, doubts, fears and excesses of his life was perfectly matched within the literary picture he produced, which was as much autobiographical as possible. Tiziano Brignoli, in this literary essay now translated in English, outlines a literary profile of the American writer, symbol o... more
  • Neurology for the Non-neurologist

    by Harvey Castro, MD
    This book is intended to be a fun, short read of neurology, with the goal to present the many facts of the subject in an easy and relatable manner. The idea came to me during my morning rounds as a medical student, whereby I envisioned the ability to utilize a quick reference guide for neurologic exams and differentials. The book points out some great pearls and unlikely “zebras” that we may not have heard of since medical school. It is basically cliff notes for fun and not for the diagnosis... more
  • Poems of Self Discovery

    by sanjeev kumar
    Poems of self discovery