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    by Ellis Turnbull
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  • Starting from San Francisco: A Life in Writing

    by David Kherdian
    In this short insightful memoir, Kherdian takes us on his long journey to become a writer: a journey of self-discovery and deliverance to a life he could not believe he would ever achieve. Following him, we often forget what he is searching for, but what does become apparent are the revealing patterns of his life that unfold uncontrollably, as determined by his fate, that he must uncover before he can realize his true destiny. This little book, a writer’s testimony, also becomes a reader’s story... more
  • Simply Joyce

    by Margot Norris

    James Joyce’s name is often associated with his “difficult” masterpiece, Ulysses. But for many people, the Irish writer, as well as his funny and deeply human writings, remain unknown or extremely difficult. In Simply Joyce, scholar Margot Norris offers a thoroughly accessible introduction to both Joyce the man and all of his remarkable works, illuminating a singular literary personality and pr... more

  • Simply Faulkner

    by Philip Weinstein

    William Faulkner is considered to be one of the greatest—and most difficult—American writers of the 20th century. Yet, as author Philip Weinstein demonstrates, the complexity of Faulkner’s writing is inextricably bound up with the depth of his insights and—on another level—is a poignant reflection of the messiness of his life. Written for a general audience, Simply Faulkner offers access to this ... more

  • Simply Dirac

    by Helge Kragh

    Simply Dirac looks at the life and work of one of the world’s most accomplished—and strangest—theoretical physicists, Paul Dirac, who was among the founders of quantum mechanics. Written by physics scholar Helge Kragh for a non-academic audience, Simply Dirac is an engaging, accessible, and highly entertaining biography that requires no previous knowledge of physics to fully appreciate the... more

  • Simply Darwin

    by Michael Ruse

    Few ideas in the history of the world have had as much impact on our understanding of life as the theory of evolution through natural selection. In Simply Darwin, author Michael Ruse explores this revolutionary concept and the life of Charles Darwin, the man who changed the way we view the world around us. In addition to providing a deep understanding of Darwin and his theory, Simply Darwin brings the story into the present... more

  • Simply Austen

    by Joan Klingel Ray

    Simply Austen explores the life and work of Jane Austen, whose groundbreaking novels set a new standard for social and psychological realism, inspiring numerous films, comic books, TV series, Broadway musicals, and parody zombie books. Designed for hard-core “Janeites” and newbies alike, Simply Austen offers a treasure trove of little-known facts and fascinating insights into the life of one of the most widely read writers in ... more

  • Simply Wittgenstein

    by James C. Klagge

    Ludwig Wittgenstein is generally considered as one of the most influential philosophers of modern times. A scion of a wealthy and troubled family in turn-of-the-century Austria (three of his brothers committed suicide), Wittgenstein is remembered today for his two great works, the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (1921) and Philosophical Investigations (1953), which remain both relevant and controversial to this day. In Simply... more

  • Simply Dickens

    by Paul Schlicke

    The quintessential Victorian author, Charles Dickens not only created some of the most vivid characters in English classic literature, but he also lived his own life with a zest and drama that were novelistic in their intensity. In Simply Dickens, author Paul Schlicke explores the fascinating link between Dickens the writer and Dickens the person—a dynamic and driven social reformer who worked to improve the living cond... more

  • Songs of Yemaya

    by Nichelle Marie Calhoun
    A collection of poems, essays, quotes and short stories showing the fullness of black womanhood.

    by kathy brunt
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  • An Odd Book: How the First Modern Pop Culture Reporter Conquered New York

    by R. Scott Williams
    As the highest-paid and most-read columnist of his era, Odd McIntyre achieved great fame and fortune in the early twentieth century. Raised in Gallipolis, Ohio, eventually he moved to New York and became close friends with many of the leading personalities of the day, including writers Edna Ferber, Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald; entertainers Fred Astaire, Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., Billie Burke, and Will Rogers; composers George Gershwin and Meredith Willson; actors Rudolph Valentino and ... more
  • DeFacto Feminism: Essays Straight Outta Oakland

    by Judy Juanita
    DeFacto CreateSpace Description DeFacto Feminism: Essays Straight Outta Oakland views activism and feminism as they play out in one writer's political, artistic and spiritual life. A distinguished finalist for OSU’s 2016 Non/Fiction Collection Prize, De Facto… blends essays, poems, graphics and literary criticism. An act of self-definition spanning four decades, the central person in DeFacto... is the writer herself, a feminist foot soldier. With the feel of memoir, these essays align with femal... more
  • The Man Who Lit Lady Liberty: The Extraordinary Rise and Fall of Actor M. B. Curtis

    by Richard Schwartz
    In his latest endeavor, The Man Who Lit Lady Liberty: The Extraordinary Rise and Fall of Actor M.B. Curtis (RSB Books, April 2017, $29.95 HC, Distributed by Heyday Books), author and historian Richard Schwartz delivers the fascinating life story of Jewish immigrant actor M.B. Curtis. \t As the Statue of Liberty stood unlit and unloved by American politicians in 1886, one of her saviors was creating a theatrical sensation at New York’s Fourteenth Street Theatre. Actor M. B. Curtis, who had ach... more
  • Swami in a Strange Land: How Krishna Came to the West

    by Joshua M. Greene
    In the turbulent 1960s — with its civil rights marches, anti-war demonstrations, and challenges to traditional American life — stepped 70-year old Bhaktivedanta Swami, on a mission to save the world. He arrived by cargo ship, having suffering two heart attacks on the storm-tossed journey. He had seven dollars to his name, knew no one, and had never been outside India. But he was determined to spread the teachings of Krishna, the Supreme Being of the ancient Vedic scriptures. He passed away tw... more
  • Charles Dickens of the Westcountry

    by Lucy Simister

    Charles Dickens was an abrupt, excitable young man driven to succeed.  He would always be distressed by the humiliation he experienced as a young child, at the hands of his frivolous parents. His parents were well off and educated coming from middle-class backgrounds and he enjoyed that standard of living. Charles was well educated, well read and enjoyed music and acting. 
    When his parents were put into the debtor's prison he was sent out to work in a factory.  Labelin... more