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  • Copied Someone’s Text? Full Guide on How to Paraphrase Online Quickly

    by Jessica Martin
    Paraphrasing services have been gaining popularity due to the increase in content all over. We are often required to write essays for school and various other projects. Even in the work place, you will find that you do a lot of writing. This is where you can paraphrase online if you are concerned about plagiarism. It is a huge offense and is taken very seriously. If you are caught plagiarising in school, there wil... more
  • A Cross of Silicon: Collected Essays 2016-2019

    by Jonathan Salem Baskin
    This book will change the way you talk about technology. Baskin has spent the past three years documenting the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, smart cities, and new uses for big data, though always asking the same questions: Who asked for it? Who does it impact? What does it really cost? In a series of witty, biting essays posted on his blog, A Cross of Silicon, he's found answers to those questions incomplete or, just as often, utterly unavailable or unfat... more
  • The Accidental Tsundere: Dating for Late Bloomers, Loners and Misfits

    by L.M. Bennett
    L.M. Bennett is a late-bloomer who began dating at the age of thirty-five after bariatric surgery. She found herself twenty years behind the dating curve, navigating body issues, and matched with people who had been playing the game longer and harder than her. The Accidental Tsundere is a humorous, painfully honest summary of her missteps and often sardonic observations of “on the job” training. Advice includes LGBT-friendly tips on how to identify the dreaded F-Boy Classic, weed out bored house... more
  • The Ageless Wisdom (As Embodied in Thirukkural)

    by DR. R. Prabhakaran
    Thirukkural is an ancient Tamil literature. It covers all aspects of human life. It has been translated into 38 languages of the world. In English alone, there are more than 50 translations of Thirukkural. It emphasizes that virtue and righteousness should be the basis of all human endeavors. It is considered as a practical guide to the “Art of Living”. The book is secular in nature. The ideas of Thiruvalluvar are eternally valid and universally applicable. Dr. Prabhakaran is an avid enthusias... more
  • Fate Came Calling: A Young Man's Journey Became a Lifetime of Adventure. Based on the Life of Warren Vest

    by Kurt Bryan
    Fate Came Calling: As a young farmer and freshman student at the University of Missouri, Warren Vest was unexpectedly chosen to transport a new species of animal to a continent on the other side of the world. His remarkable journey led to a series of events that altered the course of his life from farming to becoming an incredible pilot and airline executive. His strong leadership and outstanding contributions changed the lives of countless others along the way. Whenever fate came calling, Warr... more
  • John Lennon book in progress

    by Bradley Laidman
    I know more about John Lennon's life and work than practically anybody. At least I think I do. We will see if people will give my piece a chance
  • Detours THE Good Stuff\t

    by Vickie McGillis
    Katie Munson was a struggling, poor young mother with four small children. At just 22 years of age, and freshly divorced, Katie had relocated her young family to their new home in a small rural town in southeastern Minnesota. In the comfort of her new surroundings, Katie presumed that she, along with her son and three baby girls, were safe from harm’s way. She believed they had escaped the iniquity from her past and were free to begin a renewed and happy life together. December 2, 1967, was a ve... more
  • Ninety-Year-Old Vet’s Journey Through Life

    by Al Monroe
    For many years now, I have wanted to write about my life, and especially about some of the people in my life. I’m sorry to say that due to my lack of faith in my writing skills, I gave up many times. In those days, I thought I wouldn’t live past sixty years old, but here I am—ninety years old, and still going strong. Well, not so strong, but people are surprised when I tell them how old I am! And would you believe it—due to the encouragement of a few of my family, friends, VA doctors, nurses, an... more
  • Wordstruck! The Fun and Fascination of Language

    by Susanna Janssen
    Wordstruck! entertains and enriches with a wealth of humorous, insightful revelations on language and cultures. Dive in anywhere and delve into everything from cockney slang to terms of endearment around the world; from pungent Shakespearean insults to foreign translations gone riotously bad; from the intriguing origins of “hello” as a phone greeting to why we speak English using several hundred Arabic words. Discover fascinating word origins, fall in love with metaphors and malapropisms (and ev... more
  • HER ARGUMENT: epiphanies, theories, confessions

    by Ellary Eddy
    This is not an average memoir. This is not a how-to book. This is a what-if book. A ‘what-if you could look at life as an intellectual-adventure’ book. In a vein at once playful, philosophical and lyrical, artist Ellary Eddy builds a provocative case for the value of self-inquiry, authenticity, and radical astonishment at the marvel of existence. Riffing in a non-linear style off her trajectory as a rambunctious, rebellious young woman growing through adulthood, the author explores the elusi... more
  • Adventures of a Rideshare Driver

    by Charles Campise
    This book is a collection of the author’s favorite experiences of driving passengers who use the ride-sharing mode of transportation. Stories are limited to his experiences in the region in and around Austin, Texas and other communities in the central part of the state for more than three years, beginning in June 2014. The book often mentions the stories he told his passengers about the history of the region. He tells some of his own life experiences and his personal connections with the cities ... more
  • Start Writing a Book: An Ultimate Guide for Young Authors

    by Subhajit Khara
    Whether you are a college student who wants to master the art of writing or an IT professional who aims to publish a personal book, this article is made for you. No wordiness, no useless advice. Let us get started. Kind of a perfect introduction to “how to start writing a book” guide, is not it?

    Dear reader, first and foremost, remember that there is no such thing as “Start writing a book in 15 minutes” guide or “steps to writing a book in 3 days”. It is the same as “how to lose 15 po... more
  • The Risk Theatre Model of Tragedy: Gambling, Drama, and the Unexpected

    by Edwin Wong
    The Risk Theatre Model of Tragedy presents a profoundly original theory of drama that speaks to modern audiences living in an increasingly volatile world driven by artificial intelligence, gene editing, globalization, and mutual assured destruction ideologies. Tragedy, according to risk theatre, puts us face to face with the unexpected implications of our actions by simulating the profound impact of highly improbable events. In this book, classicist Edwin Wong shows how tragedy imitates reali... more
  • PATRIARCH: My Extraordinary Journey from Man to Gentleman

    by H.L. Sudler
    What have you learned from your life? What will you take with you when you die? Through this heartfelt, humorous, inspirational, and oftentimes brutally honest collection of essays, PATHS Humanitarian Writing Award winner H.L. Sudler embarks upon a journey of self-discovery in his quest to define what it truly means to be a patriarch in the wake of his father's death. Searching for answers among tales of love and war, triumph and losses, religious awakening and personal evolution, Sudler begs th... more
  • Leo: A Hero of the Dutch Resistance

    by Lawrence Tallentire

    Biography of Leo Frijda, born August 1923 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, executed by Nazi firing squad as a resistance fighter on the North Sea coast October 1943 aged just twenty. Precisely because he was an unlikely hero of the Dutch resistance - a friend recalls how he must have 'won a great battle within himself, because he was by nature a rather frightened boy ' - Leo is all the more a hero.

  • Points of Intersection: Meeting Paul Bowles, Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin, Robert Graves, Pauline Réage & Others

    by Gregory Stephenson
    Conversations with authors. An autobiographical essay about living abroad.