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  • How much impactful written assignment samples

    by Mike Langer
    An example of assignments is very important for us and also assists us in our completing assignment. Now adoption of the services to write for project assignments is quickly spreading around and it is usually great to complete on time as well and closed to having submission on the time. Now competitive job market in all around the world for lots of facts and positions and then even those not concerned directly to write are important before submit into the class. If you want more marks into the c... more
  • The Real Picture (Chinese Edition)

    by Nanxing Li
    Who is Li Nanxing in your eyes? Is he a cheery young man? A handsome and valiant policeman? A heroic fighter? A frivolous gambler? Or, an unapproachable award-winning actor? These are the various personas Li Nanxing has on screen. In real life, he is just a carefree person with an unassuming personality. His philosophy in life is to let nature take its course. As a kampong boy who lived in poverty, he started to work at a young age at various places including a provision shop, a factory a... more
  • Angels Throughout the Ages: The Story of the Saints, Angels, & Demons

    by Rayfiel G Mychal

    The Saints are great heroes who the Church has venerated and celebrated throughout its history. However, behind every Saint, there are many Angels who minister to them and help them reach the level of sanctity.
    At the same time, the Devil and his fallen Angels combat them and tempt them to sin and turn away from God.
    Here is a compilation of visions that the saints experienced as they encountered both the angels and the demons.
    The stories of the Saints continue to show the spi... more

  • Tips on quick doing your homework

    by Subhajit Khara
    Homework completion is betel of parents and children it is absolutely not fact and nobody knows who wins most of the time. Same situation and condition is about the young college students who can get their homework from online means and ways. Young students can get online homework writing services but the little one are not. If you want to get your all homework right on time and correct then follow the tips and instructions right here given.

    If you want to get help and assistance reg... more
  • Our DeWitty

    by Joyceann Gray
    In this book, I’ve focused on the Women and what they had to say since largely their voice has not been heard in most all accountings of the Homesteaders. Learn about their struggles, dreams, successes, and legacies. How they shared their lives and co-existed with neighboring towns. Learn how their legacies have continued to inspire each descendant to be all that we can be. Our Dewitty is my second book referencing family, friends, and neighbors who collectively established the longest lasting ... more
  • Quick improvement in essay writing

    by Subhajit Khara
    Basically subject studies are quite different and getting more advanced and complex and are also increasingly asked to think about evaluate. Same as academic essay writing is a style that anyone can learn to produce and once they know basic of writing the assignment perfectly. Some kind of essay and the academic essay should provide a solid and perfect thesis that is supported by relevant evidence. If you want to get all the information and tips related to essay writing and want to complete you... more
  • Technology Blogs For Latest Computer and Tech News

    by Syed Kashif Ali

  • Top 5 Tips to Improve Essay Writing Assignment

    by Subhajit Khara
    If you want to write an effective and quality essay then you may be walked out of the class and got the home work of writing an essay. But you need to get the tips and services from the experts on each and every single step. You may be confused on writing the essay an essay as it should be good, interesting, grammatically corrected and meaningful in all aspects.
    Must need to know more about the assignment completing before the submission then it is essential to get a medium to cover all y... more
  • Love Songs: The Lives, Loves, and Poetry of Nine American Women

    by John Dizikes

    In the first third of the twentieth century, the women's poetry movement emanated from New York City's Greenwich Village. This powerful and moving collective biography by National Book Critics Circle Award-winner John Dizikes tells the interwoven stories of Léonie Adams, Louise Bogan, Amy Lowell, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Marianne Moore, Dorothy Parker, Genevieve Taggard, Sara Teasdale, and Elinor Wylie. All were successful and innovative as poets, and lived rich and complex lives professional... more

  • How to write a precis maintaining the author's plot.

    by Mike Langer
    Authors understand that being able to write a synopsis is essential.Here I present a guide to writing a perfect critical precis.
    Writing a synopsis for a book or an article is hard. It is not easy. I shouldn’t be telling you this.

    Since your publisher or reader wants a story and wants it now, writing a precis is becoming critical and essential. This is because they need to present the prospects of your book to possible buyers and booksellers. Again, movie and television presente... more
  • W. A. Dwiggins: A Life in Design

    by Bruce Kennett
    A lavishly illustrated biography of one of the most interesting artists of the twentieth century, who designed typefaces and books, built two private marionette theaters and re-imagined the engineering of puppets, wrote fiction, essays, and satire, and was an accomplished calligrapher, illustrator, painter, sculptor, kite-maker, textile designer, and theatrical set designer. A large-format book of 496 pages, with 1200 illustrations (many reproduced at actual size), all printed in full color.
  • Fearless: How a Poor Virginia Seamstress Took on Jim Crow, Beat the Poll Tax and Changed Her City Forever

    by Charlene Butts Ligon
    FEARLESS: How a poor Virginia seamstress took on Jim Crow, beat the poll tax and changed her city forever is about Evelyn T. Butts. A poor seamstress who became a forceful and courageous voting rights champion and won a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case that abolished the poll tax. In FEARLESS, we see Mrs. Butts as a mother and active citizen who works tirelessly to improve the lives of family members and neighbors, while also joining or leading battles against discrimination in employment, pu... more
  • discipl·ish: My Unconventional Pilgrimage thru Faith, Art, Evangelical Culture

    by Mike Duran
    The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first… blowout. In the spring of 1980, Mike Duran responded to an altar call and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. It’d been a hard road home. Raised Catholic, in an alcoholic home, somehow he’d gone off the rails, plunging into the world of rock music, psychedelic drugs, and occultism. However, his conversion would change all that. Suddenly Mike was a Jesus freak! But his adventure was just beginning. Seventeen years from that day, he... more
  • The Hero in the Helmet

    by Joa Macnalie

    NFL Super-star athelete and humanitarian Colin Kaepernick becomes a national figure after kneeling during the singing of the national anthem. Kap make clear that his protest is about police brutality and hate crimes targeted at black and minority people in America. Kap's courage to speak up continues to empower many, while infuriating others. Those in opposition of his protests interpret his right of freedom of expression to mean insolence against military ve... more

  • From Siberia to St. Kitts: A Teacher's Journey

    by Ira Sumner Simmonds
    Following the tumultuous and unexpected life of Zina Katzen, Simmonds' biography weaves disparate threads from Russia, China, Chile, France, and St. Kitts-Nevis into a vibrant tapestry revealing a surprising and exceptional woman. Stepping outside of the spinster-teacher archetype, Katzen's story is one of a complicated, fiercely independent woman whose decades of unwavering dedication and commitment to the education of children across the globe belie an intriguing, unpredictable and, at times, ... more
  • A Hudson Valley Writer's Guide, Second Edition

    by Michael Boyajian

    Quiet places around the Hudson Valley for writers to create amid the splendors of nature.  Includes accessability notations.. Video of the sites can be found on the book's social media page.  With photography