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  • Patrice Grows A Garden

    by Gloria P. Humphrey
    Meet Patrice, the Adventurer, who always seems to be on a quest for knowledge and new discoveries. Her imagination and courage leads her to explore the world at large as well as the perimeter of her very own backyard. With every challenge and opposition, Patrice finds opportunity to learn a valuable lesson.
  • Raised By Giants

    by Douglas A. Harris
    It was the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s in Burlington, NJ—a unique time and place. And these were the people we knew growing up. They were Giants and remain so in our esteem for them, the lessons they taught and sacrifices they made. They were Black folks from the South. Working men who freely gave the sweat of their brows to support their families. Dads on “Father Knows Best” and “Leave It to Beaver” went to work carrying briefcases. Our dads carried lunch buckets. They returned home tired, cl... more
  • The Amazing Journey: True Story of a Father and Son's Odyssey Around the World

    by Grady Hicks
    The Amazing Journey is a fast-paced, true story of Grady and Austin Hicks, a father and son who travel the world for twenty-eight days before Austin attends college. Austin is the first of three Hicks children who embark on this globe-trotting tradition with their father. In the spirit of adventure, their route and activities are kept secret—even from family. They complete daily, self-imposed Journey Tasks that deliberately immerse them into cultural authenticity, and far outside their comfo... more
  • How I Look: From Upstate New York to Downtown Manhattan, Adventures in American Style

    by Bart Boehlert
    Style is the art of living, and it’s always changing and evolving. This evocative jewel-of-a-memoir tells the story in words and pictures of one writer’s adventures, and how they shaped his sense of personal style and taste. From growing up in upstate New York to summers on Martha’s Vineyard to life in Greenwich Village in New York City, this book recounts the places and people and experiences that have influenced the author. Elegant, educational, entertaining, and inspiring, this ode to America... more
  • Deadly Vows: The True Story of a Zealous Preacher, a Polygamous Union and a Savage Murder

    by Leif Wright
    Sean Goff was a dynamic Pentecostal minister who was already running his own church by the age of twenty-two. He had wed a pliable teenager and bent her to his will, eventually convincing her to agree to his secretly taking a second young wife named Joy. Leif Wright, Sean's friend and co-worker, confronted Sean about his hidden polygamous lifestyle, which was threatening to scandalize their employer, a world-famous televangelist. Then Joy suddenly disappeared, although friends continued to r... more
  • Abcdeeg

    by John Holton

    ABCD...EEG:   Synopsis    John Holton

    The only people who can truly hurt you are those that you love.  This may be intentional on their part, which in itself is hard to comprehend, but often it is unintentional.  The latter forms the basis for this book.

    The birth of a child, a first child especially, is the greatest most anticipated and at the same time the most frightening experience of a couple's life.  This was proven without a doubt... more

  • OK2BG

    by Jack Dunsmoor
    OK2BG is a Memoir about a guy who wants to help kids at-risk, especially gay kids at-risk for suicide, mainly from bullying. After the protagonist tries to Mentor a kid in Foster Care & later some neighborhood kids, he focuses his attention on books, specifically biographies about gay men, after an incident in Sept/2010 when 4 gay kids commit suicide. OK2BG provides a list of 2,000+ books in Memoir, Biography & Autobiography format by or about 1,000+ allegedly gay men who had the tenacity to ex... more
  • Humans, Dogs, and Civilization

    by Elaine Ostrach Chaika
    A blend of cutting-edge science and anecdotes from 77 years of living with dogs. The anecdotes are proof of what dogs can do, what they know, how they experience the world, and how they love to work for their humans. That is, I present the scientific questions and answer them with my own close observation of my dogs" behaviors. You can think of the anecdotes as case studies. The book shows that humans and dogs co-evolved and each has developed brain structures that allow us to communicate with... more
  • Chasing 193: The Quest to Visit Every Country in the World

    by Ryan Trapp
    There are 193 official countries on Earth. Fewer than 100 people have seen them all. The 34 people interviewed for this book have made it their life mission to visit every last one of them. Jam-packed with nearly 500 pages, these revealing Q&A interviews examine the lives of ordinary people who have undertaken extraordinary travels in their quest to visit every country in the world. Learn about their adventures and explore the highs and lows of what it means to be an extreme traveler, from ne... more
  • To Dad, From Kelly

    by Kelly Lytle
    When Rob Lytle died at age 56, three decades after his football stardom at the University of Michigan ended and his professional career with the Denver Broncos began, his son Kelly Lytle poured his mix of grief, adulation, regret, gratitude, and even criticism into a series of letters to the man he considered his best friend. What began as catharsis evolved into a memoir that starts strong and gains steam the way Rob Lytle did in his dashes down the football field. To Dad, From Kelly adds dim... more
  • Sex and Crime: Oliver's Strange Journey

    by Oliver Markus
    Sex and Crime: Oliver's Strange Journey is an autobiographical book that follows the incredible life of Oliver, a teenage hacker in Aachen, Germany, who is the victim of traumatic childhood abuse and suffers from PTSD. He falls in love with an American girl online, and spends many hours on the phone with her every day for a year, until he moves in with her in New York. After his crazy adventures as a New York cab driver, he becomes a successful cartoonist and goes on to be an Internet millionair... more
  • Stories from My Memory-Shelf

    by Lori Schafer

    The story of my life told in short fiction and essays. Features author commentary on the real-life events that inspired the stories.

    “Girl in Pink, Seeing Red”
    Never mess with a little girl’s best friend – even if she is dressed all in pink.
    Micro fiction. Includes author commentary.

    “Two Fathers”
    “He is clasping my hand and leading me down the street to the local bar; propping me up on a barstool so all his friends can see,... more

  • On Hearing of My Mother's Death Six Years After It Happened: A Daughter's Memoir of Mental Illness

    by Lori Schafer

    It was the spring of 1989. I was sixteen years old, a junior in high school and an honors student. I had what every teenager wants: a stable family, a nice home in the suburbs, a great group of friends, big plans for my future, and no reason to believe that any of that would ever change.

    Then came my mother's psychosis.

    I experienced first-hand the terror of watching someone I loved transform into a monster, the terror of discovering that I was to be her primary victim. For ye... more

  • 978-0-9834615-2-4

    by RICK Carle
    It's Mayberry RFD meets Breaking Bad when a small town Opie-like boy becomes a big time drug dealer. This is the semi-true story (selected changes to protect the innocent and the guilty) of Rick Carle, raised with strong upstanding Midwestern values, until he takes a bad turn and travels down a crooked road. Join him on the wacky, sometime heartfelt, often humorous ride that includes his encounters with State Patrolmen, Hell's Angels, and other unsavory characters. His outlaw journey should h... more
  • A Rose for Sergei

    by K. Kidd

    The author’s search for independence and a career with the Federal Government in Washington DC took her on a journey that far surpassed her fondness for mystery and intrigue.  She was twenty-one when she met Sergei Kourdakov, a former KGB agent and Soviet naval intelligence officer.  A Rose for Sergei is a bittersweet story about a young American woman and a Russian defector who escaped a life he didn’t want and could no longer face.  It is a true stor... more