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  • Breaking In: The Author of a New Era

    by Kate Stephenson
    In the summer before his freshman year, Wayne Casey could think of nothing but joining the elite rank of athletes at Byrd Prillerman High School. The all-black school was the alma mater of his seven older siblings, and Wayne in the family tradition planned to be the eighth Casey to walk the halls of Byrd High. But something happened. Over 55 years later, still no one can explain or understand how it happened. Jim Crow was still king, even if his legal status had been officially revoked. Ev... more
  • Sleeping Between the Rails: A Woman's Odyssey

    by Carroll Devine
    Sleeping Between the Rails: A Woman's Odyssey is a true story that traces two perilous interwoven journeys - the external vagabonding one, through thirty-two countries, and the internal one based on her passion for an uncommon life and her self-abandonment for love. Taking a freighter to meet a former boyfriend in Spain, she begins with him an odyssey of five and a half years, hitchhiking, or traveling third or abominable class. On the journey, suffused with ridiculous risk, Carroll must questio... more
  • 9781511757430

    by Timothy Oliver Stoen
    On November 18, 1978, in the name of "love," Jim Jones in Jonestown, Guyana, killed 907 people by cyanide and 5 other innocents by gunfire, including a US Congressman. "Jonestown Story Riveted the Public," headlined George Gallup. "The mass suicides and murders were the most widely followed event of 1978." In his novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four," George Orwell in 1949 predicted that the new type of totalitarianism descending on humankind would be "capture of the inner mind." Stanford psychology p... more
  • State of Mind: Life and Work in a Mental Hospital

    by robert craig
    State of Mind: Life and Work in a Mental Hospital is a non-fiction, retrospective account of the first 8 years of my professional life as a Clinical Psychologist working in a public State mental hospital. Told through a series of vignettes and anecdotes, (plus a little psychology education thrown in), it is easy reading and meant for the general public.
  • 6 Years in the Middle East

    by Thomas Clark
    When the Iraq War broke out in the spring of 2003, no one knew what was going on, and no real systems were in place. Author Tenacity had his Department of Defense travel orders, but no destination had been specified beyond “Saddam’s palace in Baghdad.” In 2003, few contractors traveled by themselves, and there was no established process. In Six Years in the Middle East, Tenacity shares his experiences as a DoD contractor with the U.S. military in the Middle East from 2003 to 2009. This memoir... more
  • Shelly's Song

    by Jim Thornton
    Shelly is an amazing little girl who rode an alligator, drove a blimp, and refused to give up her fight against cancer. Her boundless energy and love for people endeared her to everyone who met her. Strangers had pictures taken with her, wanted to buy her ice cream, and gave her gifts. She would give hugs and draw smiles to everyone she met. You will come to love Shelly as many people have following the author's blog.
  • Jem: Lessons in Living

    by John Donald Middleton
    A heartwarming story about the healing that comes from total devotion. John Donald Middleton was no stranger to dogs. He and his family adopted, sheltered, and loved a variety of canines over the years. But from the beginning, he knew Jem was different. The four-pound bundle of thick, fawn-colored fur tumbled into John’s life during a tough season. After years of constant business travel and alcohol abuse, the husband and father of three grown children was in recovery and rebuilding his r... more
  • Sammy Davis Jr.: The Writer Who Saved His Estate

    by Pamela Sherrod

    In 1951, on the evening of the Academy Awards, Sammy Davis Jr. ignited the stage at an after Oscar party that propelled him into international fame. From that night on, the amazing talents of the Rat Pack star would dazzle audiences, from the swankiest casinos of Las Vegas to the dangerous front lines of Vietnam.

    When Sammy died in 1990, after losing his fight with throat cancer, another battle soon erupted, one which threatened to dismantle his legacy and the future of his estate. The ... more

  • Code Name: Papa: My Extraordinary Life While Hiding in Plain Sight

    by John Murray, Sharon Murray, and Abby Jones

    Code Name: Papa – My Extraordinary Life While Hiding in Plain Sight is a literary memoir / political thriller that tells the true-life story of the head of US covert operations for a large international group, similar to the group B613 on ABC’s Scandal.  This group, while not connected to the US government, operated with the full blessing of top people in our government.  These are real stories, gritty and true—not the fantasy world of James Bond, Scandal,... more

  • Prude: Misconceptions of a Neo-Virgin

    by Carrie Lloyd
    SEX. LOVE. VIRGINITY? In the dating game these days, the V-word has become as strange and complicated as the Love-word, and purity as outdated as pay phones. How exactly is a Christian girl supposed to handle herself these days? How can she create healthy boundaries without scaring off every available guy? Is purity even possible without being puritanical? In this candid, humorous account of the true-life trials of Christian dating, Carrie Lloyd shares the wisdom she ’s gleaned in her quest f... more
  • A Good Princes Love

    by Dr Hussein Medhat Bassim
    This Book is to show what it means to be a Prince of the underworld and how to shape the recent history of the world and the worlds future . Essential reading if you want to be a prince
  • Adios, Havana: A Memoir

    by Andrew J. Rodriguez

    A legacy to future generations, this memoir is intended to remind readers of the fragility of freedom, and to prevent a similar catastrophe from happening in America

    Adios, Havana is a true account of romance and peril, adventure and patriotism. Fueled by love--love of family, of country, and of each other--a young couple must face the most wrenching of choices: remain in the country they cherish, lose the wealth and position their families strove for generations to attain, and watch th... more

  • Together Through Korea and Alzheimer's

    by Joyce Sorensen
    Sixteen-year-olds Dick and Joyce fall in love and manage to marry at nineteen despite a mother determined to split them. When Dick is drafted and shipped to Korea, Joyce and their infant are forced to live with her manipulative mother. In letters from six thousand miles away, Dick poetically writes of his longing for Joyce and relates bizarre incidents which occur around him. Separated and existing in alien environments, their relationship shifts. Late in his life, Alzheimer's attacks Dick but... more
  • Life Between Naps: Stories from a Full-Time Unemployed, Stay-at-Home Dad

    by Jim Noonan
    life between naps is a humorous collection of stories and essays about a man and his ridiculous understanding of what it means to be a parent and husband. As a stay-at-home dad, Jim to tries to go with the flow, but when a urgent intestinal explosion is about to change the lives of everybody at the local grocery store, it gets a narrative unlike any you've heard before. His stories are light, funny and touch on the awkward experiences we all face: Gym memberships, doppelgängers, whales, Costco, ... more
  • Grace in a Wintry Season: Feeling Our Creator's Love in a World Grown Distant and Cold - And Loving in Return

    by Edwin Steinmann

    Grace in a Wintry Season traces attorney Ed Steinmann’s journey from a “none” to a “mystic” as he examines fourteen dreams occurring over thirty years and one extraordinary inner vision (“mystical experience”). Their creator, experienced by Steinmann as his Creator, imaged “hirself” by turns as masculine, feminine, a divine light, and otherwise. In this moving memoir, he shows how paying attention to the nurturi... more

  • My 3rd Grade Teacher.

    by Dionne Fields
    This children's book is a true story about a boy, who has been diagnose with language disability ever since he was in preschool. Rain Fields is a 3rd grade and he is also 8 years old, since preschool he has had to struggle with reading, math, and home work. There would be days, he didn't want to go to school. Because some of his class mates would make fun of him, that he would struggle learning in class. Everything changed for Rain, when he started 3rd grade back in August 2015. He met hi... more